The Best Cheap Dog Toys in 2024

Dogs love playing with toys, and when they don’t have any, they will go to work finding other things around the house to chew on. If you don’t want to end up losing shoes, you need to keep a regular supply of dog toys in the house. Since dogs can chew things up pretty fast, though, it’s not wise to spend a lot of money on your dog’s toys.

There is a massive number of cheap dog toys out there, and we’ve looked through a good portion of them to help you decide what to buy. The following 10 cheap dog toys can provide hours of fun for your pooch without breaking the bank.

Our Top List

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1. ZippyPaws - Woodland Friends Burrow Squeaky Toy

ZippyPaws - Woodland Friends Burrow, Interactive Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy - Chipmunks 'n Log

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Do you have a curious hunter that perks up when they see a squirrel? Your dog will go crazy for this toy because it will let him experience the thrill of the hunt. Pet owners love this toy because it provides a cognitive challenge and helps to eliminate boredom.

This interactive dog toy features three squeaky squirrels hidden inside of a plush log. It will be your dog’s job to find the animals and dig them out. The delightful squeak that the squirrels make when “caught” is just the icing on the cake.


  • Interactive puzzle toy provides cognitive challenge.
  • Large plush log great for big dogs.
  • Plush squirrels squeak when bitten.
  • Can be used for fetch games.
  • Plush log doubles as dog pillow.

2. ZippyPaws - Zoo Friends Burrow

ZippyPaws Burrow Panda 'n Bamboo

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If the plush squirrel log is a little too big for your small or medium-sized pooch, the smaller Zoo Friends Burrow may be the perfect fit. This interactive puzzle toy is available in five different models so that you can choose the perfect plush characters to perk your dog’s interest.

Whether you choose elephants, giraffes, meerkats, monkeys or pandas, your dog is sure to have fun digging all of the squeaky plush toys out of their den. Each den is designed to challenge your dog’s brain with holes positioned next to each other so that the the plush toys cannot be easily shaken out.


  • Designed for small and medium-sized dogs.
  • Comes with three squeaky plush characters.
  • Available in five fun designs.

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Puppy Chew Teething Rope Toys Set, Mini Dental Pack For Small To Medium Dogs

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A good teething rope is a must-have for any dog owner, but especially someone who has a big chewer in their house. These toys can be used to sooth teething puppies, and they can also help to clean adult dogs’ teeth by reducing plaque build-up.

This set comes with four teething toys of different shapes and sizes, all made with 100 percent cotton and floss fabric. You can choose a set that includes three knotted ropes and one rope ball or go with one of the all-rope sets.


  • Dental ropes clean teeth and massage gums.
  • Redirects bad chewing behavior.
  • Can be used for game of fetch.
  • Ropes made of cotton and floss.

4. Chuckit! Sport Launcher Dog Ball Thrower

Chuckit! Ball Launcher Classic Medium (25 inches)

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Sometimes my dog wants to play fetch but my arm is a little tired from yesterday’s fetch marathon. This ball thrower is perfect for those days. Dogs and dog owners alike love this toy because it can help to throw a ball twice, sometimes three times, as far as the human arm can.

Made of lightweight, durable plastic, the Chuckit! can help any dog owner throw a ball fast and far. This ball thrower measures 26 inches long and is designed to pick up the ball so that you won’t have to get slobber on your hands.


  • Throws ball 2-3 times as far as the human arm.
  • Lightweight design is easy to carry.
  • Hands-free pickup.
  • Comes with tennis ball.

5. Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Toy

Kyjen Outward Hound HideASquirrel Ginormous

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Have you discovered that your dog loves interactive puzzle toys? If so, why not upgrade to this deluxe tree trunk that comes with, not three, but six plush squirrel characters. This hide-and-seek dog toy is extra-large for big dogs or really curious small dogs.

The trunk is designed with an attached top that really makes this a challenging puzzle. Bored or lonely dogs can stay occupied with this toy for hours while you’re at work. When the plush squirrels are found, the squeak that they make will be irresistible.


