The Best Dog Car Seat Covers in 2024

Do you own a vehicle and enjoy traveling with your dog? We all do but your car seats need to be protected when you go on a trip!

A seat cover lets you travel with your dog without having to worry about your seats getting scratched or torn by their paws. However, these covers come with a variety of features that you should consider before making that final purchase.

We have reviewed the top six covers out on the market this year, so let’s check them out!

Our Top List

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1. Viewpets Bench Seat Protector

VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector - Waterproof, Heavy-Duty and Nonslip Pet Car Seat Cover for Dogs with Universal Size Fits for Cars, Trucks & SUVs(Black)

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Viewpets has manufactured a lot of excellent car seat covers, and this protector is one of their top models. They designed it to be both nonslip and waterproof, which makes it ideal for protection from dogs and kids. Unlike other seat covers, this design is meant to be easy to install, and it is a universal size, which means that it can fit a wide range of vehicle seats.

The material is designed to be waterproof, it made from heavy-duty scratch-proof material. On top of these qualities, Viewpets issues a lifetime satisfaction guarantee on this model of the car seat cover, which means you can purchase it without having to worry about wasting money.


  • Waterproof and nonslip
  • Perfect for dogs and kids
  • Lifetime satisfactory guaranteed
  • Easy to clean and install

2. Back Seat Cover – Waterproof & Scratchproof

Dog Back Seat Cover Protector Waterproof Scratchproof Nonslip Hammock for Dogs Backseat Protection Against Dirt and Pet Fur Durable Pets Seat Covers for Cars & SUVs

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Active Pets is a well-known manufacturer of animal products, and this car seat cover is just one of their successful products. It is made from 600D Oxford cotton that is waterproof, and they made the cover with four different layers, which helps to protect your seats from heavier substances like mud that can seep through even waterproof material.

It can easily be cleaned, and it was designed to be installed in less than a minute, which makes it ideal for removing and reinstalling it to get it cleaned when needed. Also, Active Pets provides a 3-year satisfaction guarantee with this car seat cover, which gives you the peace of mind to purchase this car seat knowing that if it doesn’t work to your satisfaction you can return it.


  • 4 layers of waterproof material
  • Less than 60 seconds installation
  • Made from 600D Oxford waterproof cotton
  • 3 year satisfaction guarantee

3. BarksBar Luxury Seat Cover with Anchors

BarksBar Pet Car Seat Cover with Seat Anchors for Cars, Trucks and SUV's, Water Proof and Non-Slip Backing Regular, Black

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BarksBar is well-known for manufacturing a variety of different luxury pet care products, and this car seat cover is an excellent example of their products. They made it from a waterproof material that is designed to also help protect your car seats from spills, scratches, hair & fur, and various other messes that might occur, while you are traveling.

They made it easy to install by using velcro to help hold it in place, and they are designed to fit the standard backseat of most SUVs, trucks, and cars. When designing this car seat cover, BarksBar thought of everything and even included two pockets to make it easier to store items, like leashes, toys, and other grooming supplies that might be needed, while on the road.


  • Easy to install
  • Made from waterproof material
  • Designed with two pockets

4. UrPrower Waterproof Cover

URPOWER 100% Waterproof Pet Seat Cover Car Seat Cover for Pets - Scratch Proof & Nonslip Backing & Hammock, Quilted, Padded, Durable Pet Seat Covers for Cars Trucks and SUVs

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This dog seat cover is manufactured by UrPower, and they have gained a reputation for providing some of the best car seat covers, on the market. They designed this cover to be a hundred percent waterproof, which helps to relieve worries of accidents by your dog while driving.

It is also designed to be easy to clean and install. All you have to do is tuck in two-seat anchors and then place two straps on the headrests. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth or a vacuum, depending on the type of cleaning it requires. The straps are made with velcro, which makes this cover suitable for a variety of types of vehicles, from SUVs to smaller cars.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install

5. UrPower Front Seat Cover

URPOWER Pet Front Seat Cover for Cars 100%waterproof Nonslip Rubber Backing with Anchors, Quilted, Padded, Durable Pet Seat Covers for Cars, Trucks & SUVs

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UrPower realizes that not everyone wishes for their dog to ride in the back seat of their car, and they have designed this car seat cover especially for those people. It is made from a heavy-duty polyester that is meant to help protect your front seat from gathering pet hair, mud, and other things that comes with traveling with your dog.

