The Best Dog Crates in 2024

Pet crates are an excellent tool for giving our pets space or a safe place for them while traveling.

Not only should dog crates be secure, but they should also be comfortable for our always loyal fur-kids. So when choosing a crate to use for your four-legged loved one, keep in mind that they have become escape artists, and very spoiled over the years of our mutual evolution.

To help you with the decision of purchasing a crate to help your dog acclimate to modern times, here’s a list of the best dog crates on the market today.

Our Top 6 List

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1. MidWest Homes for Pets

Large Dog Crate | MidWest ICrate Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate|Large Dog, Black

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For dog lovers who’s four-legged friend’s career is an escape artist, who refuses to stay in a crate no matter what tricks and tips you follow, the iCrate is for you. This state of the art doggo crates design replicates the natural dog den that undomesticated would typically reside in when they were given roam and used as hunting partners.

The double door foldable dog crate provides panels that are versatile with the growth of your fur baby. The iCrate is capable of housing dogs up to 90 pounds, and it also comes equipped with a mesh divider used to separate parts of the crate to provide space for more than one canine.
The iCrate is ideal for dogs who are left alone for long periods of the day, because it is heavy-duty and bolt latched, firmly locking the crate and securing your dog for the length of your time away. The plastic den is easy to assemble and foldable to be used for travel and in-home use, it is also waterproof and comes with a one year warranty, just in case your doggo is capable of tearing apart sturdy metal dens.

Key Features

  • Rounded corners for the safety and comfort of your pet
  • Foldable for travel
  • Easy to remove and clean the bottom pan
  • Denlike design
  • Front and Side Access doors
  • Comes with Crate Divider
  • 18-42in varied sizes available


  • State of the art dog crating technology that replicates natural dog den.
  • Foldable and comes with roller feet instead of bare metal feet for floor protection.
  • Great value and high quality at a fair price.
  • Versatile with multiple expansion options to grow with your dog.
  • Comes with a Five Star rated warranty.

2. Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

Casual Home End Table, 24-Inch Pet Crate, 20" W x 27.5" D x H, Espresso

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For the sophisticated doggo and dog parent, the Casual Home crate is an excellent addition to your minimalist home. This crate provides not only a secure safe place for your pet, but it also doubles as an end table for the creative mind. This tabletop, modern dog crate, is not just a dog crate, but also a beautiful addition to your home furniture layout with its innovative end table design.

The Casual Home wooden pet crate is constructed from the most durable solicit wood, making it a long-lasting addition to your pet care arsenal. Easy to clean, easy to install, and easy to put together, this dog crate provides style and durability to any professional fur parent.

Key Features

  • Meant for smaller pets up to 40 pounds
  • 19.5”W x 22.5”D x 22.5”H Exterior Dimensions
  • 16.75”W x 19.75”D x 15.5”H Interior Dimensions
  • End Table furniture Design
  • Comes ins sizes ranging from small to Extra Large
  • Made of Solid Wood


  • End table design fits in perfectly with any room.
  • Created from strong wood for longevity.
  • Solid lockable entryway takes into consideration genuine feelings of serenity when you’re away from home.
  • Rich colors add style to any furniture design.

3. AmazonBasics Folding Metal Crate

AmazonBasics Single Door Folding Metal Cage Crate For Dog or Puppy - 36 x 23 x 25 Inches

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The AmazonBasics single-door and double door folding metal dog crate are just as the title suggests, a basic needs dog crate. Although it is made in a traditional design, the AmazonBasics metal dog crate features mini dividers, slip-proof flooring, and an adjustable/removable plastic pan for easy cleaning. The bars are metal and constructed in a sturdy design while being foldable for secure storage. For dog owners who may be concerned with their pet’s ability to pick locks, this dog crate comes equipped with secure sliding bolt lock technology, which is safe and comfortable for you to open, but not so easy for your dog.

Key Features

  • Strong Metal Structure
  • Foldable with carry handles
  • Lightweight for easy transportation 20.1Lbs
  • Sliding Bold Lock Technology
  • Metal Dividers
  • Composite plastic pan (removable)
  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Options for Single or Double Doors


  • Provides responsible dog owners with peace of mind from its durable and traditional dog crate design.
  • There aren’t many bells and whistles with this model of dog crate, but it will get the job done.
  • Folds flat for great storage capabilities.
  • it’s reasonably priced for a basic, yet sturdy dog crate model.

4. Petmate Two Door Top Load

Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Kennel

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The Petmate two door top load going cage is excellent for securing your four-legged traveling buddy. This pet carrying crate is not only secure and versatile but also stylish, available in two colors: Pearl Honey Rose and Metallic Pearl, both sporting a coffee ground bottom. The dimensions of the two-door Petmate travel crate measure 19.25” x 12.8” x 10” on the inside, and 16.5” x 10.5” x 13.25” exterior measurements, making it great for puppies, small dogs, kittens, and other smaller pets under 8 pounds.

As the name entails, the Petmate carrier features two doors, one of the top, the other on the front, which enables easy access to your pet, while securing them comfortably in the pet travel hotel. The top entry door makes loading your pet into the Petmate carrier less unpleasant. The Petmate Two-door carrier also comes in a larger size 21” x 14.75” x 13.25” exterior measurements and 24.1” x 16.7” x 14.5” interior measurements.

Key Features

  • Air travel approved
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Vents all over crate
  • Wingnut-and-bolt design
  • Top and front load
  • Secure steel door


  • made with an ergonomic handle for comfortable grip and support when carrying your pet.
  • Airline approved and features ventilation for visibility and pet comfort while on airplanes.
  • The secure travel carrier uses easy-squeeze door latches for tight lock and seals to ensure your pet’s safety when you’re not around.
  • Made of industry-leading plastics and is designed with rounded edges for the protection of you and your furbaby.

