The Best Electronic Dog Doors in 2024

An electronic dog door is a great way to allow your dog to go in and out as they see fit without exposing your home to other animals or drafts.

We love the convenience and safety of such doors, so we put together a list of the top choices on the market this year and reviewed them. Let’s get into it!


Our Top 6 List

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1. PetSafe New Wall Electronic Door

PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door with Telescoping Tunnel, Pet Door for Dogs and Cats, Large, for Pets Up to 100 Lb.

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This door comes in two styles and three sizes to fit any dog breed, and the door’s frame is a durable but lightweight aluminum that will withstand corrosion, wear, rust, and tear. There is a double-flap design that works to seal the elements out, and there is a slide in closing panel that seals the door when it’s not in use. You’ll get support based in the United States that is easy to reach in the event of an issue, and the door fits into different mediums.


  • Materials – Aluminium and plastic
  • Seal – Double flat with plastic slide
  • Sizes – Small, medium, and large


  • Has a double flap to block out the weather
  • Durable aluminium base is lightweight
  • Comes with a plastic insert to lock the door
  • Has sizes for all dog breeds


  • Flap may be a bit stiff for some small dogs

2. Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mounted Door

Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door- Large Flap (10" x 18"), White

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You’ll get the choice of four sizes and three color options when you choose this electronic door, and it comes with magnets on three sides of the flap to seal them when your dog goes through it. The interior is a lightweight aluminum that works for walls up to eight inches thick, and the door has a flush fit installation to sit directly against the wall. There is a secure lock that keeps animals in or out when you’re not home, and this door comes with a seal guarantee for up to 50 miles per hour.


  • Materials – Plastic, magnets, and aluminium
  • Seal – Three magnets and a plastic clip
  • Sizes – Small, medium, large, and extra large


  • Magnets seal for wind up to 50 miles per hour
  • Has a plastic lock for when you’re away
  • Installs flush to your home
  • Available in three different colors


  • Can be difficult to install

3. Perfect Pet All-Weather Door

Perfect Pet The All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door, Extra Large, 9.75" x 17" Flap Size

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You’ll get foam molded plastic with a thick nylon for protection against drafts, and the frame adjusts more than an inch to give the perfect fit when you install it. The double vinyl flap design creates an air pocket that doubles an insulation, and you can buy an optional wall insulation kit to give your door a secure fit. There are four different sizes that ensure any dog breed can use this door, and the flap comes with a rigid plastic square that seals the door.


  • Materials – Foam molded plastic with nylon
  • Seal – Rigid plastic slide in
  • Sizes – Four. Small, medium, extra large, and super large


  • Small air pocket helps insulate from the elements
  • Frame is adjustable
  • Has an optional wall insulation kit available
  • Very simple and quick installation process


  • Flaps tend to catch on the edge and gap open
  • Stronger winds can blow the flaps open

4. SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door (White)

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This dog door locks closed until your dog passes through it and their microchip triggers the lock, and the doorway can learn up to 32 identities to allow several pets access without a problem. You can program the door to lock and unlock at specific times throughout the day, and you can install this door in windows, walls, and doors quickly and easily. This is a battery powered device that runs for up to a year on a single set of batteries, and this door comes with a full three year warranty.


  • Materials – Plastic
  • Seal – Timer and locks with a microchip
  • Sizes – One


  • Can program it to lock and unlock at specific times
  • Able to learn up to 32 identities
  • Locks until your pet’s microchip triggers it
  • Has a clear window to see out


  • Might have trouble reading pets with longer fur
  • Air can leak through the flap to form a draft

5. PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor - Collar Activated Dog and Cat Door - Small to Large Pets

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This dog door comes with four types of locking controls including locked, unlocked, automatic entry, or timed locks, and this door allows up to five different keys for multiple pet households. You’ll get an easy and streamlined installation process that adheres to everything from wood to PVC, and it takes minutes to program your door to your preferred settings once you install it. You can choose from a small or large design, and there are additional keys available if you have more pets.


  • Materials – Plastic
  • Seal – Automatic lock
  • Sizes – Small and large


  • Allows you to have multiple pets going in and out
  • Comes with four different locking modes for your convenience
  • Installs into several mediums
  • Has a clear door


  • Features a tapered design with a narrow bottom
  • Door runs small compared to other choices

6. Solo Door for Pets

Solo Pet Doors Automatic Electronic Dog and Cat Door (10" H by 8" W - Door Install)

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This door gives you a sleek exterior view with a flap that works with gravity to prevent hitting your pet, and every door comes with a sensor that lets your pet go in and out. The door automatically locks when your dog moves away from it for added security, and the door comes in 10 different sizes to fit different breeds. The tags are waterproof and magnetic for added durability, and they’re small enough to stay out of your dog’s way when they wear it.


