The Best Cat and Dog Pill Gun Shooters of 2024

If you’ve ever had to give your dog or cat medications, you know how difficult it can be to get them to actually take it. You don’t want to resort to treats every time, and some pets simply refuse to take anything that may have a pill hidden in it. Since they need to take their medications, a pill shooter can help.

Pill shooters allow you to place the medications in the back of your dog’s mouth, where it’s harder for them to spit it back out. But, there are hundreds available. This makes it difficult to pick out the best one, but we’ve chosen six great options for you. Additionally, our buyer’s guide will fill you in on all you need to know about this tool.

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Kruuse Buster Cat & Dog Pill Shooter



DanDiao Pet Pill Gun Dispenser for Dogs & Cats



Butler Sales Bullseye Pill Popper for Pets



Mikki Pet Pill Gun



Jorgensen Dog Pill Pusher



Four Paws Quick & Easy Pet Pill Dispenser


1. Kruuse Buster Pill Shooter

Kruuse Buster Pet Pill/Tablet Syringe with Classic Tip

This pill shooter has a classic tip with a blunt end to avoid accidentally injuring your pet as you give them their pill. The finger rings make it easy to control this device, and the rings are large enough for bigger fingers.

You can add water with the pill to make it easier for your pet to swallow when you use it. The transparent barrel makes it easy to see whether or not your pet for their medication, and the pill shooter is very easy to clean and maintain between uses.


  • Material – Plastic with silicone
  • Plunger Type – Finger rings
  • Transparent – Yes


  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • Big enough to add water with the pills
  • Blunt tip reduces the chances of injury
  • Cost-effective


  • Too big for very small pills

2. DanDiao Pet Pill Dispenser

Pet Pill Gun Handy Piller Tablets Dispenser Pet Feeding for Dogs, Cats, Animals

This tablet dispenser has a durable, safe, and environmentally-friendly soft rubber tip that makes giving pills quick and easy. The plunger handles are a thicker plastic to give you something to grip, and it’s a very lightweight device.

It doubles as a tool to feel baby animals due to the slightly wider design with the tapered tip. You can rinse it out with water and air dry it between uses to keep it clean and sanitized. You get two pill guns in every order, so you have a backup if you need it.


  • Material – Plastic with a rubber tip
  • Plunger Type – Rigid plastic
  • Transparent – Semi-transparent


  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Has a slightly wider design for bigger pills
  • Get two dispensers for the price of one
  • Comes with simple instructions


  • May not be long enough for big dogs

3. Butler Sales Bullseye Pill Popper

Butler Sales Bullseye Pillgun Pet Pill Popper For Dogs and Cats Dispense Multiple Tablets,,1-Pack

This is a durable pill shooter features a soft plastic design with a semi-transparent build. The wide design allows you to load multiple pills at one time to dispense them quickly and easily to your dog. The top has a rigid plastic that allows you to administer the pills.

The end of the pill shooter flexes and opens when the pill reaches the bottom of the shaft. The tube is six inches long, and this is long enough to get in the back of your dog’s mouth so they can’t spit the pill back out.


  • Material – Soft plastic
  • Plunger Type – Hard plastic
  • Transparent – Semi-transparent


  • Six inches long to reach into the back of your dog’s mouth
  • Wider design accommodates bigger pills
  • Soft tip bends to release the pills
  • Very easy to use


  • End can lose it’s shape with repeated use
  • Plunger isn’t rigid enough

4. Mikki Pet Pill Gun

Mikki Pill Gun

This simple pill gun has a long and slender design with a semi-transparent look. There is a silicone tip on the end that helps to hold the pill in place until you’re ready to give it to your pet, and the plunger fits neatly into your palm.

There are two places to grip the pill shooter with your fingers to make administration easy, and it’s very easy to clean with hot water. Leave it out to air dry, and it’ll be ready to use when your pet needs another dose of their medication.


  • Material – Plastic and silicone
  • Plunger Type – Hard plastic
  • Transparent – Semi-transparent body


  • Soft silicone tip protects your pet from accidental jabs
  • Rigid plastic plunger
  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • Cost-effective


  • Tip may not be flexible enough
  • Too long for smaller hands to work properly

5. Jorgensen Dog Pill Pusher

Jorgensen Pill Gun

You’ll get a very thin and long pill shooter with this product that makes it easy to administer pills to different dog breeds. The soft rubber tip on the end of the shooter helps to secure the pill and hold it in place until you have it in the correct position.

