The Best Dog Basket Carriers for Bikes in 2024

Riding your bike is an excellent exercise, and it’s easy to take your dog with you on all of your adventures with a basket carrier. However, there are dozens available, and the sheer numbers can make it challenging to narrow down your choices to find the best one. This is where our buyer’s guide comes in.

You can look over our guide and see which dog basket carrier fits into your lifestyle while staying durable and functional. You can take what you learned from our guide and apply it to our six reviews. This way, you’ll have the confidence that comes with knowing you’re picking out the best option for your dog.

Our Top List

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1. PetSafe Happy Ride Wicker Bicycle Basket

PetSafe Happy Ride Wicker Bicycle Basket for Dogs and Cats - Stylish Weather Resistant Wicker Material - Comfortable, Easy to Clean Soft Liner - Removable Sun Shield Included - Best for Pets up to 13 lb

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You’ll get a weather-resistant wicker basket when you choose this option, and there is a soft fleece liner on the inside that can keep your dog comfortable throughout the entire ride. The safety straps securely attach the basket to the handlebars, and there is a harness connector to help keep your dog in the basket when you have them out and about. The sun shield keeps your dog out of the direct sun and cooler as well.


  • Materials – Waterproof wicker with fleece
  • Safety Features – Straps and a harness attachment
  • Weight Limits – 13 pounds and lower


  • Has a soft and durable fleece lining
  • Very easy to wash and maintain
  • Features a wicker sunscreen for added protection
  • Basket is weather-resistant


  • Only meant for small dogs

2. Travelkin  K9 Pet-Pilot Basket

TRAVELIN K9 Pet-Pilot Original Dog Bike Basket Carrier | 10 Color Options for Your Bicycle (Cherry Red)

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This basket comes with a thicker floor and wall lining that provides maximum comfort for your dog, and it has a five-step installation process that is quick and easy. The basket attaches to your bike using a metal bracket for added durability, and the setup includes a two-point safety attachment with a leash attachment to keep your dog in the basket. The basket material is a breathable mesh that gives excellent airflow each time you go out.


  • Materials – Breathable mesh with padding
  • Safety Features – Metal bracket, two-point safety attachment, and a leash attachment
  • Weight Limits – Up to 10 pounds


  • Metal bracket anchors the basket to your bike
  • Available in 10 different color options
  • Padded flooring gives added support
  • Comes in original or max style


  • Can be difficult to assemble

3. Petsfit Safety Basket for Small Pets

Petsfit Safety Dog Bike Basket for Small Dogs and Good for All Bikes

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This pet basket can double as a pet carrier that has a fast release option to take if off your bike, and the entire bottom of the basket has a thick layer of padding to keep your dog comfortable. The top of the basket has a mesh material with a drawstring opening that allow you to secure your dog to prevent them from jumping out, and you’ll find a leash attachment in the basket for added security. There are large side pockets on this basket that allow you to store treats, toys, or other items.


  • Materials – Mesh with padding and oxford material
  • Safety Features – Leash attachment and drawstring top
  • Weight Limits – Between 10 and 15 pounds


  • Comes with a drawstring top that secures your dog
  • The basket easily pull off your bike and turns into a carrying case
  • Has large side pockets for treats and food
  • Bottom features a thick padding


  • Leash strap is very long and thin

4. Snoozer Sporty Bike Basket

Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket, Pink/Grey/Black

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Your dog will get a thick inner pad and a chin rest that is removable to keep them comfortable along the ride, and there is a leash attachment point in the basket that will keep your dog secure. The rain hood is easy to put on and remove for bad weather, and this rain hood cinches around your dog to keep the basket’s interior dry. It has a durable material with a sturdy frame for longevity, and you’ll find several large pockets around the basket for storage purposes.


  • Materials – Oxford with mesh
  • Safety Features – Leash attachment and drawstring top
  • Weight Limits – Up to 15 pounds


  • Has a chic pink and black color scheme
  • Comes with several large pockets stationed around the basket
  • Uses two thick straps to attach to the handlebars
  • Rain hood stores away when it’s not in use


  • Basket can wobble with rough terrain

5. Snoozer Pet Rider Rear Bicycle Seat

Snoozer Pet Rider Rear Bicycle Seat, Black

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This plush dog carrier basket sits on your rear bike rack instead of the front, and you’ll get a durable but soft design both inside and out of this carrier that keeps your dog comfortable. The outer cover detaches from the basket frame to clean, and you can toss the cover into your washing machine to keep it looking fresh. There is a reflective strip to improve visibility, and you secure your dog with a three-point safety strap to keep them contained while you ride.


