The Best Dog Winter Coats & Sweaters for 2024

Are you looking for a new product to keep your sweet pooch warm and toasty when you take them out for a walk on a cold day? A dog coat or sweater could be considered an essential product for dog owners who live in cold areas.

When you’re looking for a new winter coat or sweater for your dog, you’ll find an overwhelming amount of options. Finding the coat or sweater that will be comfortable and fit your dog correctly can be a challenge. For this reason, we have reviewed six of the top options for you to consider below.

Our Top List

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1. Chilly Dog Boyfriend Sweater

Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater, Medium

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Your dog will be snug as a bug in a rug with the Chilly Winter Sweater. This product is made from 100% wool, so it is sure to keep your dog protected against the elements on a cold day. The sweater is gray with white and red trim, so it will also have your dog looking sleek and stylish when you take them outside.

This option is unique as each sweater is handknit by the Quechaun Indians. You can feel confident that you’re getting a durable and well-made product that is sure to last for quite some time.

There are eight different size options to choose, from, making it likely that you’ll find the right size for your dog. The size chart ranges from dogs who are only 2 pounds and 8 inches long, to dogs who are 120 pounds and 38 inches long.

2. Asenku Thick Fleece

ASENKU Dog Winter Coat Thicker Fleece Dog Hoodie Jacket British Plaid Pet Warm Outfit with Removable Hat Windproof Vest for Small Medium Large Dogs (5XL, Red)

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If you are looking for a hooded option to provide even more coverage for your dog, consider the Asenku Winter Coat. This coat is made from a warm fleece and cotton material to insulate your pet and help them retain their body heat. It also has a hood that can be detached if you don’t need it.

You’ll be able to use this jacket when your dog is wearing their harness or collar. There is a hole in the back of the neck area that will allow you to thread your dog’s leash through to connect it to their collar or harness.

This coat is available in four different attractive plaid colors. You can choose from red, green, blue, or white. There are also eight different size options to help you find the perfect fit for your pup.

3. PetBoBo Winter Jacket with Hoodie

PetBoBo Cat Dog Doggie Down Jacket Hoodie Coat Pet Clothes Warm Clothing for Small Dogs Winter Beige XS

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If people thought your dog was cute before, they’ll absolutely fawn over him when he wears the PetBoBo Winter Jacket. This sleek and stylish dog coat features a hoodie with a faux fur lining. It can be purchased in black, red, beige, or yellow.

Your dog is sure to be warm and snuggly with this option. It is designed with a soft inner material with a water-resistant exterior.

There are five different size options available to help you find the perfect fit for your pooch. This coat can fit dogs with a back length between 9.8 inches and 16.5 inches. The manufacturer offers a sizing chart to help you select the right fit for your dog, so be sure to use it to ensure the coat will fit properly.

4. ThinkPet Warm Reversible Dog Coat

ThinkPet Warm Reversible Dog Coat - Thick Padded Comfortable Winter Dog Jacket, Reflective Safey Dog Vest S Green

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The ThinkPet coat is another great option to consider. This coat is designed to keep your dog well-covered and protect when they are out in the cold. It has a section that will covers their belly to keep it dry if there is snow on the ground.

This coat features a fun, reversible design. You’ll be able to switch up the way your dog looks by alternating the side of the coat that you put up. There are eight different color combinations for you to choose from. They are blue/orange, green/tan, red/black, yellow/brown, plaid/beige, plaid/brown, plaid/green, and plaid/red.

This coat is made using a polyester cotton blend that will keep your dog warm and toasty when they’re wearing it. There are 11 different size options available, so you’ll likely be able to find the perfect fit for your dog. Be sure to use the sizing chart to ensure you order the correct size.

5. Zack & Zoey Polyester Coat

Zack & Zoey Nor'easter Blanket Coat for Dogs, 20" Large

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Your pup will not only be warm, but they’ll look great in the Zack & Zoey coat. With eight different reversible color options, you’ll be able to pick the perfect look for your dog.

Each option features a pattern on one side with a solid color on the other side. The side with the pattern is made using a warm and soft fleece material. The solid color side has a water-resistant shell. You’ll be able to choose the best side to wear based on the weather outside.