It has a slightly shorter design that makes it good for people who have small hands. The transparent design makes it easy to see the pill’s position when you load it in. To clean it, you rinse the shooter with hot water and let it air dry.


  • Material – Plastic with a rubber tip
  • Plunger Type – Rigid plastic
  • Transparent – Yes


  • Has a shorter handle
  • The rubber tip is flexible and durable
  • Transparent design lends a high pill visibility
  • Clean with hot water


  • End is very narrow and rigid
  • Too long for smaller dogs or cats

6. Four Quick & Easy Dispenser

Four Quick and Easy Pet Pill Dispenser

Four s created a short pill shooter that has a transparent design with durable barrel grips. The barrel grips and the plunger are heavy-duty plastic that won’t bend as you give your pet their medications.

You get a set of directions that tells you how to quickly and easily administer the medication to your pet. When you finish with it, rinse it with warm water before leaving it out to air dry. The rounded tip will hold the medication in place until you get it into your dog’s mouth.


  • Material – Plastic
  • Plunger Type – Rigid with barrel grips
  • Transparent – Yes


  • Has a clear design
  • Slightly shorter for smaller pets
  • Heavy-duty grips won’t bend or flex
  • Easy to keep clean between uses


  • Too big around for smaller pills
  • Plunger is difficult to push down

Verdict & Review

Kruuse Buster Cat & Dog Pill Shooter




Ease of cleaning







  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • Large enough to add water with the pills
  • Blunt tip lowers chances of injury
  • Cost-effective


  • Too big for very small pills

Our pick for the best cat and dog pill gun shooter was the Kruuse Buster Cat & Dog Pill Shooter because it has finger rings that make it easy to get a firm grip to dispense the medications. It has a blunt tip to avoid accidentally hurting your pet, and we liked that it was transparent.

The body of the pill shooter was slightly thicker material to help it withstand wear and tear. Finally, we liked that you could add a small amount of water to make it easier for your pet to swallow.

Buying Guide

Pill shooters are a humane and effective way to get your cat or dog to take their medication. It can reduce stress for both of you, and it gets easier to use it the more you practice. A pill shooter is a small syringe that will shoot the pill into the back of your dog’s mouth. There are many advantages to using one.

The Biggest Advantages

Many people wonder why they should use a pill shooter instead of just trying to get the pill into their dog’s mouth the traditional way. The biggest advantages include:

  • Can reduce the stress levels associated with giving medications
  • Keep your fingers and hands away from your pet’s teeth
  • Ensure your pet gets the correct dosage of their medication
  • Can use it on a broad range of breeds ranging from dogs to cats
  • Soft tips help prevent injury

Buying Considerations

Now you want to buy a pill shooter, but what should you look for when you shop? Since they’re not all the same, it can be tricky to find the best option. However, our buying considerations can help you narrow down your choices.


Larger dogs need a bigger pill shooter to reach the back of their mouths, and smaller breeds or cats will need a shorter one. Double-check the length of any pill shooter you but to see if it’ll be a good fit for your pet. If it’s not, it’ll make it difficult to get the pill into the correct position.

Soft Tip

Ideally, the shooter’s tip will be rigid enough to hold the pill but not so hard that it’ll hurt your pet’s mouth. Look for a pill shooter that has a soft silicone or rubber tip. If it’s plastic, make sure that it has a curved end with slightly thinner plastic.

Finger Placement

How do you hold onto the pill shooter and pres the plunger? Some pill guns have round finger hols on the side of the barrel, while others have rigid plastic handles. Both of these choices work relatively well. It is important that you make sure the plunger isn’t too long for you to reach and press down.

Single or Multiple Pills

Does your pet take more than one pill a day? If they do, you may need to find a pill shooter that will load more than one pill in. Some only accommodate one, others accommodate multiple, and some can hold liquid. Also, take the pill’s size into consideration because smaller pills tend to fall out the bottom.

Ease of Cleaning

Finally, any pill shooter you choose should be easy to clean between uses. Check and see if it needs anything special. A lot of them tell you to run hot water through them before leaving them to air dry. This will save you time and ensure it’s clean whenever you give your pet their medications.

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