The Best Dog Bathtubs in 2024

Whether you’re a professional dog groomer in need of a quality tub or an owner who wants to bathe your dog in something other than your own bathtub, a dog bathtub is often a wise investment. But with the wealth of tubs available to choose from, making a selection is often difficult.

You need to consider the tub material, size, and portability, among other factors, before you buy. In order to make your decision easier, we’ve assembled a list of our top six choices for dog bathtubs t his year. This list includes of tubs of many sizes, materials, and special features. There’s something for just about every dog owner!

Our Top List

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1. Booster Bath Elevated Tub

Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing Large

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If you’re in need of a portable tub that allows you to easily bathe and dry dogs in the same area, this is a great option. And especially if you spend a lot of time bathing dogs, the snap-on legs are a great feature. They let you stand up while bathing, which takes significant stress off of your back. This large-sized tub will accommodate dogs up to 125 pounds, meaning it’s suitable for almost ever size of dog. Amd with the walkaround design, you have 360 degree access for a thorough bath each time.


  • Comes in grey, lilac, red, and teal–you can choose a color that matches your home or business decor
  • Easy snap-in design makes assembly and re-assembly easy and convenient
  • Included drain hose keeps you dry while draining used bathwater
  • Non-slip bottom helps dogs feel secure
  • Attached legs allow you to stay standing while bathing small or large dogs

2. Professional Stainless Steel Pet Tub

Flying Pig Grooming 50" Stainless Steel Pet Dog Bath Tub with Faucet (Right Door/Left Drain), 50 x 27 x 58

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When you’re a professional dog groomer, your equipment reflects on your business. And this tub’s shiny all-stainless steel construction has a sleek, professional look. It’s also full of features that you efficiently bathe dogs of any size. This tub has an adjustable overhead arm to secure any size of dog, and an adjustable floor grate means you can keep small and large dogs at the ideal height point. An added walk-in ramp saves you from having to lift dogs into the tub, and splash guards can be removed for added visibility when you need it.


  • Included faucets can use both hot and cold water
  • Walk-on ramp makes it easy and efficient to get dogs into and out of the tub
  • You can select the location of the door and drain when you buy, making it easy to customize the tub
  • Watertight seals around doors keep you dry and stop water from spilling
  • Included drain kit with hair trap reduces risk of clogged drains

3. BaileyBear Collapsible Portable Bathtub

BaileyBear Porta Tubby Collapsible Portable Foldable Dog Cat Bath Tub, Expandable Grooming Washing Accessory for Small Medium Pets, 31.5"x17.3"x8.7"

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If you need a smaller tub for bathing small and medium dogs at home, this affordable option is a great choice. This tub’s callapsible deisgn makes it easy to store on a shelf or in a small closet when not in use. It’s ideal for use in a large sink or bathtub, and its contained design means you can conserve water while still giving your pet a great bath. For convenience, it includes a tray for shampoo and other bathing supplies. This tub is made of high-quality silicone, which is both durable and easy to clean.


  • Silicone construction is easy to clean and long-lasting
  • Comes in bright pink, blue, or green
  • Can be used inside or outside
  • Included trays for shampoo and bathing accessories makes it easy to have everything you need at hand
  • Small size lets you bathe small or medium dogs while saving water
  • Collapsible design takes up very little space when stored

4. Flying Pig – Portable Tub

Flying Pig Pet Dog Cat Washing Shower Grooming Portable Bath Tub (White, 37.25"x19.25"x35.25")

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If you need a portable tub that’s raised off the ground and still high quality, this tub is a great choice. Its small size makes it great for bathing small to medium dogs, and its sturdy stainless steel legs raises them high enough that you can stand while bathing them. Its small size makes it easy to fit into standard bathtubs, and the adjustable legs let you keep the tub level, even if it’s standing on an uneven floor. The tub comes in blue or white, and it’s easy to disassemble for storage or transport.


  • Sturdy stainless steel legs raise up small pets so you can bathe them without bending down
  • The heavy-duty plastic basin is designed to withstand long-term use
  • Tub can be disassembled for transport or for storage
  • Built-in drain and hair trap protects your bathtub drain from pet hair
  • High walls keep your pet secure while bathing

5. Rubbermaid Structural Foam Stock Tank

Rubbermaid Commercial Structural Foam Stock Tank, 50 Gallon Capacity, Black (Fg424300Bla)

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While it isn’t necessarily marketed specifically as a dog bathtub, this stock tank is a great solution for bathing dogs of any size. Compared to many tubs for large dogs, this stock tank is affordable, and you can choose from a variety of sizes. The smallest has a 50-gallon capacity, while the largest has a capacity of 300 gallons. And if you want to drain out water as you bathe your dogs, there’s an option to purchase a tank with a drain kit. Since it’s designed to offer water to cattle, horses, and other livestock, this tub is extraordinarily durable, and it’s ideal for outdoor bathing.


