The Best Indoor Dog Potty Pads in 2024

Do you have a new puppy at home? Are you working on potty training, but getting tired or finding ‘accidents’ all over the house? There are a variety of potty pads that are designed to be used indoors and can offer some help until your dog is full trained.

There is an abundance of products on the market, making it a challenge to find the best option for your dog. Keep reading the article below to find out our top six product recommendations.

Our Top 6 List

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1. Giantex Indoor Pad

Giantex Dog Puppy Pet Potty Pad, Home Training Toilet Pad, Grass Surface Portable Dog Mat Turf Patch Bathroom Indoor Outdoor (30"x20")

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The Giantex Puppy Pad can help take some of the mess out of having a new puppy. This option looks like real grass, to attract dogs to it and make them more likely to use it. You can purchase it in a 25-inch by 20-inch or 30-inch by 20-inch size.

You’ll find that this option is easy to clean. Liquids drain through the artificial grass topping to the collection tray. When you need to clean the mat, you can peel back the ‘grass’ to dump the liquid and rinse the bottom tray.

This product is also a great option to consider if you have a senior dog or won’t be able to get home in a timely manner to let your dog out. This product’s style help ensure that it doesn’t hold on to odors, so you won’t need to worry about your house smelling when you use it.


  • There are two sizes to choose form.
  • Liquids drain through the ‘grass’ to the tray that can be easily dumped and rinsed.
  • The grass peels back to provide easy access to the bottom tray.
  • This product does not collect odors.

2. Richell Paw Trax Potty Mesh Training Tray

Richell Paw Trax Mesh Training Tray, Brown

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The Richell Paw Training Tray provides your dog with an approved place to take care of their business inside the house. This option features a multi-layer design that keeps your dog’s paws dry while also making cleanup a breeze.

The top grate layer snaps securely onto the bottom tray. When your dog uses the bathroom, liquids drain through the holes to the bottom section, keeping them dry.

When you get home and need to clean-up after your dog, you can remove any solid waste from the top grate and dump and rinse the bottom tray. Then, everything will be ready for your dog to use the next time he needs it.

If you are looking to further simplify your cleanup, you can also put a disposable pad in the bottom layer. This way, you’ll be able to toss out the pad and be good to go.


  • Since liquids drain through the grate, your dog’s paws stay dry.
  • Liquids collect in the bottom tray. You can dump them out and rinse the tray to get the product ready to be used again.
  • If you want, you can use a disposable pad in the bottom tray to hold liquids and make cleanup easier.

3. Synturfmats Potty Patch

Synturfmats Pet Potty Patch Training Pad for Dogs Indoor or Outdoor Use, Large Size 20"x30"

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The Synturfmats Potty Patch is a three-layer system designed to make life easier on both you and your pup. The top layer of this product is a synthetic grass mat. The grass is designed to look and feel like real grass, making it more likely your dog will be willing to use it.

The middle layer of the system is a grid tray. This layer serves two purposes. It elevates the grass for your dog and has holes to allow their urine to drain to the bottom layer.

The final layer is the base tray. This is the layer that holds any liquid waste and ensures that the synthetic grass stays dry for your dog to use again. When needed, you can dump any liquids from this tray and clean it with warm, soapy water to get it ready to be used again.


  • This option has a three-layer design. This helps keep the grass dry for your dog and makes cleanup easier for you.
  • The synthetic grass looks and feels real.
  • When you return home, you can empty the liquid from the base tray and clean it using warm and soapy water.
  • This option is available in two sizes: medium (20 inches by 25 inches by 1.25 inches) and large (20 inches by 30 inches by 1.25 inches).

4. Downtown Pet Supply Pee Pad

Downtown Pet Supply Dog Pee Potty Pad, Bathroom Tinkle Artificial Grass Turf, Portable Potty Trainer (20 x 25 Inch with Drawer)

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The Downtown Pet Supply Potty Pad is another great option to consider. This option includes a synthetic grass top to help make it look more appealing to dogs. It is weatherproof, so it can also be used on patios or balconies.

This option has three layers that are designed to separate liquid waste from the ‘grass’ to keep it drier and prevent odors from building up. When your dog urinates, the liquid goes through the grate and collects in the tray. You can also purchase this option with a drawer that pulls out to help you get at the liquid waste more easily.

To prevent odors and prevent the spread of bacteria, this option has an anti-microbial coating. It can be purchased in a variety of sizes ranging from 16 inches by 20 inches by 2 inches to 20 inches by 30 inches by 2 inches.


  • This product features a three-layer system to pull urine away from the synthetic grass.
  • It can be purchased with a pull-out drawer or a tray that collects the urine.
  • The synthetic grass is soft to help it feel more like the real thing for your dog.
  • There are three different sizes available.

5. Blyss Pets Dog Potty

Blyss Pets Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty, No Torn Potty Pads! Keep Paws Dry! Protect Floors! Easy Cleanup On Pads! for Puppies, Small Dogs & Cats, 1 Puppy Pad Holder Tray, Guarantee

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With the Blyss Pets Indoor Potty, you can provide your dog with much better alternative to peeing on disposable pads or on your floors. This option has a grate on the top that is designed to help keep your dog’s paws dry when he urinates. Liquids flow through the holes in the grate to the bottom layer where they’ll be ready for you to clean up when you get home.