  • Extra-large version comes with six plush squirrels.
  • Provides cognitive challenge for bored dogs.
  • Squirrels make a loud squeak when bitten.
  • Trunk closed at the top for extra challenging puzzle.

6. Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers, Made in USA, Small, Real Bacon Flavor

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Dogs always love a good chew toy, and the Benebone will quickly become your dog’s favorite. With a dog-friendly wishbone shaped design, this toy is easy for dogs to hold onto and carry to their favorite relaxation area. The real meat flavor and scent that comes off of this chew toy will keep dogs hungry for more chew time.

Benebone chew toys are made in the USA and infused with 100 percent real food ingredients. Whether you choose bacon, chicken or peanut butter, the flavor is infused right through the whole toy. Choose from four different sizes to fit your puppy or dog’s mouth.


  • Infused with real food ingredients for taste and flavor.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Clever design is easy for dogs to carry.

7. Chuckit! Ultra Ball

ChuckIt! Ultra Ball, Medium (2.5 Inch) 2 Pack

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Sometimes the Chuckit! thrower works a little too well, especially near bodies of water. If your dog wasn’t able to find the ball last time you played fetch, you’ll need to restock with some new Chuckit! balls. These ultra balls are designed for extra high bounces, and they make fun squeaky noises to boot.

This pack of Chuckit! balls is totally compatible with the Chuckit! thrower. Made of tough and bouncy rubber, these balls are designed for maximum fun and durability. Your dog will recognize the bright orange and blue colorway, which stands out in green grass a lot better than a traditional tennis ball.


  • Fits Chuckit! thrower.
  • Strong rubber creates extra high bounce.
  • Textured surface designed for aggressive chewers.
  • Ball features built-in squeaker.

8. KONG Dog Toy, Purple

KONG - Senior Dog Toy - Gentle Natural Rubber - Fun to Chew, Chase and Fetch - For Medium Dogs

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A dog’s instinctual need to scavenge for chewable items does not go away with age. In fact, many elderly dogs that aren’t as active on their feet anymore spend a large portion of their days happily chewing their toys. The KONG senior chew toy helps satisfy a dog’s need to chew while cleaning their teeth at the same time.

This chew toy is made of gentle, durable rubber that is perfect for aging chewers. With a hollow center, the chew toy can be stuffed with treats for extra engagement. If your dog has tooth pain, the chew toy can be cooled in the freezer first.


  • Designed for senior dogs.
  • Hollow design can be filled with food.
  • Recommended by veterinarians.
  • Made in the USA.

9. West Paw Design Jive Zogoflex Durable Ball

West Paw Zogoflex Jive Durable Nearly Indestructible Dog Ball Chew-Fetch-Play Dog Toy, 100% Guaranteed Tough, It Floats!, Made in USA, Small 2.6-Inch, Tangerine

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Most dog owners expect that their dog is going to chew up most of their toys eventually. However, that didn’t stop West Paw from offering a 100 percent guarantee against dog damage. This extremely durable dog ball is guaranteed to outlast all of the throwing and biting that you and your dog can give it.

Designed in an odd shape that’s easy for dogs to grip, this ball has an unpredictable bounce that drives dogs crazy. It fits into a standard ball thrower, so you can fling this thing all the way to the end of the dog park. This ball is made in the USA with non-toxic, BPA-free materials.


  • Extremely durable and guaranteed to last.
  • Recyclable and Dishwasher safe.
  • BPA and Phthalate-free.
  • Fits into standard ball thrower.

10. Aspen Pet Plush Carrot Toy


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You would be surprised. This simple plush carrot just might become your dog’s new favorite toy. The bright orange color, cheerful face and loud squeak of this friendly chew toy have won the hearts of many dogs.

This toy carrot is covered in a shaggy plush fabric that makes it a cozy addition to the dog bed. Dogs seem to be attracted to the bright colors, and when they find out it squeaks, they love it even more. Available in small or medium, this plush carrot is best for puppies and small dogs.


