The Best Dog Probiotics in 2024

Maybe your veterinarian recommended a probiotic supplement, or someone you know was talking about their benefits. So here you sit, contemplating their merit, wondering if they’re really what your canine pal needs in his life right now.

Probiotics offer excellent gastro-intestinal support for pets that have had a recent upset, whether from a bout of vomiting after getting into that leftover ham, or from chronic diarrhea. They also have the ability to help boost the body’s immune response, making them a great choice for pets dealing with chronic inflammatory conditions.

These are our top 6 picks  on the market this year!

Our Top List

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1. Pet Ultimates Probiotics for Dogs

Pet Ultimates Probiotics for Dogs, 137 grams

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This really easy-to-use powder formula is incredibly palatable, meaning most dogs will snarf it down readily when it’s sprinkled on their food. Boasting two billion CFU per scoop means that your dog is receiving a high level of good bugs with each dose. CFU stands for colony-forming unit and indicates the number of viable (alive, well, healthy) bacteria or cells.

It contains 22 different species of gut-friendly microorganisms, something that no other product on the list can say. This is great because there are many different species of bacteria living in your dog’s gut. Supplementing just one or two may not be enough. Offering a wide array of species ensures your dog gets a balance across the board.

It also contains high quality inulin, which is a prebiotic. Prebiotics help to feed and support the probiotics so that they can function at their best. On top of supporting the bacteria, inulin is known for its ability to improve the control of blood sugar in those that may be predisposed to diabetes.

This product is made in the USA in a certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility. This ensures that product is consistently produced and controlled with high quality standards, which minimizes the risk of product defects.


  • Easy to scoop powder
  • 2 billion CFU per scoop
  • 22 relevant species
  • Made in small batches for best quality
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Highly-rated customer service experience

2. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Probiotics Dog Supplement, Fortiflora Canine Nutritional Supplement - 30 ct. Boxes

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Fortiflora Probiotic Supplement can be found on the shelves of most veterinarians. One of the leaders in the pet food industry with a line of high-quality veterinary prescription diets, Purina realized long ago that bringing the gut back into balance was a necessary part of dietary support. This is a great all-around product that also includes digestive enzymes and other vitamins and minerals.

I used this on my older golden who had long-term chronic digestive issues. He was always gassy and had diarrhea for much of his earlier life. As a result, his coat was dry and brittle and he just didn’t ever have much energy. Round after round of antibiotics and digestive anti-inflammatories were only temporary fixes.

About a week after starting him on Fortiflora, his stools began to firm up to normal consistency, and they stayed that way (except for the occasional bout of normal-dog diarrhea). After months of being able to properly digest and absorb his food, his coat began to soften, his skin quit being so dry, and he had much more energy again.

This supplement comes in no-guess packets. One packet is one dose, so you simply tear it open and sprinkle it over your pet’s food.


  • #1 probiotic recommended by veterinarians
  • Labeled for use in both adult and puppies with diarrhea
  • Proprietary microencapsulation process means the product has a stable shelf life
  • Added antioxidants to support your dog’s immune health

3. Nutramax Proviable Health Supplement

Proviable DC for Cats and Dogs, 80 Capsules

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Proviable supplement is a top go-to for veterinarians working to clear acute GI upset. It comes from Nutramax Laboratories, American makers of high quality pet products like Cosequin, Dasuquin, and Welactin.

These capsules come sealed in a blister packet and can be given in whole capsule form or opened to sprinkle over your pets food. Each capsule contains multiple species and billions of beneficial microorganisms to help to restore your dog’s gut flora.

I’ve recently adopted a very young puppy who lost her leg right after birth. The breeder was worried about her being bullied and didn’t allow the puppy much time with her mother or the rest of the litter. We brought her home earlier than normal because she needed some extra special care. When she got home, she had loose stools that quickly progressed to “puppy squirts” diarrhea. Her stools fluctuated between soft and outright loose. The lack of her mom’s immune-boosting milk (which contains a good solid dose of healthy bacteria) means her digestive system was lacking.

After about a week we started her on Proviable capsules and her stools started to firm up over the course of the day. By the next day, they were pretty normal for a 7 week puppy. It’s possible she may be a dog who needs to remain on probiotics long term.


  • Multi-strain formula with 7 different species
  • 5 billion CFU’s per capsule
  • No-guesswork capsules
  • Veterinarian-recommended

4. Nusentia Probiotic Miracle

NUSENTIA Probiotic Miracle Dog Probiotics for Dogs (Up to 360 Servings)

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This product really offers a lot of bang for your buck. It comes in a powdered form, offering 360 scoops per container, so it will last you a good long while. This is another American-made product with the backing of your veterinarian.

Odorless and flavorless, the powder won’t be rejected by dogs with discerning taste. There’s no need to be concerned about fillers, chemicals, or additives, as this product is all natural.


  • 6 probiotic species working synergistically
  • 1 billion CFU’s per serving
  • Zero grains, rice, gluten, fillers, dairy, or preservatives
  • Quality inspected
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Package Size Options Available

5. PetVitalityPRO Natural Digestive Enzymes

PetVitalityPRO Probiotics for Dogs with Natural Digestive Enzymes ● 4 Bill CFUs/2 Soft Chews ● Dog Diarrhea Upset Stomach Yeast Gas Bad Breath Immunity Allergies Skin Itching Hot Spots ● 150 Count

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Powdered formulas aren’t for every pet, especially those that don’t eat all of their food or are exceptionally picky. When you want to guarantee your dog gets the full dose of probiotics he needs, you want to give them all in one swipe.

Made with a blend of green super foods, papaya, and maqui berry extracts, this supplement delivers a good dose of probiotics and antioxidants alongside the probiotics.