The grate snaps on and off of the lower tray easily to let you clean up without any trouble. After you dump any liquid waste, you can just rinse the tray out with some soap and water to get it ready to use again.

This option is designed to be used by puppies and smaller dog breeds.


  • The top grate lets liquid waste run down to the lower tray.
  • The grate unsnaps to make it easy for you to clean out the tray.
  • Because of the grate design, a dog’s paws won’t get wet from walking in their urine.
  • This product is best suited for smaller dog breeds or puppies.

6. Petmaker Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat

Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat for Puppies and Small Pets- Portable Potty Trainer for Indoor and Outdoor Use by PETMAKER- Puppy Essentials, 20" x 25"

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Help house train your new dog with the Petmaker Artificial Grass Mat. With its grass-like appearance, your dog is more likely to be willing to give this product a try. It features a three-layer design to help keep the synthetic grass clean, while also making it easier for you to clean up once you return home.

Beneath the ‘grassy’ top is a grate. The holes in the grate allow urine to be pulled away from the grass. When you return, simply remove the top two layers to empty out the bottom tray.

To help accommodate dogs of different sizes, this product can be purchased in a small or medium size. The small measures 16 inches by 20 inches by 1.25 inches and the medium measures 20 inches by 25 inches by 1.25 inches.


  • Since the grass looks real, dogs are more likely to be willing to use this option.
  • The grate under the grass pulls liquids away from the grass to keep it dry and odor-free.
  • You can remove the top two layers to clean out the bottom tray.
  • There are two size options available.

Verdict & Review

Giantex Indoor Dog & Puppy Potty Pad









  • 2 size options
  • Liquids drain through fake grass
  • Easy to rinse
  • Easy access to bottom tray
  • Odor-free


  • We haven't encountered any cons.

After reviewing the six products above, we decided that the Giantex Puppy Pad is our favorite option. Your dog will think they are taking care of their business on real grass with the realistic design of this product. There are also two different size options to help you best fit your space or accommodate dogs of different sizes.

One of the best features of this product is how easy it is too clean. When your dog uses the pad, liquid wastes drain through the ‘grass’ into the lower tray. When you get home, simply peel back the grass to have easy access to dump and rinse out the tray.

If you are away from home for extended period of time, you can also leave this mat out for older dogs to prevent accidents around the home.

Buying Guide

If you have a new puppy or your dog has trouble holding their bladder when you’re away for a longer period of time, an indoor potty pad can be a true lifesaver. It provides an allowable place for your dog to relieve themselves, while saving your furniture and minimizing your cleanup. Since there are different options and features to look for when you are looking for pads or mats, read through our buying guide below to help you make the best decision for your home and pup.

Product Types

First, you should decide which type of mat you want to use with your dog. Here are a few of the options that are available:

  • Disposable Pee Pads: Disposable pads are an easy option when it comes to clean-up, but they aren’t as environmentally friendly as some of the other options. With this product type, you’ll be able to lay the quilted pads in various spots around your home and simply toss them if your dog uses them to relieve himself. This option is relatively absorbent, so you shouldn’t need to worry about having an additional mess to deal with on your floor. However, your dog’s paws may get a big wet as they are taking care of their business on the mat.
  • Synthetic Grass: Synthetic grass looks like real grass and can be a great option for an indoor bathroom area for your dog. Synthetic grass is an environmentally friendly solution, since you can rinse off the grass and the liquid collection tray after your dog uses it. You’ll be able to use this option over and over again, so you won’t be wasting materials or contributing to landfills that are overfull. Be prepared to spend a little time training your dog to use the synthetic grass; it does have a bit of a different feel from the real grass your dog is used to using outside.
  • Real Grass: You can provide your dog with patches of real grass in your home. Training your dog to use this option should be relatively simple, since they’re used to going on the grass outside. However, using real grass can get expensive, since you will need to purchase new patches of grass once your current patch is too used or dies.
  • Plastic Grates: A plastic grate is a platform where your dog can relief himself indoors. There are two layers with this type of product, and liquids drain down to the bottom layer, keeping your dog’s paws dry. When you get home, you’ll be able to rinse out the bottom layer and scoop any solid waste left on top of the grate.
  • Litter Boxes: Just as you can train a cat to use a litter box, your dog can also learn how to use a litter box when no one is available to take them outside. If you use this option with your dog, you should purchase a larger product than you would for a cat. You also want to select a product that has walls that are high enough to keep the litter inside the box. Instead of using a cat litter inside the box, it is generally advised to use recycled paper pellets.


The next factor you should consider before making a purchase is the size of the mat or pad. Think about how large your dog is, and try to find a product that provides them with plenty of space to take care of their business.

Ease of Cleaning

Consider how easy to clean each option is. Will you need to scrub, rinse, or simply throw a product in the trash after your dog relieves himself?

Environmental Friendliness

Finally, consider whether each option is environmentally friend. While disposable pads are pretty easy to deal with and require little cleanup, they are also pretty wasteful.

If possible, look for a reusable option that won’t take up so much space in our landfills. Reusable options also save you money since you don’t need to purchase the same product over and over again.

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