  • Extra-sturdy design can be kept outside and subjected to regular use
  • Optional drain kit lets you drain out extra water
  • You can choose from multiple large tank sizes, making it easy and affordable to bathe your large dog
  • Larger options have high sides, which help you contain unruly large dogs

6. FrontPet Foldable Dog Pool

FrontPet Foldable Large Dog Pet Pool Bathing Tub, Kiddie Pool, 50 Inch X 12 Inch

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If you want an outdoor dog bathtub that doubles as a pet pool for hot summer days, this is an ideal choice. The pool is made of durable PVC, and its 12-foot depth contains enough water to bathe most sizes of dog. You also can purchase the pool in large or extra large, making it easier to bathe large dogs or even multiple dogs. And if you need to store it or take it on the go, the pool is easy to drain and fold up, making it a good portable outdoor bathing solution.


  • Large, round pool is great for dogs who need more room while being bathed
  • Unlike many options, this tub also doubles as a pool for your dog to play in
  • Easy to drain and fold design makes it easy to transport or store
  • You can choose from two sizes to bathe large dogs or more than one dog at a time

Verdict & Review

Booster Bath Elevated Dog Bathtub








Test-Dog Approval





  • 3 color options
  • Easy assembly and re-assembly
  • Drain hose included
  • Non-slip bottom to make the dog feel safe
  • Attached legs enable you to stay standing


  • We haven't encountered any cons.

In the list above, there’s a dog bathtub to suit every budget and bathing need. And while your specific needs might mean a different tub is right for you, our top pick is the Booster Bath, which is the first on the list. We chose this tub for a few reasons. Namely, it’s among the most portable of the group, and it includes removable legs that take some of the strain off of your back.

This tub also includes a non-slip bottom and a built-in drain, and it makes it easy for you to give your dog a thorough bath. And because it can accommodate dogs up to 125 pounds, it’s suitable for all but very large dogs.

Buying Guide

If you’re beginning to look for a dog bathtub but aren’t sure how to begin, we’ve included a set of considerations to take into account when buying. As you shop for your dog’s bathtub, ask yourself the following questions to make sure you make the right choice.

What Size Capacity Do You Need?

This is a good first question to ask, since there are many tubs out there that are made specifically for small or medium dogs. Especially if you have a very large dog, you may not be able to use some of the smaller tubs on the market. And while you can bathe a small dog in a large tub, you might prefer a smaller design that keeps your pet more contained. This is especially important if your dog becomes agitated or difficult to contain during bath time.

Do You Need a Built-in Faucet and Drain?

While professional groomer tubs usually come with their own faucets, most dog bathtubs designed for home use require you to use your own showerhead or hose. And since at-home dog bathtubs tend to be much more affordable, they’re a great choice for most pet owners. Most tubs include a built-in drain, which is ideal if you don’t want your dog to be standing in water while you bathe him. Drains with hair traps are ideal, as they stop pet hair from going down your bathtub drain.

Do You Need to Transport or Store the Tub?

As you’ve seen, most dog bathtubs have some degree of portability. And even if you will only be using the tub at home, you probably want to be able to break it down for storage. However, these tubs come in varying degrees of portability. Many have a plastic tub that can’t be disassembled, but the legs can be removed. Others, especially those for smaller dogs, may be able to collapse completely. These choices are ideal if you have very little storage space.

Do You Need a Tub for Indoor or Outdoor Use?

This is also a major consideration to make before you buy. In many cases, these tubs require you to use a hose or showerhead. If you intend to bathe your dog indoors, you may want to look for a tub that fits in your bathtub. These tubs are designed to save water and secure your dog, as well as protect your bathtub from scratches and pet hair.

On the other hand, you may prefer to bathe your dog outside. For outdoor bathing, you may want to purchase a pool-style tub. And if you want to be able to store your tub outside, a heavy-duty stock tank is ideal. Since these tanks are designed to stay outside and withstand the elements, you can store them outdoors without worrying about them becoming damaged.

Final Thoughts

The right bathtub for your dog has plenty of benefits–you can keep your dog elevated for easy bathing, you can conserve water, and you can keep your dog contained during the bath. The good news about having so many choices is that there’s a tub for just about every budget. When you take your time, evaluate benefits, and make sure you choose a tub that can safely accommodate your dog, you’ll be choosing something that will make bathtime easy and fun.

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