The Best Dog Hair Dryers in 2024

If you like giving your dog a bath but hate how long it stays wet, it sounds like it is time to get a hair dryer!

Dog dryers use less heat and a stronger force of air than the kind of dryers meant for humans, which is a better combination for drying wet fur. By using such a device, you can prevent fur from getting tangled and messy.

We bathe our dogs all the time to keep their fur fresh and feel good. On this page, we have reviewed the best devices available in 2024, so let’s check them out!

Our Top 5 List

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1. Flying One High Velocity Force Dryer

Flying Pig Grooming One Purple High Velocity 4.0 Hp Motor Dog Pet Grooming Force Dryer w/ Heater

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You’ll be able to keep your dog looking fresh and well-groomed with this dryer. It features a powerful motor that creates plenty of air to dry off your dog quickly. The motor features a hard steel shell that make it last for many years.

This dryer comes with a 10-foot long flexible hose to help you get at all the different areas of your dog’s body. You’ll also receive two different drying nozzles and a filter.

The temperature of the air can range from 81 degrees Fahrenheit to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll be able to easily select the temperature you need by toggling between no heat, low heat, or high heat.

This product is available in purple, green, or pink, to allow you to select the best color to match your personality and that of your dog.


  • The 10-foot flexible hose easily reaches all the areas on your dog’s body.
  • There are three temperature settings.
  • There are three different color options to choose from.


  • The hose could be a bit better but it’s no biggie

2. B-Air Fido Max Dryer

B-Air BA-FM-1-GN Fido Max 1 Dog Dryer Premier Grooming Collection, Lime Green Pack

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The Fido Max Dryer is a multifunctional product that you and your dog are sure to enjoy. In addition to using this product to dry your dog’s fur, it can also be used to de-shed their coat. You’ll also be able to set the machine to help you provide your dog with a light and relaxing massage.

This model is the same type of product used by professional groomers. It is able to release a high velocity of wind at 165 CFM. It does not have a heat setting to ensure your dog doesn’t get overheated as you dry them off.

If your dog rolls around a bit too much in the grass or dirt, you can also use this product to help clean them up. Simply use it to blow on their dry fur, and you’ll be able to remove much as the dirt and debris to keep them cleaner between baths.

This model is available in lime green, hot pink, or purple.


  • You can also use this dryer to de-shed your dog.
  • It has a long, flexible hose and four different attachments.
  • If your dog is dirty, you can use this with their hair dry to blow off some debris.


  • There is no option to turn on any heat with this dryer.

3. Shernbao Professional Dryer

shernbao High Velocity Professional Dog Pet Grooming Hair Force Dryer Blower 6.0HP (Orange)

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We’re impressed with how powerful the Shernbao dryer is. It features a dual motor that allows it to dry your dog up to 70% faster than using a handheld device. You’re in control of the speed, allowing you to choose the right setting for your dog’s fur and the specific area you are drying. The speed can be adjusted between 4,921 FPM and 68,000 FPM.

This model also includes a 10-foot flexible hose, two air filters, and three nozzles. The manufacturer also includes a 12-month warranty to protect your purchase. If you have any issues with the dryer, they send you a replacement.


  • It has a 10-foot flexible hose.
  • The dual-motor design makes this a powerful option.
  • You can adjust the speed.


  • This product is only available in an orange color.

4. Shernbao Handheld Dryer

shernbao High Velocity Professional Dog/Pet Grooming Force Hair Dryer/Blower 4.0HP

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If you are looking for a more compact or handheld option, consider the Shernbao Handheld Dryer. This product is designed to outperform most other handheld devices. It can help you dry your dog up to 60% faster than many other similar options.

With this product, you are able to control the temperature. There are two settings for you to choose from (44°F and 111°F). This will help you find the perfect setting for your dog.

You can adjust the speed of air using the dial on the machine. It can be adjusted between 515 FPM and 61,000 FPM. If your dog is more sensitive to loud noises, setting it on a lower speed reduces the amount of noise produced by the dryer.

This model has a 10-foot hose and comes with three different nozzles to help you control the air that hits your dog’s fur.


  • This option is smaller and more compact.
  • There are two temperature settings.
  • Three nozzles and a 10-foot hose are included with the dryer.


  • When you first start is up, it will be a bit louder. You may want to start it a little bit away from your dog if they are more sensitive to sounds.