It is also multi-layered to help protect your seat from being scratched or clawed up by your dog on accident. It is easy to install, and it can be machine washed on a gentle cycle, to help keep everything looking fresh in your car. It can be vacuumed and even wiped off with a damp cloth for small messes.


  • Doesn’t slip or slide
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Made from heavy-duty polyester

6. iBuddy Covers for Back Seats

iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers for Back Seat of Cars/Trucks/SUV, Waterproof Dog Car Hammock with Mesh Window, Side Flaps and Dog Seat Belt, Durable Anti-Scratch Nonslip Machine Washable Pet Car Seat Cover

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It is important to get your car seat covers from a manufacturer that is known for quality products, and iBuddy has proven that they are a top contender, in the industry. They have designed this car seat cover to fit like a hammock, which allows it to not only protect your seats but your back door interior, as well. Installation is a breeze, which means that it will take you no time to put it in or take it out when it needs to be cleaned.

With this model, you don’t have to worry about taking the seat covers to the dry cleaners or throwing it away when it gets messy. It can be washed in a regular washing machine, which means that you can keep the seat cover in tip-top shape, regardless of any accidents that might occur while you are driving with your pooch.


  • Protects seats and doors
  • Machine washable
  • Easy to install
  • Hammock style design

Verdict & Review

Viewpets Bench Car Seat Cover Protector











  • Waterproof
  • Nonslip
  • For dogs and kids
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install


  • We haven't encountered any cons.

With car seat covers, there are a variety of factors that to consider. However, after researching and reviewing the car seats above, we have come to determine that the best car seat cover is the Viewpets cover.

It has everything that you might need to travel with your favorite pooch, without having to worry about the upholstery in your vehicle. It’s 100% waterproof in case they have an accident while traveling, and it is both easy to clean and install, which means less of a headache for you if this happens.

Buying Guide

We realize that there are several things you need to consider before purchasing the ideal dog car seat cover, and it can be an overwhelming process without the right information. So, here are a few answers to some of the questions you might have.

1. What are the main aspects you should consider before making your final purchasing decision on a dog car seat cover?

Many people do not realize that weight is a thing they should consider when purchasing this type of product, but it does matter. If the car seat cover you are looking at doesn’t support the weight of your dog, there could be issues and malfunctions that can occur while it is being used.

Next, you should consider how the cover will be attached and secured to the seat. The easier it is to attach to the seat the more likely you will not think twice about installing and taking it out as often as you want. Then, you might want to consider a seat cover that has some sort of foam protection.

Whenever you get into a vehicle, you risk some sort of accident happening, and unlike you and your family, you can’t strap your dog into the car with a seat belt. Therefore, if anything does happen, they can be injured, which is where foam protection comes in. It will help to absorb some of the impacts for your dog and give it its best chance in avoiding major injuries.

Finally, you want to consider the type of material that the seat cover is constructed with. Durability, comfort, scratch proof, and waterproof are four of the qualities that you should look for when it comes to looking at the material. These qualities will provide different types of protection and benefits to having a dog car seat cover.

2. What are some of the benefits of using a dog car seat cover?

Whenever you are traveling, you want to be comfortable, and the same goes for your dog. They want to be comfortable, and the right dog car seat cover will improve their ride. It keeps them from being cooped up in a dog crate. However, you still have to think about the upholstery in your car, because after all, dogs can cause quite a lot of damage if it is not properly protected. The proper dog car seat cover can provide the protection you need, and it can help to reduce the amount of hair, dirt, and other substances from dirtying up your upholstery.

3. What types of dog car seat covers are there?

There are several types of dog car seat covers, and there is no right answer to which one is best. This all depends on your vehicle type, desires, and needs. There are back seat covers that will allow your pooch to spread out in the backseat of your vehicle. However, just like people, some dogs do not do well in the backseat, and so, there are dog seat covers for front seats, as well. These seat covers are ideal with small and medium-sized dogs, but they can work just as well for larger breeds, depending on the type of vehicle that you have.

There are car door covers that are designed for dogs that love to stand on your door to look out the window, while you are driving. These types of covers are designed to help protect your door from getting scratched or torn, as they look out the window. It also helps to keep the doors free of fur and other pet type stains. Finally, there are also cargo liner covers. These are excellent for families that prefer for their dogs to not ride inside the passenger areas or simply do not have room for them. It helps to keep trunks and hatchback spaces free of accidents, fur, and other types of messes that might be brought in by your dog.

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