  • Makes loud squeak when bitten or squeezed.
  • Bright colors and cheerful face gets dog’s attention.
  • Soft, shaggy fabric is soft and cuddly.
  • Available in two sizes.

Verdict & Review

ZippyPaws Woodland Friends








Test-Dog Approval



  • Interactive toy
  • Cognitive challenge
  • Plush squirrels squeak when bitten
  • Plush log can function as a pillow
  • Usable for fetch games


  • We haven't encountered any cons.

I think every dog owner should have some combination of the toys on this list. A good ball, a good chew rope and some plush animals are all must-haves for a dog-friendly household. If I had to choose only one toy to buy, though, I would go with the ZippyPaws hide-and-seek toy.

The interactive squirrel puzzle toy from ZippyPaws is just so much fun and so versatile. Dogs can solve the squirrel puzzle by themselves, or dog owners can use the squeaky squirrels for a game of fetch. I love that the toy provides a cognitive exercise for dogs, allows dogs to satisfy their natural hunting instincts and cuts down on boredom.

Buying Guide

Seasoned dog owners know that dog toys are not something you can purchase just one time. They are items that you’ll be buying over and over again as your dog inevitably chews through them or loses them at the park. Unless you want to spend the equivalent of your rent to keep your dog happy, you’ll want to avoid purchasing expensive and overpriced dog toys.

Having a good assortment of cheap dog toys is a must for dog owners. Chew toys, balls and squeaky plush animals will keep your dog engaged and encourage them to exercise. If you have to leave your dog alone for periods of the day, having a lot of fun toys for them to play with while you’re gone will keep them from chewing up your possessions.

Chew Toys

Dogs love to chew on things, including their favorite toys and your shoes. The key is to direct a dog’s chewing instinct toward specific items. To harness a dog’s chewing energy and prevent it from becoming destructive, every dog owner should have a few chew toys available for their dog.

Some of the most common types of chew toys are teething ropes and bones. There are also plastic chew toys that can be filled with food. Although dogs will certainly chew on plush, it’s better to try to redirect their serious chewing to toys that are meant for chewing and won’t break.


Dogs love playing fetch with balls, and luckily, this classic toy is always available for cheap. Unlike plush dog toys, dog balls are made to last for a very long time. Some dog balls are even made with super strong rubber that is guaranteed to last by the manufacturer.

While dogs love a standard round tennis ball, these types of balls were not made with dog mouths in mind. Dog toy manufacturers are now making specially designed dog balls with clutch pockets so that dogs can pick them up more easily. These oddly shaped balls are also more entertaining for dogs as they have an unpredictable bounce.

With the invention of dog ball throwers, dog owners can now treat their dogs to epic games of fetch. Dog throwers send balls flying to the end of the park even if a dog owner normally has a weak throw. You can also use throwers to pick the ball up so that you don’t have to get your hands covered in dog slobber every time you play fetch.

Interactive Toys

Every dog owner should have at least one interactive dog toy in their collection, especially if a dog has to be left by themselves for hours at a time. Interactive dog toys like plush hide-and-seek puzzles provide cognitive stimulus for bored dogs. These toys are great for keeping indoor dogs entertained because they allow dogs to have an experience that is similar to hunting.

Some of the best interactive dog toys are hide-and-seek toys with plush squeaky animals. Dogs really have fun with these toys, and it can be hilarious to watch. Dog owners can make a hide-and-seek game even more interesting by hiding the plush animals around the house and then encouraging their dog to find the animals and put them back in their den.

Plush Animals

A simple plush animal can become a dog’s favorite toy, especially when it has bright colors and a nice loud squeak. In fact, you might be surprised how attached some dogs can become to their plush animals. I have even seen some dogs carry certain plush animals around and treat them like babies.

Of course, some dogs love plush animals only for their chewiness, and you might find that they get quickly destroyed. If your dog is a big chewer, it’s important that you choose durable plush or try to redirect your dog’s chewing instinct to its rubber toys and bones.

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