The Best Dog Agility Tunnels in 2024

There’s nothing dogs love more than being outside getting exercise by their owner’s side. An agility tunnel is an excellent piece of doggy workout equipment that can help to strengthen a dog’s brain and body. A staple of agility competitions, dog tunnels are also fun for casual backyard use.

If you think your dog would have fun using an agility tunnel, you might wonder which of the hundreds of tunnels you should purchase. After all, they’re all the same shape, right? While dog tunnels may all be round, some are made to last while others aren’t. We looked at all of the tunnels on the market in detail so you don’t have to. The following six tunnels have been approved for their quality, sturdiness and storability.

Our Top List

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1. Houseables Dog Tunnel for Agility Training

Houseables Dog Tunnel, Agility Equipment, 18 Ft Long, 24" Open, Polyester, Play Tunnels for Training Small & Medium Dogs, Park Playground Toy, Large Obstacle Course for Pets, with Carrying Case

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Getting your dog ready for an agility competition? This 18-foot tunnel is regulation size for AKC and NADAC-sanctioned dog events. Though it’s modeled after the tunnels found on professional obstacle courses, it can also be great for casual exercise and fun. The tunnel is best suited for small to medium-sized dogs up to 90 pounds.

Crafted of lightweight yet durable Oxford Dacron fabric, this tunnel is designed to last for many years. This tunnel is also fully collapsible and comes in a convenient carrying case with handles. When removed from its case, the tunnel pops open instantly and can be firmly fixed to the ground with the set of anti-rust stakes.


  • AKC and NADAC compliant.
  • Tunnel pops open and collapses instantly.
  • Comes with storage bag.
  • Stake tops designed for safety.
  • 24-inch double-ended openings.

2. Tunnel Bag Holders”

Non-Constricting Saddlebags for Stabilizing Dog Agility Tunnel Equipment Indoor or Outdoor, Orange Color (1 PACK)

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Staking a tunnel to the ground isn’t always possible. You might be training your dog inside of a house or on a sandy beach, for example. Rise8 has solved that problem by creating these awesome saddlebags that can be used for stability instead of stakes. Now you can take your dog agility tunnel anywhere, even a basketball court.

The saddlebags straddle the opening of the tunnel and weigh it down with up to 25 pounds of sand or other heavy material. With extra wide openings, the saddlebags are easy to fill with sand or weights. The durable laminated PVC fabric is made to withstand outdoor conditions and won’t mildew if left in a garage. There are strong handles on the saddlebags that make pack up time a breeze.


  • Saddlebags can be used to set up tunnel anywhere.
  • Holds 25 pounds on each side without ripping fabric.
  • Can accommodate tunnels from 18-26 inches wide.

3. N&M Products Tunnel for Outdoor Training

N&M Products Pet Agility Tunnel, Outdoor Training and Exercise Equipment for Dogs, Puppies, Cats, Kittens, Ferrets, and Rabbits

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This tunnel has everything that I’ve learned to look for in a great dog-training accessory. It’s AKC-approved, it’s portable and it’s safe. Your dog will have a blast barreling straight through all 18 feet of this tunnel or going on a curved adventure of your choice. The super flexible design allows you to use your imagination while coming up with new ways for your dog to enjoy this tunnel.

With eight stakes included, you can secure this tunnel to the ground and get ready for fun. This tunnel may also be used indoors without the stakes, but things may get a little more casual. When I placed this tunnel in my house, my dog decided he just liked relaxing inside it. If he’s enjoying himself, though, it’s all good.


  • Approved as a training tool by the AKC.
  • Carrying case included.
  • Stakes help secure the tunnel.
  • Made of sturdy Oxford Dacron fabric.

4. Pawz Road Collapsible Tunnel for Small Pets

PAWZ Road Cat Toys Collapsible Tunnel for Rabbits, Kittens, Ferrets and Dogs

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Do you have a small dog with no competition or show plans in their future? This is the tunnel for you. This fun pet tunnel could be used for exercise and agility, but it’s mostly just for goofing off. A cute little window halfway down allows your dog to pop his head out while he explores the tunnel.

At just 9.9 inches wide, this tunnel is for small pets only. It can be a nice hideout where a dog can catch a breather and be by himself. A lot of pets like to nap in these tunnels, but your dog might also enjoy running in and out of it. With a collapsible, pop-open design, this tunnel is easy to store when it’s not in use.


  • Small size perfect for little dogs.
  • Carrying case included.
  • Tunnel has window.
  • Flexible design can be made straight or curved.

5. HDP 18′ Open Tunnel

HDP 18 Ft Dog Agility Training Open Tunnel

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This is another regulation-sized tunnel that is perfect for training your dog at the park or in your backyard. Dogs that can’t get enough outdoor exercise can burn off some serious energy running through this 18-foot tunnel. Whether you’re planning to bring your dog to a competition or just want to keep them in competition shape, this tunnel can help you get there.

Included with the tunnel is a round carrying case with convenient handles. The tunnel is equipped with eight metal grommets and eight 7-inch stakes for securing the tunnel to the ground. The short stakes are specially designed so that there is no risk of them scratching your dog. The fabric on the tunnel is durable Oxford Dacron.


