The Best Dog Car Barriers & Grates in 2021

You want to take your dog on all of your adventures in the car, but it’s a challenge to keep them safe and secure when they want to climb up in the front seat. A dog barrier or grate is a quick and effective method to section off the front of the car and make it impossible for your dog to get through. But how do you pick the best one?

The dozens of styles and brands make it overwhelming to shop for this type of grate or barrier for the first time, but this is where our six product reviews of high-quality grates and barriers come in. You can also use our buying guide to see exactly what you should look for in your grate or barrier to make sure you pick the best one for your needs.

Our Top 6 List

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1. The Original Zookeeper Auto Car Grate

The Original Zookeeper Auto Car Pet Barrier Moves with Your Seats. Tilt. Slide. Recline. Easy, EZ Barrier for Your Dog/furbaby!!

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This adjustable grate will keep your dog securely in the backseat while allowing you full visibility to see your dog, and this grate quickly and easily adjusts from 42 inches to 61 inches to fit most standard vehicles. There are no tools required to install this grate, and you attach it to the headrests of your passenger and driver’s seats to hold it in place. The grate fits securely to your vehicle to avoid rattling when you move.


  • Ease of Installation – Installs in a few minutes
  • Material – Metal
  • Size – Adjusts from 42 to 61 inches


  • Secures strongly to the vehicle
  • No tools required to install and uninstall it
  • Fits most standard size two and four-door vehicles
  • Allows for high visibility


  • Tricky to secure to seats

2. Bushwhacker – Paws n Claws Deluxe Barrier Mesh

Bushwhacker - Paws n Claws Deluxe Dog Barrier 56" Wide - Ideal for Trucks, Large SUVs, Full Sized Sedans - Pet Restraint Car Backseat Divider Vehicle Gate Cargo Area Travel Trunk Mesh Net Screen

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This tear and scratch-resistant screen attaches to a durable metal frame to effectively block your dog’s access to the front of the car, and this barrier attaches to the headrest or seat belt mount for a secure fit. There are two models available to fit larger trucks and SUVs or smaller cars, and the mesh is breathable enough to allow good airflow through. This barrier won’t obstruct your view when you have it up, and it has a very fast and easy installation process.


  • Ease of Installation – Simple with two attachment points
  • Material – Mesh with an aluminum frame
  • Size – 50 or 56 inches wide


  • Comes with tear and scratch-resistant mesh
  • Aluminium frame is durable and lightweight
  • Has two sizes
  • Mesh allows for great airflow and visibility


  • Can be difficult to set up the frame
  • Does not have double-stitching

3. AmeiQ 3-Layer Backseat Mesh with Storage

AMEIQ 3-Layer Car Mesh Organizer, Seat Back Net Bag, Barrier of Backseat Pet Kids, Cargo Tissue Purse Holder, Driver Storage Netting Pouch. (3 optional styles)

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This smaller mesh barrier comes with four metal hooks that attach to your seat for a secure fit, and the mesh stretches to cover the open space over your center console. The installation process involves attaching the mesh to the headrest and undercarriage of your seats, and the material is durable enough for larger dogs. There are also several large pockets where you can store your dog’s food, treats, and toys when to go with you in the car.


  • Ease of Installation – Easy, clips into place
  • Material – Thick mesh with aluminium alloy carabiners
  • Size – 12 inches wide by 11.6 inches


  • Has a very durable mesh material
  • Clips secure the mesh in place
  • Comes with larger pockets
  • Works well with different car and truck models


  • Elastics may stretch out or snap
  • Can’t have the seats at different heights

4. Bushwhacker Paws n Claws Cargo Area Dog Barrier

Bushwhacker Paws 'n' Claws Cargo Area Dog Barrier for CUV & Mid-Sized SUV 46" Wide Hatchback Pet Divider Crossover Vehicle Car Net Mesh Travel Back Seat Barricade Partition Gate Restraint Fence Trunk

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Anyone who has a hatchback can use this durable mesh dog barrier to keep their dog safe and contained throughout their journey, and you’ll get a tear-resistant mesh that gives you great visibility and airflow. The aluminum alloy frame slides together for a secure fit that prevents your dog from squeezing over or around the barrier, and the material is very lightweight but durable. The barrier straps to the back of your seat to help hold it in place.