  • Materials – Plastic and metal
  • Seal – Locks automatically
  • Sizes – 10 different sizes


  • Has a sleek and modern look on the exterior
  • Available in 10 different sizes
  • Doors lock and open when your dog’s sensor triggers it
  • Tags are waterproof and magnetic


  • Tag has to be extremely close to the sensor to work
  • May not be secure enough when it locks closed

Verdict & Review

PetSafe New Wall Electronic Door


Material quality


Ease of Use




Test-Dog Approval



  • Aluminum & plastic
  • Double flap keeps the weather out
  • Sizes for all breeds available
  • Includes a plastic insert to lock the door


  • Flap may be a bit stiff for some small dogs

Our top pick is the PetSafe door because it comes made out of a very lightweight and durable aluminum frame with double flaps that lock the air out while allowing your dog to go in and out. We also liked the secure panel that sealed the door, and the local customer service was a nice touch as well.

We invite you to look at our buyer’s guide to find out what essential considerations for your new electronic pet door are before you shop. You can compare our miniature reviews to see which one will fit into your lifestyle the best.

Buying Guide

An automatic door relies on communication between two sensors on your dog’s collar and on the door itself. When the door’s sensor connects to the sensor on your dog’s collar, it triggers it to open and let your dog in or out. There are different types doors available, and we’ll outline them below.


The microchip has a sensor in the door that communicates with a sensor on your dog’s collar. When your dog comes near the door to go in or out, it automatically unlocks it to let your dog pass through. Some of these doors work with a built-in microchip and several different sensors, and this system prevents unauthorized animal access.

Direct Sensors

When your dog approaches the door, the sensor system unlocks to let the dog go through before they run into it. You can usually modify the door to open based on your needs, and this includes locking the door from the inside so your dog can’t go out anymore for the night.


There are two types of magnetic systems with these doors, and the first one uses a lever to control access in and out of the door. The second one creates a magnetic field using the collar as a key. This system does need batteries to run, and it’ll lock without them until you replace them.


This system uses a high-frequency volume to communicate with the sensor through the door, and you can easily adjust the sensitivity levels of the signal to modify access. They’re usually waterproof, and the door locks until your dog comes in range of the sensor.


Radio Frequency Identification is the newest technology for electronic doors, and an electromagnetic field senses an RFID embedded device like a chip in your dog’s collar to unlock the door. The door will only work for dogs that have the specific chips in their collars, and any pets that don’t have it won’t be able to go in and out through the door.

Factors to Consider

You want to get the perfect dog door when you go shopping for one, and this means you have to keep several important things in mind. Doing so will help you narrow down your choices until you pick out the best one.


Dog doors come in several different heights and widths that make them suitable for different dog breeds. You want to carefully measure your dog’s size before you start to shop for your dog’s door. Doing this will ensure that your dog can fit comfortably when they go in and out of their doors.


Certain material will stand up to wear and tear or the elements like rain or snow much better than other materials. The frame of your pet door should come made out of aluminum or some other lightweight metal. The door flap itself should be a piece of thicker plastic that is flexible enough to bend when your dog goes in and out.


Pet doors can leave your home vulnerable to unwanted animals if it doesn’t come with some type of locking mechanism. Double-check the lock on the potential dog door to see how it seals everything out. Some doors come with a rigid plastic insert that locks it at night, and other doors stay locked until your dog passes through it and triggers it with their sensor.


You don’t want to spend a lot of time installing your new pet door, and you want to be exact because you’ll be cutting holes in your door or walls to fit the door in. Look for a pet door that comes in one or two pieces that screw together. It’s also important that you take the width into consideration because you want to get a secure and snug fit.

Energy Efficient

Since you’re going to put a hole in your wall, you want to make sure your dog door effectively blocks out the drafts to keep your home warm or cool all year round. How well the doors seal will determine the door’s energy efficiency, and locking doors tend to be more energy-efficient than ones that simply hang open between uses.

Ease of Use

Your dog should be able to go in and out of their pet door without any help from you, or it defeats the purpose of having this type of dog dor. You want the door to trigger when your dog comes up to it, not be too stiff that your dog can’t go through, and it should close with gravity, so it doesn’t hit your dog when they go through.


Whichever door you choose should have minimal maintenance needs associated with it. At the very most, you should only have to swap out your old batteries for new ones every few months to keep your door working like new. Double-check that you won’t spend a lot of time working on the door once you install it.

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