  • Collapsible design with carrying case.
  • AKC compliant and regulation size.
  • Stakes come in plastic pouch.
  • Grommets made of metal, not plastic.

6. PocoDivo Rainbow Play Tunnel Pop-up Toy

POCO DIVO Rainbow Play Tunnel 6-feet Pop-up Toy Tent Child Kids Mesh Tube

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This play tunnel is great for dogs that just want to have fun while getting a little exercise. The mesh sides allow you to watch your dog running through the tunnel, which can be really entertaining. Timid dogs that don’t like being separated from their owners may also appreciate the “windows” in this tunnel.

At six feet long, this dog tunnel is a short little run compared to the 18-foot competition tunnels. The smaller size makes this dog tunnel a perfect choice for people that want to create a fun area in the house. With bright primary colors, this new piece of play equipment is sure to attract your dog’s curiosity when she sees it.


  • Mesh sides allow dog to see out.
  • Shorter, 6-foot length.
  • Folds flat when not in use.
  • Great for inside play and exercise.

Verdict & Review

Houseables Dog Tunnel








Test-Dog Approval





  • Tunnel instant and easy to set up and collapse
  • Storage bag included
  • Stake tops designed with safety in mind
  • 24-inch openings
  • AKC & NADAC compliant


  • We haven't encountered any cons.

Dogs would have fun running through any of these tunnels whether they are set up outside or indoors. If I had to pick just one tunnel to recommend, I would go with the Houseables 18-foot dog tunnel. This tunnel has consistently earned high ratings from customers because it’s just so well made and durable.

A lot of the regulation-sized tunnels look exactly the same, which can be really confusing while you shop. Rest assured that this AKC-approved tunnel is the real-deal. This tunnel has been designed especially for competition dogs that put in a lot of hours of outdoor training, so it was built to last. Buy your dog an agility tunnel and get ready for some fun.

Buying Guide

Because dogs are constantly moving around and running whenever they get the chance, some people forget that dogs need focused workouts too. If a dog-only gym was ever set up, there might be a line of agility tunnels instead of a line of treadmills. Dog tunnels are one of the staples of AKC dog agility trials because they can easily demonstrate a dog’s focus and speed.

Another reason dog tunnels are used in most dog obstacle courses is because they are easy for most well-trained dogs to master. Though your dog might not know what to make of the tunnel at first, she will quickly catch on with a little coaching. When she learns to run through the tunnel like you want her too, her happiness and newfound confidence will be palpable.

People purchase dog agility tunnels for competition training, exercise or just plain fun. When you’re shopping for a new dog agility tunnel, it’s easy to narrow down your choices if you know what you want the tunnel for. A tunnel for casual use only can be any length and size while a competition tunnel should be regulation size.

What a Regulation Size Tunnel Looks Like:

  • 18 feet long.
  • 24 inches wide.
  • Fixed to the ground with stakes.

The above criterion is a general description of the dog agility tunnel that is most commonly used in competitions. However, actual AKC regulation for agility competitions allows for a tunnel between 10 and 20 feet long with a width of between 22 and 26 inches. Some competitions could have tunnels that vary slightly from the general standard but still follow AKC rules.

Should I Buy a Regulation Tunnel?

If you’re training your dog for competition, then absolutely, you should purchase a tunnel that is as close to the tunnel he is going to encounter on competition day. If you have no competition plans in your dog’s future, there are still some very good reasons to purchase a regulation tunnel anyway. Here are some of those reasons:

  • Your dog will be ready if you decide to enter a competition in the future.
  • Your dog’s fitness level can reach that of a competition dog.
  • The tunnel is AKC-approved, so it’s guaranteed to teach agility.
  • Regulation tunnels are made for heavy training, so they’re durable.

Many people who train at the gym like to model the fitness standards of professional athletes or military service members even if they aren’t planning to enter either of those careers. The same can be true for dogs. Why not let your dog reach the fitness level of a competition dog just for the health benefits?

Should I Buy a Non-Regulation Tunnel?

If 18 feet of tunnel is intimidating for your dog or you don’t have the means to stake down a long tunnel in the grass, that’s OK too. Your dog can still have a lot of fun and get plenty of healthy exercise running through a non-regulation tunnel. Here are some common reasons to get a non-regulation tunnel:

  • Your dog is elderly or disabled.
  • Your dog is timid and doesn’t like running through a long tunnel without you.
  • You don’t have access to a lawn where you can stake down a tunnel.
  • You want to train your dog inside.
  • You have other fitness activities and just want the tunnel for fun.

Dog agility tunnels come in all sizes, and you can find one to suit your dog’s size and activity level. Shorter tunnels that are around six feet long are great for indoor use and dogs that don’t like the long tunnel. There are also dog tunnels that have mesh sides and windows so that you and your dog can see each other.

Fun Ideas For Your Dog Agility Tunnel

Whether you buy a regulation tunnel or a non-regulation tunnel, there are some creative ways that you can play with the tunnel. For example, flexible tunnels can be bent into a curve or bent into a zigzag shape for an extra challenge. You can also train your dog to retrieve a ball at the end of the tunnel and then bring it back to you by running back through the tunnel. Connecting two tunnels to form a “super tunnel” is another fun idea.

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