5. Shelandy Budget Dryer

SHELANDY 3.2HP Stepless Adjustable Speed Pet Hair Force Dryer Dog Grooming Blower with Heater(Blue)

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The Shelandy dryer is another great option to consider. This product is designed to help you dry your dog quickly. It’s powerful motor along with the option to turn on the heater can help you get the job done quickly and painlessly for both you and your dog.

To help reduce the noise produced by this dryer, it includes a noise reduction device. This device helps mask some of the sounds made by the motor. This product comes with four different nozzles, so you can choose the right attachment for your dog’s fur. It also has a hose that expands to 73 inches.

Your purchase of this product is protected by a one-year warranty. The company sends you a free replacement if you experience issues with your dryer.


  • There is a noise reduction device included with this product.
  • You can control this dryer’s heat.
  • You’ll be able to choose from four different nozzles to help you select the perfect option for your dog’s fur type.


  • The hose is not as long as what you’ll find on some other dryers.

Verdict & Review

Flying One Pet Force Dryer








Ease of Use



  • 10 foot flexible hose
  • 3 temperature settings
  • 3 color options
  • Easy to use
  • Effective dryer


  • The hose could be a bit better but no biggie

After completing all of our reviews above, we have concluded that the Flying One dryer is our top pick. There is a lot that you are sure to love about this product.

It has a strong motor with a hard steel shell to deliver powerful air for many years to come. To help you get your dog dry with contorting or making them move all around, this product also feature a long, 10-foot hose. There are also two different drying nozzles to help you select the right tool for the job.

With three different heat settings, you’ll be able to set the temperature between 81 degrees Fahrenheit and 160 degrees Fahrenheit. There are also three different color options to help you find a product that you’ll enjoy.

The Flying One Force Dryer is an excellent product for you to consider. You’ll be able to keep your dog clean, dry, and happy much easier when you purchase this item.

Buying Guide

If you like to bathe your dog at home, or are looking to start saving some money by cutting down on your visits to the groomer, a dryer is an essential tool to have. This way, you can dry your dog’s hair much more quickly that you would with a standard hairdryer. Before you select one of the products we reviewed above to purchase, take some time to consider the different features and options that available.

Dryer Type

The first thing you should do before looking too closely at the different options is to decide on the type you want to purchase. There are two main options for you to consider.

One option is a handheld device that is more compact and may look similar to a standard hairdryer. It can be a good option if you plan to travel with it or if you are tighter on space. However, handhelds typically aren’t as powerful as larger models, so you’ll have to keep that in mind as well.

The second type is a larger device that typically has a drum-shaped canister. This type looks similar to what you’ve seen at the groomer’s, since these are the dryers they tend to use.

Most of the time, this type of hair dryer provides you with more power and higher air speeds to help you dry your dog more quickly. It often also has a longer hose and more nozzle attachment options.

Hose Length

The next factor you should consider is the hose length. If you can, try to find a dryer with a hose that is at least 10 feet. A 10-foot hose makes it much easier for you to reach all of the areas on your dog’s body without constantly making them turn or trying to work at an awkward angle.

Nozzle Attachments

You should also pay attention to the number and style of the nozzle attachments that come with each dryer. You’ll want to find a product that comes with an attachment that works well for your dog’s hair type.

Heat and Speed Controls

Another thing you to pay attention to is the different settings. First, look to see if it even gives you the option to turn on heat when you dry. Many dryers do not include this option, so if this is something you’re looking for, you’ll want to confirm that the product you purchase lets you adjust the heat.

Next, pay attention to how many speed settings there are and how powerful the motor is. A more powerful motor that is capable of blowing air at faster speeds can help you dry your dog’s coat more quickly.


Finally, try to look for information about how loud the dryer is when it is being used. Some dogs are scared or nervous around loud sounds. If your dog seems to be afraid of loud noises, you may want to look for a quieter option.

Some dryers include a noise reducing device, so this may be a good solution to look for if you know your dog is not going to be a fan of loud noises. Of course, there are anxiety treats to calm dogs down in general.

Color Options

By all means, color definitely should not be the most important factor when selecting a hair dryer for your dog. However, if you can find a quality product in a color you enjoy, it may help make the task of drying your dog something you’ll look forward to a bit more.

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