The Best Pet & Dog First Aid Kits in 2024

Having a first aid kit is vital to the health and safety of your pet. Many people carry their own first aid kit in the car for emergencies on the road. But what about first aid supplies for your pooch?

Most pet first aid kits are great for carrying in the car, too. Some are designed for hiking and camping and are set up with heavy-duty gear to keep your dog as comfortable as possible in any situation. Others focus on simple items in a small space for more immediate injury needs.

If you’re looking for a complete kit with all the trimmings or you need something quick and simple, there’s a first aid kit out there designed for you and your pup. This review includes car kits, carrying kits, and everything in between.

Our Top 5 List

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1. RC Pet Products First Aid Kit

RC Pet Products Pet First Aid Kit

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The RC Pet Products first aid kit for pets is packed with well-rounded gear. It includes gauze, bandaging, antiseptic ointments, and all the other goodies you might expect from a quality first aid kit.

Less common items include an emergency blanket, instant ice pack, and tongue depressors in case your pup eats something dangerous. We particularly appreciate the angled scissors specially designed to cut fur safely from around a wound. It even has a small tube of plain saline to help wash out your dog’s eyes if something gets in them. Great bonus. It also includes a guidebook for emergency pet care.

The kit is 7 x 3 x 8 inches in size and includes 1.2 pounds of first aid gear included. The expansive inner design helps you find what you need when you need it while keeping everything organized. RC Pet Products provides a well-rounded kit perfect for camping trips or car travel.


  • Sturdy and well-organized design
  • Bonus items like angled scissors for trimming fur
  • Perfect for car camping and traveling

2. FabFurGear Vet Approved Kit

FabFur Gear Pet First Aid Kit- Certified Cat & Dog First Aid Kit - Home Travel Hiking Camping Emergencies, Vet Approved Dog Emergency Kit-Perfect Kit for Dogs, Pets, Animals-Bonus Collar, Guidebook

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For an economical set of clippers, this Andis pair offers excellent functionality with a two-speed option. The blade detaches to remove hair and gunk easily while quiet operation helps keep your pet still during grooming sessions.

This one has a cord, but you’ve got 14 feet of space. A cord may be cumbersome, but you never worry about running out of battery before you’ve gotten your dog’s coat sorted. That can be a great feature for beginning groomers and nervous dogs.

It feels good in your hand and provides an excellent grip with easy to use button controls. You don’t get attachments to control length, but it’s suitable for single coat short-haired breeds.


  • 72-piece kit
  • Your dog can carry it easily
  • Bonus items for everyday use

3. Tactical Freedom Kit for Pets

Pet First Aid Kit Dog - Vet Approved and is Perfect for Bleeding Nails, Clean, Dress Wounds. Self Adhering Bandage Will Not Stick to Hair. Hiking Dog First Aid Kit for Backpacking, Camping, Travel

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Wahl professional clippers offer a fully adjustable blade to handle five different length requirements. It features a rechargeable battery with up to 80 minutes of run time, giving you plenty to get the job done.

It’s comfortable to hold and lighter weight than some tools, reducing hand and wrist strain. It has a 75 minute charge time with an easy to clean blade, and it works well on smaller to medium-sized dogs.

It comes in a variety of colors and includes Wahl’s one year warranty for manufacturer’s defects. It comes with two rechargeable battery packs and a cleaning brush for maintenance, plus a charging stand and an instruction booklet.


  • FDA-certified cleansing solutions
  • Well-rounded stock of items
  • Compact, easy-to-carry design

4. Rayco FA Kit & LED Emergency Collar

Rayco International Ltd Pet First Aid Kit and LED Emergency Collar

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This kit is a little larger than average and is more angled toward keeping in your home or car. The kit includes all the essential items like bandages, gauze, and horse wrap. It also contains antiseptic cleaning wipes and a saline tube for cleaning wounds.

Our favorite items for this kit are tongue depressors, a cold pack, an emergency blanket, and a small collapsible water bowl. Love that last one. It even has a clip so you can carry it comfortably for simple impromptu trips like a short hike. It also includes an LED collar that you can write a message on should he—or you—get lost and need additional assistance. Handy.

The Rayco kit itself is well-designed, with easy-to-organize flaps and pouches inside so you can find things when you need them. It weighs in at about 1.5 pounds in an 8 x 3 x 7 size.