  • Ease of Installation – Simple, attaches to the seat
  • Material – Mesh with an aluminium frame
  • Size – 46 by 21 inches


  • Fits most standard-sized SUVs or trucks
  • Mesh is very breathable
  • Attaches to your car in minutes
  • Seals any area your dog could sneak through


  • Mesh gives when you press on it
  • Might wobble with rough terrain

5. Jumbl Pet Grate for SUVs

Dog Barrier for SUV's, Cars & Vehicles, Heavy-Duty - Adjustable Pet Barrier, Universal Fit

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This durable dog grate comes with a universal fit that works with most cars, SUVs, or trucks, and the metal grate gives you an unobstructed view of your dog and the back of your vehicle. The steel wire material is very durable and long-lasting, and you get a easy assembly process with no tools required. Each purchase comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee attached to it, and you can adjust this gate to close any gaps your dog would try to sneak through.


  • Ease of Installation – Easy with no tools required
  • Material – Steel wire
  • Size – 35.5 inches by 16.5 inches


  • Has adjustable panels for a secure fit
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • No tools required to install
  • Uses a durable steel wire


  • Security ribbon can slide loose
  • Might not tighten enough to keep active dogs out

6. Petego Safe Driving Car Barriers

Petego Keeper Safety Pet Barrier, Silver

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This barrier comes in a few different styles including a mesh or a wire material, and it has adjustable security poles that anchor the barrier in place behind your seats. This barrier works well in SUVs or in the back of cars but it’s too large for use in smaller and more compact cars like a Volvo. You can remove the top bar to fit in a smaller space if you need to, and the large slates allow you to see your dog at a glance.


  • Ease of Installation – Easy using spring mounts
  • Material – Steel
  • Size – 10.5 to 16 inches


  • Has a very stable attachment
  • Can remove a bar if need be
  • Metal is very durable
  • Open design allows for high visibility


  • Has a larger space between the bars
  • Difficult to attach to certain headrests

Verdict & Review

The Original Zookeeper Car Grate











  • Strongly secured
  • No tools required to install
  • Fits most 2-4 door vehicles
  • High visibility


  • Tricky to secure to seats

Our pick for the best dog car barrier and grate is The Original Zookeeper grate because it has an adjustable design that allows it to fit within most standard vehicles. You won’t need tools to install or uninstall it, and it’s secure enough to use with both small and large dog breeds.

We encourage you to take a look at our six product reviews and compare them to see which one will work best for your vehicle and your dog. You can use our buying guide as a reference point to help you make an informed decision and pick the best model.

Buying Guide

A dog barrier or grate for the care is an easy way to ensure your dog stays in the back seat while the car moves. It’s safer for you as well because your dog won’t be able to distract you while you’re driving your vehicle. There are a few things you want to consider, and they include:


Barriers and grates are usually a mesh or a type of wire, and both have benefits and drawbacks associated with them. For example, you can fit mesh into a larger variety of spaces and get a tight fit, but a mesh is also more prone to breaking or ripping. Metal is very durable and inflexible, but it has size restrictions attached to it.


The visibility of your grate or barrier is another large consideration to keep in mind because you want to have a clear view of the backseat and behind your car. Metal usually has larger holes or slates to see through, and mesh can slightly obstruct your view depending on how thick it is.


The goal is to find a grate or barrier that doesn’t allow your dog to wiggle around, over, or under it. Look for a barrier with adjustable pieces, and you want to make sure it’s the correct size for your vehicle. Measure the area it has to cover and compare these measurements to your chosen barrier to make sure it fits securely.

Attachment Points

Many of these products attach to your car by straps that go around your headrest or attach to the bottom of your seat and the seat belt mount. You want to check and see what materials the attachment points are because certain materials give more than others. You should also be able to adjust them for a tight fit without worrying about them slipping or breaking.


Most of the products we list here have a very easy installation process that doesn’t require any additional tools. You want to find one that you can quickly and easily install and uninstall without too much hassle. It should also be easy to get in and out of your car.


The frame will support your entire barrier or grate, and it should be durable and lightweight. Aluminum is a popular material because it’s relatively easy to lift, is resistant to rust, and survives dings and bumps very well. If the outside of the product is mesh, make sure that it’s a thicker material that won’t tear or rip.


Although this won’t likely be a huge investment, it’s still nice to know that your product is going to be durable enough to last for a long time. Check that there is double-stitching along the edges or at any attachment points, and check how thick the material is. This will give you a good idea of whether or not your barrier or grate will last.

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