The Best Dog Travel Crates in 2024

Headed on the road soon? Nervous about how your lap dog will fare on your next international jet-setting adventure? If so, it may be time for you to invest in a durable and versatile dog travel crate.

Though it may seem like any old crate will do, the right product could sooth pet anxiety and last for years to come. Nowadays, dog crates are designed to satisfy your animal’s natural nesting instinct while providing a safe, scratch-proof environment to rest in.

Our Top List

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1. EliteField 3-Door Folding Crate

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate, Indoor & Outdoor Pet Home, Multiple Sizes and Colors Available (36" L x 24" W x 28" H, Beige)

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Available in a huge range of sizes and colors, the EliteField dog crate is spacious and soft to make your dog feel more at home. With absolutely no tools required, the plushy crate can be folded or assembled successfully within seconds.

Constructed from a strong steel tube, the crate cover provides comfort and durability. The ventilated, lightweight crate is surprisingly resistant to damage while soft enough to protect your car’s interior against scratches.

We appreciate the three heavy mesh doors on the top, front, and side that allow for convenience, breathability, and animal visibility. Moreover, the manufacturer provides a two year warranty for just about any inconvenient accident.


  • Lightweight and foldable for best portability
  • Doors are mesh for visibility while soothing anxious animals
  • Generous two year “no question asked” warranty provided by manufacturer

2. A4Pet Soft Collapsible Crate

A4Pet 36 Inch Soft, Collapsible, Portable Dog Travel Crate with Double Doors and Leak Proof Bottom for Large Dogs up to 70 pounds

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Designed especially for medium to large dogs, the A4Pet collapsible dog crate is both convenient and safe for long term travel. At just under ten pounds, the crate itself is heavy duty enough to contain your energetic pup while still remaining highly portable.

Within forty-five seconds, you can easily set up and fold down flat without needing any additional tools. The rounded, soft corners allow the crate to safely be placed in a car trunk without causing any damage to your auto interior.

With crate sizes ranging from 24-inches (height and width) to 36-inches, you’ll be sure to find an A4Pet crate that fits your needs. Moreover, the crate is waterproof and leak-proof for accidents and all the components are machine washable – it’s hard to find a more convenient material.


  • Rounded corners protect car interior
  • Lightweight yet still sturdy enough for dogs under seventy pounds
  • Easy to fold and assemble for immediate use

3. Petmate Two Door Top Load

Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Kennel

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Meant for small dogs, the Petmate provides an interesting twist to the classic pet crate design. With a top entry door for easy access, you can safely grab your dog without opening the side-latched door.

The crate is suitable for small dogs and cats between ten to twenty pounds. Moreover, the crate meets airline cargo specifications, while still being durable and ergonomic enough for completely comfortable transport.

We appreciate that all possible sharp edges are minimized both inside and outside the crate. In fact, the crate is designed in such away to satisfy natural denning instincts by providing a snuggly environment.


  • Built for safe travel and minimizing metal component vibrations
  • Compliant with airline, highway, and road safety requirements
  • Comfortable environment is great for soothing small dogs

4. Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier, Airline Approved Dog Cat Carrier for Medium Puppy and Cats

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Made of soft mesh and squishy fabrics, the surprisingly durable soft-sided carrier is small enough to fit comfortably under most seats. Additionally, the carrier meets airline lap requirements, meaning that you won’t have to be separated from your furry friend.

With a luggage attachment, it’s so much more pain-free to safely strap your animal in using standard US seatbelts. Carry any dog under sixteen pounds with the convenient handle and adjustable shoulder strap.

Moreover, all the zippers are anti-escape and there’s even a leash hook inside the bag. Your dog has enough room to nest comfortably while breathable, see-through mesh provides views to the outside world.

Not convinced yet? The fleece pet bed and bag itself are all machine washable and can be folded up instantly.


  • Made from durable yet soft mesh, fleece, and plastics
  • Features adjustable carrying handle and seatbelt strap holder
  • Totally machine washable

5. Petmate Sky Kennel Portable Crate

Petmate Sky Kennel for Pets from 25 to 30-Pound, Light Gray

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If your pup is more rambunctious, the durable and completely secure Petmate sky kennel could be an excellent option. Perfect for pups between twenty to thirty pounds, the compact kennel is heavy duty enough to withstand car, air, and long term travel.

For anxious pups, the small four-way vault window provides 360 degree ventilation and visibility. Your dog also has enough room to pursue their natural nesting instinct, which allows them to feel comfortable in the space.

The kennel even comes with two live animal stickers, clip-on food and water bowels, and pet ID stickers. The kennel height ranges in sizes from 28 inches to over 48 inches, making it an appropriate product for many different medium-sized dogs.

