The Best Dog ID Tags in 2024

About a third of all pets get lost during their lifetime. If you’re like most dog owners, your dog is a beloved member of the family. You want to do what you can to make sure they’re returned to you in the unfortunate event that they get out of the yard or away from you on a walk. A personalized ID tag can help whoever finds your dog (or other ept) to get in contact with you so you can pick him or her back up.

On such a tag, you can list your dog’s name and your contact number You may also choose to add other information like your address or whether you’ll offer a reward for the person who returns your dog. Check out our list below to  find the best dog tag to provide you with some peace of mind.

Our Top List

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1. GoTags Stainless Steel Tag

GoTags Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags, Personalized Dog Tags and Cat Tags, up to 8 Lines of Custom Text Engraved on Both Sides, in Bone, Round, Heart, Bow Tie, Flower, Star and More (Bone, Small)

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With the GoTags tag, you can include all the personalized information you’ll need to ensure your pet’s safe return home. This ID tag can be purchased in a variety of shapes, allowing you to choose the best look for your pet. You can choose from a bone, a bow tie, a flower, a heart, a house, a ranger badge, a rectangle, a circle, and a star.

There are also two different sizes, small and regular, to better fit dogs of all sizes. The tags are made from stainless steel, which will help them last longer and stay looking clear much longer than their aluminum counterparts.

You can have both sides of the tag engraved with the text of your choice. Each side can include up to four lines of text, so you’ll be able to include all the important information you want. When you check out, you’ll have the option to customize the tag with the text you want included.


  • Made from a durable stainless steel.
  • Both sides of the tag can be engraved with your information.
  • Each side can hold up to four lines of text.
  • There are nine different tag designs and two different sizes to choose from.

2. Providence Engraving Tags

Providence Engraving Pet ID Tags | 8 Shapes & Colors to Choose from | Dog Cat Aluminum

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The Providence tags are an attractive and effective way to make sure your contact information is always with your dog. You’ll be able to include up to four lines of text on each side of the tag, meaning eight total lines can be included.

This option comes in a variety of shapes as well as colors. Some of the available shapes include stars, bones, fire hydrants, hearts, and paw prints. Blue, yellow, green, silver, pink, and orange are a few of the colors you’ll be able to choose from.

These tags are made from an anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. This material is designed to be durable and hold up well to your dog wearing it.


  • The tags are made of an aircraft-grade anodized aluminum material.
  • A total of eight lines of text can be included on the tag.
  • There are numerous color and shapes to choose from.
  • You can choose a small or a large tag size.

3. Custom Pet ID Tag for Dogs & Cats

Pet ID Tag Custom for Dog Cat Personalized | Many Shapes and Colors to Choose From | Made in USA | Strong Anodized Aluminum

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You’ll be able to customize your dog’s look with these tags. This option comes in a wide variety of colors and styles to help you find the perfect combination for your pup’s personality. You can choose from a circle, bone, heart, paw print, or kitty face design. A few of the color choices include blue, red, green, black, silver, and purple.

These tags are made from an anodized aluminum material. When you choose this product, you’ll be able to have both sides of the tag engraved with up to four lines of text.


  • These tags are made from anodized aluminum.
  • You can choose from a variety of colors and styles.
  • Both sides of the tag can be engraved with up to four lines of text each.
  • The tags have a spit ring to help you easily attach them to your dog’s harness or collar.

4. GoTags Personalized Tags

GoTags Personalized Pet ID Tags for Dogs and Cats, Includes Glow in The Dark Silencer to Protect Tag and Engraving, No Noise, Quiet Tags, Front and Backside Engraving, Anodized Aluminum, (Bone Shape)

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These glow-in-the-Dark tags are another great option to consider. These tags are made using anodized aluminum.

The aluminum tag is wrapped with a glow-in-the-dark silencer that will keep your pet more visible at night and reduce the noise his tag makes when he moves around. The silencer will also help protect the tag’s finish and engraving, ensure it will last a long time.

When you choose this option, you can have one or both sides of the tag engraved. Each side will fit up to four lines of text to allow you to include any important information about your dog.

There are four tag shapes and eight color options to choose from. The available shapes are a bone, a heart, a rectangle, or a circle. The color options are black, red, silver, purple, gold, pink, green, and blue.


  • These tags are wrapped with a glow-in-the-dark silencer.
  • The wrapping helps keep the tags from making noise, makes the tag more visible at night, and can help extend the life of the tag.
  • Each side of the tag will fit four lines of text.
  • There are eight color options to choose from.
  • There are four different tag shapes to choose from.

5. GoTags Paw Print Round Stainless Steel Tag

Paw Print Round Stainless Steel Pet ID Tag - Dog and Cat ID Tag (Paw Size Regular)

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If you are looking to add a little style to your dog’s collar or harness, consider the GoTags Paw Print Dog Tag. This option includes an embossed paw print on one side. You can choose from a silver, pink, red, blue, purple, or green paw print.