  • Great for home or car
  • Uncommon bonus items

5. RC Pet Products Pocket Pet First Aid

RC Pet Products Pocket Pet First Aid Kit

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RC Pet Products brings us a smaller, lighter kit designed for quick hikes or walks in the park. The kit includes a generous spread of items like gauze and antiseptic. It also includes exam gloves for you and the Walks' N' Wags first aid pamphlet for instructions and information.

The pack itself is easy to carry with you on short trips. Clip it to your belt or your dog's gear with a simple and durable carabiner clip.

It weighs just 1.76 ounces in a small 5.5 x 0.2 x 4.5-inch rectangular pouch. The bright orange color is useful for quickly identifying it if you're carrying it inside another bag.


  • Perfect for short hikes or walks
  • Very compact design

Verdict & Review

RC Pet Products Pet First Aid Kit









  • Sturdy & organized
  • Bonus items included
  • Perfect for car, camping & traveling


  • We haven't encountered any cons.

Our pick for all-around best pet first aid kit goes to RC Pet Products. The full kit is ideal for inside the car or even the home. It includes all the items you might need for your pet in case of an injury or an emergency. Things you may never need but would be happy to have in a more dire situation round out the typical items like gauze and cleaning solutions.

It is also relatively compact for what it has inside, and the sturdy construction of the case means it won't wear out. It's organized into smaller sections, which is vital for finding items in a stressful situation. RC Pet Products also makes a smaller, carry-friendly kit that you can add to the bigger bag for those out-of-the-way little paths you and your pup might want to explore when you're on a road trip.


Why do you need this for your dog?

Going on adventures is fun! It also brings hazards that we usually don't think about. Imagine you and your dog are taking a walk in a wild park. Suddenly, there is a rustling sound in the blackberry brambles, and Fido yanks the leash out of your hand and rushes in to investigate. The bushes rustle, and you hear a loud hiss! Out he comes, flying back out of the bushes with a bleeding scratch across his face and little nicks and cuts all over! Time for those handy antiseptic wipes in the first aid kit.

Basic cuts and scrapes may heal fine on their own, but what about a more serious injury? Having a first aid kit on hand could save you from more significant problems down the road. If another animal bites your dog, it is vital to get the wound cleaned out as quickly as possible to avoid infection. Bandaging it afterward keeps out more germs. Infection is a serious issue. Quick action in a tough situation may even save your dog's life.

After-hours veterinary clinics and emergency hospitals are costly, especially if the situation isn't exactly an emergency. Visits to unfamiliar places may also add stress to your pet's already unpleasant experience. The ability to clean and care for a more straightforward injury and then getting in touch with your regular vet during normal business hours can save a lot of time and stress.

What makes a good kit?

Any good first aid kit is going to have all the basics for cleaning a wound, like antiseptic cleaning wipes and solutions. The best kits also have a generous supply of bandaging in different shapes and sizes.

A well-stocked kit will also include disposable gloves for you and your dog's safety when cleaning a wound. You can always add your own gloves if the kit you choose doesn't come with them.

An excellent first aid kit is also well-organized. You need to find things quickly in an emergency or urgent situation. Staying calm in a stressful situation is a must for a good dog owner. Your dog is more likely to remain calm if you are handling the situation with a cool and level head.

Don't forget to restock your first aid kit if you use something from it. Knowing your kit is complete every time you go out gives you peace of mind. Go on, adventure at will!

Do you really need all that extra stuff?

Bonus goodies like tongue depressors and saline solutions may seem unnecessary, especially if you aren't a first-aid guru. When would you ever need a tongue depressor?

Of course, you'd rather have a professional who's experienced in medical care treat your dog in a serious situation. But those few moments just after an injury may be vital to the health of your pet. It may not be a huge deal if a skunk sprays your dog on the legs or body, but what if it gets directly into her eyes? A small bottle of saline solution for a safe eye rinse will, at the very least, save your dog some pain and discomfort.

And you might find that tongue depressor comes in handy if your dog likes to snack on things they shouldn't. Perhaps your dog finds a mysterious mushroom patch while you're out for a hike. She chomps down and inhales it—and it gets lodged in her throat! Gimme that tongue depressor, STAT!

All those bells and whistles could save your dog's life in an unexpected situation. If you're looking for a first aid kit for your car or home and weight and size aren't really an issue, don't skimp on the details.

Can you use the kit, too?

Yes! While some of the items found in a pet first aid kit may not be very useful, like fur-trimming scissors, most of the items are fine for a human to use in a pinch. Tweezers designed for ticks can also be useful for slivers or splinters, should you have to run after your dog into that blackberry patch.

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