Ultimately, if you need to check your dog into airline cargo, there’s likely no better option you could choose than the Petmate sky kennel. The solid construction of the kennel will put your worries at ease during long flight travel.


  • Excellent for anxious or more rambunctious animals
  • Air, car, and road safety compliant
  • Features 360 degree ventilation and viewing window for anxious pup

6. Petego Jet Set Pet Carrier

Petego Jet Set Pet Carrier with Forma Frame

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The versatile and stylish Petego achieves comfort, durability, and fashion in one unique carrier. Made with the patented forma frame system, the solid carrier is transformed into a heavy-duty structure that is virtually claw proof.

Meant for smaller dogs, the Petego can easily be fixed to your car seat with the included straps or held with the top handle for foot travel. The carrier simplifies train, bike, motorcycle, and air travel with ease.

In particular, we love the huge array of additional straps and add-ons that come with the carrier. Closing flaps, doors, and the breathable fabric make this carrier safe to use for virtually any form of travel.


  • Comes with add-on straps and door covers that make traveling a breeze
  • Comes in stylish mauve or beige colors
  • Made from heavy duty mesh and forma frame tech that minimizes doggy-caused damage


EliteField 3-Door Folding Dog Crate


Test-Dog Approval











  • 2-year warranty
  • Great look
  • Lightweight
  • Mesh doors to sooth anxious dogs


  • We haven't encountered any!

At the end of the day, you’d be hard pressed to a find a more extensible and customizable crate than the three-door EliteField soft dog crate. Constructed from lightweight yet durable fabric components, the Elitefield crate comes in virtually every size and color to satisfy your pup’s needs.

We love the breathable and slightly opaque mesh covers on the front, top, and side of the EliteField crate. The hex mesh is well-ventilated while providing you a good view of your pet in transit.

Within seconds, you can easily assemble and collapse the crate for easy portability. Moreover, the strong steel tube frame is durable enough to provide you peace of mind on long road trips. Additionally, this particular crate is recommended for pets that are more anxious than the average dog.

Buying Guide

Depending on the dog, the right crate may be completely different for you than the perfect product for anybody else. Though they may seem interchangeable, the truth is that crates vary massively in terms of performance and comparative benefits.

Ultimately, the right choice often boils down to several factors. We’ll outline some of the most major aspects to consider before you invest in any particular crate.


When you think of a pet crate, the first thing that likely comes to your mind is the classic plastic crate. However, there are a huge range of different materials that are suitable for ensuring safe pet travel.

Most dog crates are made from BPA-free plastics with rounded edges. The doors and hinges are made from dense metals resistant to the most ferocious escape attempts. These crates are most valued for their durability.

Though these crates are great for most dogs, anxious animals may be upset by the rattling metal components and will fare better with other materials.

Nowadays, many manufacturers are opting for washable, collapsible crates made from fabric. Small, anxious dogs enjoy warm and small interiors constructed from soft composites fabrics with mesh doors.

In contrast with plastic crates, fleece and fabric travel totes are often more lightweight. These products are perfectly suitable and recommended for less destructive pups and also allow for lap airline travel.


Before buying any crate, make sure to keep in mind the size and weight of your dog. Virtually every commercially available crate openly advertises the appropriate animal weight range for use.

Generally, small dogs are those that weigh less than twenty-two pounds and are shorter than sixteen inches. Look out for crates with a height and width that suit the shape of your pet: beagles, chihuahuas, and Boston terriers normally fare well in fabric totes with carrying handles.

Medium dogs are usually classified as pups that weigh between thirty-five to sixty-five pounds. They may be from one to two feet tall. Large dogs weigh over fifty-five pounds and could be in excess of two feet tall.

As a rule of thumb, the larger your dog is, the more heavy duty the crate should be. If your dog straddles the border between crate weight requirements, it’s best that you opt for the more spacious crate that can accommodate your pup.

Travel Compliance

Different crates are appropriate for distinct forms of travel. In particular, the TSA has strict requirements on the size and shape of crates that are allowed into the cabin or belly of a plane.

In general, the pet crate must be large enough for your animal to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. Snub-nosed dog breeds will require a crate that’s one size larger than normal for most airlines to permit them in cargo.

Most importantly, the floor of the crate must be solid and leak proof. You should opt for a heavy-duty plastic crate with metal doors in order to meet airline requirements.

For highway and road travel, you should invest in a crate that comes with seat belt attachment points. After all, it’s important that your dog isn’t flying around in the backseat after undergoing sharp twists and turns.

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