This option also has a reflective stripe going down the middle of the back to make your dog more visible at night. There are Velcro closures designed to make it easy for you to put the coat around your dog’s neck and waist.

6. Gooby Stretch Fleece Vest for Dogs

Gooby - Stretch Fleece Vest, Pullover Fleece Vest Jacket Sweater for Dogs, Black, Medium

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If you are looking for a sweater instead of a coat, you can consider the Gooby sweater. This product is made using a stretchable fleece material that you’ll be able to easily pull over your dog’s body to obtain the perfect fit. Likewise, you’ll find that the stretchable fabric will make it easy to remove the sweater from your dog’s body.

When needed, you’ll be able to easily clean the sweater in the washing machine. There are 10 different sizes for dogs with back lengths between 6 inches and 27 inches. To help you find the correct size for your dog, use the manufacturer’s sizing guide. You’ll need to measure the length of their back from the back of their neck to the base of their tail, the width of their neck, and the width of the widest part of their chest.

You won’t have a hard time finding a color option you like with this sweater. There are fifteen different choices. Some of the available options include black, pink, mint, lavender, steel blue, gray, and grass green.

Verdict & Review

Chilly Dog Winter Sweater








Test-Dog Approval





  • Cute design
  • Great quality material
  • Warm in the winter months


  • None, unless you don't like it!

If you’re looking for an attractive, high-quality sweater for your dog, you can’t go wrong with the Chilly Dog Winter Sweater. This sweater is handknit by Quechuan Indians, so you’ll know that the sweater was made with care and designed to last.

As a 100% wool product, this sweater will also help keep your dog warm and toasty when you bring them out into the cold. There are eight different sizes for dogs who weight as little as 2 pounds to dogs who weigh up to 120 pounds.

As a bonus, your dog will also look cute and stylish when you take them outside. The sweater is a deep gray color with red and white trim. Place your order today to help keep your dog warm when they venture out into the cold this winter.

Buying Guide

Having a coat or sweater for your dog is important to make sure they don’t get too cold when they go outside on a chilly winter’s day. There are many different styles and features to consider before you decide on which coat or sweater you’d like to purchase. Our buying guide below is designed to help you decide which features are most important to you when you are looking at the different coats and sweaters you are considering.


Size is definitely going to be an important thing you’ll want to pay attention to when looking at different sweaters and coats for your dog. If you purchase a product that is too big or too small for your dog, it won’t be usable and will just have been a waste of money.

Look closely at the sizing chart provided by each manufacturer. You’ll likely need to take a few measurements to make sure you select the right size for your pup. Some of the measurements you’ll need may include your dog’s length, the width of their neck, and the width of their chest.

Ease of Putting On/Taking Off

Since you’re likely to be putting the coat on your dog and taking it back off frequently, you will want to pick a product that looks like it will go on and off easily. Look for coats that seal with Velcro or a zipper, since these will be relatively easy to slip on and off your dog.


When looking for a new coat for your dog, finding a product with quality materials is very important. Your dog will likely be running, jumping, or rolling around in their coat, so you want to find something that will hold up well to these actions.

When you are considering the materials of the different coats, be sure to also think about how much warmth each material will provide your dog. Think about the area where you live and make sure the coat you pick looks like it will keep your dog warm enough on a cold day.


Some dog coats or sweaters are made using waterproof or water-resistant materials. This may be something else you want to look for, especially if you live in an area where you’re likely to see lots of rain or snow.

Reflective Strips

Reflective Strips are an added safety feature that you may find on some dog coats. They can help your dog be spotted more easily by cars and other people when it is dark outside. If you take your dog for walks at night, it may be a good idea to look for a coat that has reflective strips.

Compatibility with Collar or Harness

Something else you’ll want to confirm is that the coat you pick will work with your dog’s collar/harness and leash. Check to make sure that there is a slit along the neck section of the coat where you can put your dog’s leash through to connect it to their harness or collar.

Care and Cleaning

It’s pretty much a given that your dog’s coat is going to get dirty. It would be nice if you were able to just toss it in your washing machine when it needs to be cleaned. If possible, look for a product that can be washed quickly and easily.


Finally, try to find a coat or sweater that you find attractive. Your dog will be wearing their new coat around you, and you’ll enjoy it more if you find an option that makes them look even cuter than they already are.

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