You can purchase this tag in two different sizes. If you want, you can also add a glow-in-the-dark tag silencer to reduce the clanging noise the tag will make as it hits the other metal items on your dog’s collar.

This ID tag is made from a durable solid stainless steel. The side without the pawprint can be engraved with up to four lines of text.


  • This option features an attractive, embossed paw print design on one side.
  • There are six color options for the paw print.
  • There are two size options.
  • A tag silencer can be added to the tag.
  • The tag is made from solid stainless steel.
  • Four lines of engraved text can be added to the tag.

6. Leash Boss Tag for Dog Collars

Leashboss Pet ID Tags for Dog and Cat Collars - Personalized and Engraved Custom Identification Tag - Boomerang Tags - Silent, Durable, and Will Not Fall Off (1 Inch Collars, Adjustable, Large)

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If you’re looking for a product that won’t hang down from your dog’s collar or harness, consider the Leash Boss tag. This product is designed to fit over your dog’s collar. It will curve around their neck to ensure a comfortable fit.

It is guaranteed not to fall of your dog’s collar if you use it on a standard nylon webbing collar. This option will not work with leather, fabric, or thinner nylon collars.

You’ll be able to have up to five lines of text engraved on the front side of this tag. The engraving is designed to go deeper than laser etched tags to provide you with a product that will stay visible and not wear down as easily. The tag is made from a quality stainless steel material.


  • This tag will sit on top of your dog’s collar instead of hanging down from it like a traditional tag.
  • The tag is made from stainless steel.
  • It is guaranteed to fit standard, 1/8-inch nylon collars.
  • Up to five lines of text can be engraved.
  • The engraving will be deeper than a laser-engraved tag, helping it to last longer.

Verdict & Review

GoTags Stainless Steel Dog ID Tag








Test-Dog Approval



  • Stainless steel
  • Both sides can be engraved
  • 4 lines of text on each side
  • 9 different tag designs available


  • We haven't encountered any cons.

We think you’ll love the GoTags tag. With this option, you’ll be able to include up to eight total lines of text. This will allow you to list any relevant information you want others to know about your dog, such as their name, your phone number, your address, or any important medical information.

The tags are made from a durable stainless steel, which allows them to hold up well to being worn by your dog much better than an aluminum tag. There are nine different tag designs/shapes for you to choose from, so you’ll be able to select the option that best matches your dog’s personality. There are also two different tag sizes available to help you choose an option that will be proportional to your dog and their collar.

Buying Guide

An ID tag is an essential accessory for your dog. You’ll be able to list your phone number or other contact information so someone can get in touch with you if your dog gets out.

There are lots of different options and styles available when it comes to selecting a tag. Use our buying guide to help you focus on the important qualities and features you’ll want to see in the product you decide to purchase.

Quality and Durability

First, you will want to make sure you get an tag that is made from a strong and durable material that will not break or chip. Most tags are made from metal, but not all metals are the same. Stainless steel or nickel-coated metals will be more durable than aluminum.

Styles and Designs

Another thing to consider when deciding which tag to purchase is the different styles and designs that are available. Some tags come in different shapes, such as bones, hearts, houses, or stars. If you care what your dog’s ID tag looks like, you may want to look for a product that offers a few different design options for you to choose from.

Engraving Options

The engraving on your dog’s ID tag is one of the most important aspects of it. All of your contact information and any other important information you decide to write on the tag will be engraved.

You want to be sure to choose a tag that will make the text you have engraved clear and easy to read. Try looking at the images of the product to ensure that everything can be clearly read.

With some tags, you may also have the option to have them embossed instead of having them engraved. This option will likely result in text that remains easy to read for a longer period of time than it would with engraving.

When looking at engraving for a tag, you will also want to be able to pay attention to how much information you’ll able to include. Most products should tell you how many lines of text will fit on each tag. Think about what you want to include on your dog’s tag, and be sure to select an option that will allow you to fit everything you want included.

Attachment Options

Finally, look at how each tag will attach to your dog’s collar. Most tags are similar to a key chain and include a hoop you connect to your dog’s collar or harness. There are some other options that are designed to slide over their collar and curve around their neck. Either option should work fine, it will come down to which you prefer.


Does my dog really need an ID tag?

Yes, getting a personalized tag for your dog is important. With it, anyone who finds your dog will be able to contact you. You never expect your dog to get out of your yard or run off during a walk, but it can happen to anyone, so be prepared. Remember, every third pet gets lost at one point during their lifetime. That’s a lot of pets!

With an ID tag, you can also include any other important information people may need to know about your dog, such as their name or any urgent medical concerns.

What information should I include on my dog’s tag?

The answer to this question is really up to you and may vary based on different circumstances. You will want to include enough information that someone will be able to contact you if your dog gets lost. At a minimum, you should include your dog’s name and your phone number.

You may also choose to include other information such as your address, a backup contact number, whether your dog has any medical conditions, or other information you think someone should know about your dog.

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