  • Materials – Fleece with a cotton blend
  • Safety Features – Three-point safety strap
  • Weight Limits – Up to 24 pounds


  • Has a one-year limited warranty attached to each purchase
  • Can remove the outer cover to wash it
  • Has a large reflector strip to improve visibility
  • Sits securely on the back of your bike


  • Foam sides can collapse or bend
  • Security straps are short

6. Oxford Mesh Basket

Pet Carrier Bicycle Basket Bag Pet Carrier/Booster Backpack for Dogs and Cats with Big Side Pockets,Comfy & Padded Shoulder Strap,Travel with Your Pet Safety,Gray

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This oxford and mesh basket has quick-release buckles that let you quickly and easily assemble and disassemble the basket to clean it or remove it, and the basket has a sheepskin interior layer that provides cushion for your dog to rest on. You can secure your dog into the basket through the collar or harness tether, or the basket has a mesh drawstring top that holds you pet. This basket converts into a car seat booster, backpack, carrier, or a shoulder bag with the included carrying strap.


  • Materials – Mesh and oxford fabric
  • Safety Features – Drawstring top and a collar or harness tether
  • Weight Limits – Up to 18 pounds


  • Has mesh sides that allow excellent airflow
  • Storage pockets are very deep and large
  • Converts into a variety of carrier styles
  • Flooring removes for easy cleaning


  • Mesh is very thin and prone to tearing
  • Sides may not have adequate support

Verdict & Review

PetSafe Wicker Bicycle Basket











  • Fleece lining
  • Easy to wash & maintain
  • Has wicker sunscreen
  • Weather-resistant


  • Only suitable for small dogs

Our pick for the best dog basket carrier for your bike is the PetSafe basket because it has a weather-resistant outer coating that keeps the basket’s interior clean and dry. We liked that it came with a sun shield to keep our dogs cool, and the basket had an attachment point for a harness to keep our dog secure.

If you’re looking for a dog basket carrier, we invite you to take a look at our mini-reviews and compare them. You can use our buyer’s guide to pick out the points that are the most important to you for your basket to have and get your dog ready for a day out with you.

Buying Guide

Dogs like to feel the wind in their face, and putting them in a basket and going for a ride on your bicycle is an excellent way to bond. You get to exercise while your dog gets to look around and take in all of the sights and smells.

Why Having a Dog Basket Carrier for Your Bike is a Good Idea

People who have small and toy dog breeds can easily find a dog basket carrier that is a great fit. These carriers let you take your dog to other places, reduces boredom because your dog can see more, and it allows you two time to bond. Additionally, you can make new friends for both of you if you’re new to the neighborhood.

How to Choose the Best Dog Basket Carrier

There are several important factors you want to keep in mind when you start shopping for your new carrier. We’ve rounded up the biggest factors for you below.

Weight Requirements

You want to know what your dog’s weight is before you start shopping because every carrier has slightly different maximum weight restrictions. You also don’t want to pick out a basket that is too big for your dog to see out of the top. Find a carrier that is the closest match to your dog to get a good balance.


Your carrier’s dimensions will directly impact how well the carrier attaches to your bike. If the basket is too small or too large, your dog may be uncomfortable. Additionally, it may make it difficult to take your bike through public transportation with an awkwardly-shaped basket attached.


Your pet should be comfortable when they’re in the carrier, and small additions like padding on the walls or floor goes a long way. A rain cover is another bonus that will keep the basket’s interior dry in wet weather. In turn, your dog will stay safe and warm throughout the ride.

Accessibility and Versatility

A few different carriers allow you to convert them for use for other purposes or situations, and this versatility lets you get more use out of your basket. Also, remember to look at the number of pockets that your carrier has. You want space to store your dog’s treats and leashes, and you may even be able to store a water bottle in these pockets for yourself.


Durability is a huge consideration you should have at the forefront of your mind when you shop because this can help keep your dog safe. Your carrier should have a durable frame covered with padding and either mesh, microfiber, or a blend of the two to ensure your basket is comfortable and sturdy. These fabrics are also much easier to clean and maintain than others.

Safety Features

Your safety strap or bracket should attach firmly to your carrier, be simple to put together, and stay out of your way when you ride. The interior should feature a leash or harness attachment to secure your dog. On the outside, a reflective strip or two can improve your visibility.

Attachment Points

The dog carrier should anchor to your bicycle using a metal bracket and safety straps. The bracket is less prone to breaking or allowing for movement when you have the bicycle in motion. You should be able to quickly assemble and disassemble the basket when it’s not in use.


There should be great airflow in your dog’s carrier basket to prevent them from overheating with extended use. Mesh fabrics or lightweight cotton blends allow for the most airflow, and the airflow is critical if the top of the basket has a drawstring closure.

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