PetVitalityPRO’s option offers tasty soft chews that dogs think is a treat. These are a great long-term option for pets that need that extra support in order to keep their gut health aligned and in balance.

These treats are made in the USA in an FDA-registered facility and are GMP and SQF certified, so you can be assured of excellent quality.


  • Yummy duck-flavored treat is a breeze to give
  • High potency
  • 5 probiotic species
  • 2 billion CFU’s per dose
  • Includes supportive prebiotics
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

6. ProbioticJoint for Hip & Joint Support

Amazing Probiotics for Dogs Eliminates Diarrhea and Gas with Hip Joint Pain Relief, 120 Chews

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This is yet another excellent alternative to a powdered formula. Also made in the USA, these chew tablets are formulated to be hypoallergenic.

They’re perfect for the older pet that is starting to stiffen up a bit, as they combine the digestive help of probiotics with glucosamine and other joint supplements. That makes them great for pups with hip and joint troubles, helping them move more freely.

My little girl with only three legs will be needing extra joint support through her life, starting at an early age, and probiotics will be a good idea to help keep her system in working order. As she gets a little older, this will be my go-to for her simply because it combines both into one product.


  • Combined probiotic and joint support supplement with chondroitin, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), and glucosamine
  • 4 digestive enzymes
  • 7 billion CFU’s
  • GMP certified and 3rd party tested
  • Tasty bacon liver flavored chew treat

Verdict & Review

Pet Ultimates Probiotics for Dogs











  • 22 relevant species
  • Very effective
  • 2 billion CFU per scoop


  • We haven't encountered any cons.

Hands down, this ranks at the top of the list for a number of reasons. When you look at the number of different beneficial species side by side with the CFU count compared with the rest of the contenders, this one outshines by far. There’s no comparison in effective supplementation.

Making sure that the probiotics are supported with healthy prebiotics is key to an effective supplement, and the use of inulin here puts this product ahead of the game. It offers the necessary support as well as the added benefit of helping to maintain a healthy response.

The easy scoop takes the guesswork out of how much to dose. This goes to the top of my list the next time I have need for a strong probiotic, especially in the long term.

Buying Guide

You may not want to hear this, but on and inside your dog is a whole world of microbes – tiny little organisms that are mostly beneficial for your pet’s health. The microbiome is made up of tiny communities of microbes – bacteria, viruses, and fungi. We’ve got news for you. You have your very own microbiome, too! They work together to do a variety of tasks for the body.

Bacteria in the gut are essential for effective digestion. They work to help to break down the foods that your dog eats, and help to obtain important nutrients from those foods. These beneficial bugs have also been shown to have big roles in diabetes, allergies, and even problems like anxiety and depression.

Your dog needs help breaking down the foods that he eats. His body isn’t able to do all the work on his own. Bacteria in the large intestine helps. Some breaks down fat and protein from meats, while others work to digest carbohydrates. Others are also responsible for the production of vitamins like B and K and other essential nutrients.

All of these microbes play a role in helping your dog’s immune system develop as he’s a growing puppy. Later in life, those bugs help to play a further role in helping the body attack and fight off invading infections like canine distemper or parvovirus by secreting chemicals that work to kill off harmful invaders.

That can work the wrong way, too. When the gut bacteria are overactive, or the wrong bacteria are in operation, over-stimulating the immune system, an inflammatory response could be triggered. Long term inflammation is implicated in conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, and asthma.

When something happens to throw those bugs off kilter, a variety of digestive disorders can arise. That can be a result of an overpopulation of bacteria, or not enough. When the number of bad microorganisms is much greater than the number of good bacteria symptoms could include diarrhea or constipation, frustrating diseases like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), vomiting, and even skin conditions.

This can be a result of a disease process or a side effect of medication like antibiotics.

When that happens, bad bacteria and fungi like Clostridium perfringens, Escherichia coli (E. coli), and Salmonella species are among some of the naughty offenders.

Enter probiotics. These are good bacteria and fungi that are purposefully supplemented in order to support a healthy system or to work to restore balance again when the microbiome is out of whack.

These can come in the form of part of the diet or as supplements given orally to your pet. Typically, those found in the diet are not enough to bring things back into balance again when your pet is experiencing digestive upset, or inflammatory conditions. So a good quality nutritional supplement is what you’re looking for.

Which One For Your Dog?

Researching which probiotic to give can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. There are just a few things you want to look out for and keep in mind as you’re reading the labels. Make sure you see the examples above.

Colony Forming Units (CFUs)

These are the number of viable bacteria that would be able to regenerate and propagate. While numbers may seem impressive, more isn’t necessarily better in all cases. Research hasn’t yet been able to tell us exactly how many bacteria our dogs need in their systems, or exactly how many in a supplement are the most effective.

It’s often wise to start off with smaller numbers and watch for signs of improvement. You can always increase the number of CFU’s if a lower count isn’t doing the trick.

Shelf Life and Potency Guarantees

You want to make sure that those organisms are still going to be viable by the time you feed them to your dog. Look for the shelf life stability of the product on the label. You also want to see that the ingredients are listed and, ultimately, a guaranteed analysis is provided.


We need probiotics in our systems, too. But our gut makeup is very different from our pooch’s. You might be inclined to share your probiotic supplement with your dog. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right?

Not necessarily. While your supplements probably won’t cause any harm, they probably won’t have the same organisms that your dog’s system requires, so you may just be throwing money down the drain.

Probiotic supplements are a great way to benefit your dog’s system, providing support for gastrointestinal troubles, to boost the immune system, and to improve his overall health. Deciding which one to go with doesn’t have to be frustrating if you know what you’re looking for.

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