5. Petnation Port-A-Crate Home for Pets

Petnation Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home, 20-Inch, for Pets up to 15 Pounds (606-20)

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Petition Crates are sturdy, comfortable, and well made for a fabric-based pet crate. The exterior of the container, built of a hardcore, tightly weaved fabric, and the steel outline endoskeleton gives better quality and stability. The crate features mesh vent windows, punctured like a honeycomb to empower air circulation all through the Port-A-Crate; giving a progressively agreeable condition your canine or feline will appreciate.

Two entryways (face and ceiling) take into account more straightforward access and can be moved up and protected open with included securing lashes. Extra highlights incorporate mechanical quality zippers and entryway hooks that securely shelter your furry partner. The one of a kind design of the PetnationPort-A-Crate gives a strong-walled in the area to secure your pet.

All pieces of your Petnation Port-A-Crate are made of lightweight, non-hazardous materials that contain no sharp or little bits that might hurt your pet. Extraordinarily structured adjusted corners ensure against inadvertent harm to furniture or other delicate pieces; mesh worked windows give legitimate ventilation while your pet is enjoying its Port-A-Crate.

Key Features

  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Steel frame
  • Fold away storage
  • Lightweight and heavy duty
  • Supports dogs dip to 70 pounds


  • Although made of fabric, it’s sturdy and provides a quick and convenient secure location to house your dog.
  • Although this is a decent crate for temporary housing of your pet, it’s not recommended for traveling, though it’s sturdy, any dog is capable of tearing up fabric made crates.
  • Great for indoor pet dens.
  • Comes in five sizes Extra Small (16”L x 11”W x11”H), small (20”Lx 13”W x 13H”), medium (24”L x 16”W x 16”H), large (32”L x 11.5”W x 2#”H), and extra-large ( 36”L x 26”W x 25”H).

6. AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Kennel

AmazonBasics Top-Load Pet Travel Kennel Carrier Crate For Cats Or Dogs - 13 x 15 x 23 Inches

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Similar to the other travel crates on this list, the AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Pet kennel, designed for traveling pets who find themselves on airplanes and trains. The AmazonBasics crate allows for ease of loading with two-door design and steel wire doors for added security. This crate also comes with extra screws for extra security while traveling. The AmazonBasics traveling crate is designed with durable plastic and enough ventilation panels for your pet to breath and has nosey visibility. AmazonBasics travel crate is 23 inches and intended for securing smaller pets.

The base and ceiling of the travel crate snap together with four locks, and the extra screws utilized to seal the top and bottom together for included fortification additionally. When the pet is securely inside, the comfortable grip handle takes into consideration simple, one-hand conveying.

Key Features

  • Easy loading
  • Extra screws for security
  • Top and front loading
  • Durable plastic design


  • For additional comfort, the top entryway can open to one side or the other.
  • The entryway on the facade of the pet crate includes a spring-stacked lock.

Verdict & Review

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate


Test-Dog Approval


Overall quality







  • Rounded corners for safety
  • Foldable + roller feet
  • Expansion possibilities
  • Front + side access doors
  • Dog den design


  • We haven't encountered any cons.

The MidWest Homes iCrate is our top pick because it gives you more for the value and is adaptable for use with pets of a variety of sizes and breeds. The sturdy yet straightforward quality of the iCrate makes it an enjoyable experience to use for both fur babies and their parents. Experienced kneel users know that versatility and comfort are two of the main components to look for when purchasing a dog crate, and the iCrate provides those and many more benefits. The heavy-duty material ensures longevity, while the design ensures comfort and ease of use, the iCrate is the best dog crate for responsible dog parents.

Buying Guide

When choosing which dog crate to purchase for your canine companion, there are three things to keep in mind: materials, safety, and size. Not all dog crates are created equally, so consider the comfort and security of your dog to make sure you chose the right crate.


The safety of your dog crate depends on a secure structure and entails not only the security of your dog but also the surrounding furniture and floors. Dog crates that are good with destructive dogs are usually created in bulky designs with rounded edges to prevent scratching of floors or furniture. Secure pet crates feature locks, bolts, and sturdy bars that keep your pet out of harm’s way and secure your property from your pet.


Dog crates come designed in various materials, metals, plastics, woods, and poly blended elements, which mold sturdy and comfortable crates. The durability and strength of a crate are dependent on the materials used to create it, the safety of a crate for your pet can also depend on the materials, as some plastics can be harmful to your pet. Leakproof bottoms of crates are usually composed of heavy-duty construction plastics, and casings of many heavy-duty crates are enclosed with wire or metal bars.


Dog crate size charts are available online and provided upon request by most retailers. Knowing the size of your dog can help you decide which crate size would be most comfortable for your pet. Keep in mind if the dog is not fully grown, or is a puppy, many manufactures offer crates that are adjustable in size as your pet grows. Remember when choosing a crate size for training, it’s best to choose a restrictive size to ensure your pet doesn’t turn its new crate into a bathroom.


What size crate would be good for my canine?

The size of the crate relies upon the size of your pooch when he completely develops. The container ought to be high enough for your canine to stand upright, head erects not bowed. Your canine should have the option to pivot easily and rests serenely.

What is the distinction between a canine crate and a kennel?

  • Crates incorporate wire and plastic indoor cases and transporters.
  • Kennels incorporate outside pet hotels. Not all pet crates are for outdoor use.

Would it be a good idea for me to get a wire or plastic container?

If you are purchasing a crate for use in your home, at that point, we suggest a wire crate, even though you can surely use plastic. Think of one that folds for simpler storage.

If the container is meant for travel purposes, at that point purchase a plastic case as these are simpler to deal with on aircraft and trains.

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