The Best Pet Grooming Vacuums & Attachments of 2024

Grooming your dog is essential for their skin and coat health. This is especially true if you have a dog breed that has a double coat or a longer coat that they shed once or twice a year. The correct tools can make this project much easier, and they can also reduce the stress your dog feels when you break them out to groom them.

Since it can be hard to find high-quality attachments if you don’t know the brands, we picked out five options for you. Our mini-reviews will make it easy for you to compare the products and narrow down your choices until you find the best pick for your needs. You can buy them all online and ship them straight to your door.

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Penn-Plax WhisperGroom Vacuum



Orfeld Pet Grooming Brush Tool Kit



Penn-Plax VacGroom Pet Grooming Kit



Dyson Groom Tool



Vacuum Cleaner Pet Hair Brush


1. Penn-Plax WhisperGroom Deshedding Vacuum

Penn-Plax WhisperGroom Deshedding Vacuum – Incredibly Quiet - Designed to Reduce Pet’s Stress and Anxiety During Grooming

This grooming tool comes designed to ease your dog’s anxiety by running very quietly. It will pull the loose fur from your dog’s coat to reduce any shedding, and you can use the extension handle to get fur off your furniture and drapes. This is a highly portable design that allows you to take it wherever your dog prefers to sit.

This tool runs on batteries, and you should let it charge the full five hours before using it. The angled brush will only pull out loose hair from your dog’s coat. The hair collects in the teeth before getting pulled into the vacuum until you’re ready to empty it. It leaves intact hair behind to reduce skin irritation. All you have to do is pull the dirt release forward to get rid of the trapped hair for a mess-free cleaning.


  • Has a very portable design
  • Angled brush pulls out loose hair
  • Easy to clean up and dispose of the hair
  • Very quiet operation


  • Takes five full hours to charge between uses

2. Orfeld Pet Grooming Tool + Deshedding Tool Combo

ORFELD Pet Grooming Brush Tool Kit for Vacuum Cleaners, Circular Intake Channel (Stick Vacuums Canister Vacuums Attachment) - Black

This grooming brush tool attaches straight to your vacuum, and this tool works best with a deshedding tool because you can whisk the hair away as soon as you pull it loose. There is a self-cleaning button to get rid of the hair, and the head is moderately hard. This means it won’t pull your dog’s hair or hurt their skin when you use it. It has a long extension hose to allow for ease of movement.

Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Large Dogs – Long Hair

The deshedding tool comes in three sizes and two styles that allow you to customize your pick to your dog’s coat and size. This will reach through your dog’s topcoat and pull out the loose hairs quickly and easily. When you’re ready to release the hair, all you have to do is push a button. You can then vacuum it up with the attachment. It has a satisfaction guarantee attached to each purchase.


  • Has a long extension tube
  • Releases trapped hair with the push of a button


  • Combination of two products rather than one that does both

3. Penn-Plax VacGroom Pet Grooming Kit

Penn-Plax VacGroom Pet Grooming and Shedding Vacuum Attachment Kit – Great for Dogs and Cats and Ages, (Model: DOGV1)

This full grooming kit gets you a grooming tool, universal adapter, 46-inch extension hose, and three interchangeable combs. It will fit nicely into any vacuum that has a circular attachment point for the hose. You can use it to clean hair off your furniture, rugs, drapes, and upholstery due to the length. The combs come in different lengths, and this lets you safely remove a lot of loose fur.

The extension hose comes reinforced, and this ensures that it won’t break down with repeated use. It won’t crack or break. The combs snap onto the end of the attachment securely, and they won’t accidentally slide off once you start using it on your dog. It gently pulls out loose hair without irritating your dog’s skin. You can use it to pull debris out of your dog’s coat too.


  • Contains all the tools you’ll need
  • Combs come in three lengths and densities
  • Extension hose is 46-inches long


  • Comb has a plastic backing that is relatively flimsy

4. Dyson Groom Tool

Dyson Groom, Groom Tool

This simple but powerful groom tool from Dyson fits over 18 different Dyson vacuums. However, it won’t work on any other vacuum because it won’t form a tight seal. This vacuum head works well for dogs that have medium to long coats. It can carefully remove any debris that get stuck in your dog’s coat when they’re out and about. It comes with several rows of slicker bristles that carefully catch any loose hair and pull it into the vacuum.

The bristles come set at a 35-degree angle that won’t scratch your dog’s skin when you use it. The bristles are close enough together that they’ll remove dead skin cells from the under layer of your dog’s coat to help improve skin and coat health. You can carefully remove the hair, rinse the tool out, and let it dry by itself between uses. You can choose from just the groom tool or the tool and a full kit.


  • Fits 18 different Dyson vacuums
  • Removes both loose fur and dead skin cells


  • Can be difficult to clean between uses

5. Vacuum Cleaner Pet Hair Brush

Vacuum Cleaner Pet Hair Brush Grooming Mites Killing Pet Hair Vacuum Tools Nozzle Attachment Tool for Dog Teddy cat

You’ll get a sleek black and green vacuum attachment brush when you order this product. The brush is a durable TPE material with an internal diameter of 32 millimeters. The handle is a reinforced ABS plastic that won’t crack or break with repeated or extended use.

When you push the head of this attachment against your dog’s coat, the bristles appear to catch the loose hair. It then slides off the bristles before getting sucked back into the vacuum. You can massage into your dog’s coat to encourage hair removal. It’ll also remove dust and debris. You can adjust the brush depth to different coat lengths with the push of a button. The hose extends to give you excellent ease of movement, and it’s very easy to clean between uses.


  • Can quickly and easily adjust the hose depth
  • Slightly larger vacuum head


  • Does not come with an adapter attachment

Verdict & Review

Penn-Plax WhisperGroom Vacuum




Test-Dog Approval


Battery life







  • Very portable design
  • Angled brush pulls out loose hair
  • Easy to clean up & dispose of the hair
  • Quiet operation


  • Takes five hours to charge

Our winner is the is the Penn-Plax WhisperGroom vacuum because it is not some flimsy tool but a vacuum specifically designed for pet grooming. It is quiet and contains everything you need. We liked the very portable design and the long extension hose that allowed us to clean up our furniture as well as the dogs.

It has durable teeth that gently loosen up the hair in your dog’s coat before sucking it into the vacuum. It’s simple to clean, won’t clog easily, and all you have to do is pull the dirt release to get rid of the loose hair without a mess. All of these reasons made this tool to beat all of the others for the top spot on our list.

Further reading: manual deshedding tools; cordless vacuums for dog hair.

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