Top 6 Best Leather Dog Collars in 2024

When it comes time to purchase a collar for your dog, looking at leather options is a great idea. Leather has a timeless elegance about it, and unlike less expensive materials, it tends to develop a luxuriant-looking patina as it ages. Leather collars tend to be supple and more comfortable for your dog, and some even come with nameplate options.

Of course, as you shop, you’ll find that there is a range of leather dog collars to choose from. In order to help streamline your search, we’ve searched the market and chosen our top six picks for your dog’s new leather collar.

Our Top 6 List

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1. Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar

Soft Touch Collars Padded Leather Dog Collar, Large Brown - Genuine Real Leather, 24" Long x 1.5 Wide, Fits Neck Size 18" to 21" Inches

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If you’re looking for a leather collar with a luxurious finish, additional patterns, and several color offerings, this one is a good choice. It comes in sizes from small to extra large, making it a suitable choice for just about any size of dog.


  • Contrast-colored sheepskin leather padding adds extra comfort for your dog and adds a unique aesthetic touch.
  • Contrast stitching adds interest.
  • Full-grain leather construction is higher quality than many collars on the market.
  • Solid brass hardware won’t corrode or rust.
  • Comes in black with tan padding, brown with light brown padding, brown with light pink padding, tan with coral padding, tan with teal padding, or turquoise with beige padding

2. Pet Artist Leather Dog Collar for Walking & Training

PET ARTIST Genuine Leather Dog Collar for Walking & Training Heavy Duty Dog Collar with Handle for Medium & Large Dogs

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This selection isn’t your run-of-the-mill dog collar. It’s built for medium to large dogs, and is made specifically for training purposes–this is because there’s a somewhat large leather handle attached to the back. If you’re working with a dog who’s prone to lunging or jumping (or if you simply want to be able to get a more secure grip when you need it), this might be a good choice for you.


  • This collar is made of genuine leather that’s soft to touch.
  • Buckles and hardware are made of durable, shiny zinc alloy, which has a silver finish.
  • The handle is securely connected to the collar itself, so you can count on it when you need to control your dog.
  • This collar isn’t padded, and it comes in a deep brown finish.

3. Warner Cumberland Dog Collar + Engraved Brass ID tag

Warner Brand Cumberland Leather Dog Collar + Free Engraved Brass ID tag (21" Fits 15-19" Neck, Rich Brown)

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If you love the look of a leather collar with a prominent brass nameplate, this is a great option, as it includes a nameplate that will be custom-engraved with your dog’s name, your address, and your phone number. However, it’s made for medium to large dogs, so this particular collar isn’t suited for small dogs.


  • While the leather is high quality, this collar doesn’t include additional padding, so it may not be as soft.
  • Nickel-plated hardware has an attractive silver look.
  • Comes in several different colors, including black, golden tan, rich brown, and red.
  • It’s made in the United States, which often means a collar is high-quality.

4. AOLOVE Basic Classic Padded Leather Pet Collars

AOLOVE Basic Classic Padded Genuine Leather Pet Collars for Cats/Puppy Dogs, 11. 5"-15" Neck 0. 8" Wide, Medium, Pink

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Many of the collars on this list thus far have focused on medium and large dogs. However, this collar focuses on the smaller end of the spectrum, with some collars small enough to fit cats and small puppies. Since the largest size fits up to a 22-inch neck, it may not be suitable for very large dogs. These collars are padded for your pet’s comfort, with most of the padding coming in a contrasting color from the collar itself. Plus, if you’re looking for a collar in a fun, non-traditional color, this is a great choice.


  • This collar comes in yellow, pink, blue, red, green, brown, black, rose, and navy.
  • Nickel-plated hardware gives it a durable, shiny finish that complements the bright colors of most collars.
  • Stitching on the collar matches the finish, creating a unique monochrome look.

5. Taglory Military Grade Dog Leather Training Collar

Taglory 18-26" Genuine Leather Dog Collars/Military Grade Dog Training Collar for Large Huge Dogs/Soft and Durable Real Leather/Brown

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This durable collar is listed as a “military grade training collar,” and it comes in sizes to fit small through very large dogs. While it isn’t padded, this color is soft while staying durable at the same time. And according to the manufacturer, this collar is strong enough to contain a 200-pound, heavy-pulling dog.


  • This collar is secured with multiple rivets, making it a great choice when durability is a crucial feature.
  • The collar leather is top grain latigo leather for a beautiful finish and soft strength.
  • The collar’s alloy hardware resists rust and adds a shiny touch.
  • Each collar is hand-stitched to ensure premium quality.

6. Chede Luxury Real Leather Dog Collar

CHEDE Luxury Real Leather Dog Collar- Handmade For Small Dog Breeds With The Finest Genuine Leather-Best Quality Collar That Is Stylish ,Soft Strong And Comfortable-Brown Dog Collar

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This collar comes in small, medium, and large sizes, although the largest collar only goes up to 20 inches. Each individual collar is made by hand to ensure quality, and even by looking at photos, you can tell that these are artisanal pieces. These collars are made from top-quality leather that’s also soft and strong, with contrast stitching for a special touch. But the most interesting part is the fact that the collars close with a beautiful, brushed-metal buckle.


  • The buckle closure may not be for everyone, but it adds a truly distinct touch.
  • Quality leather is soft and strong.
  • Handmade collars are crafted like individual pieces of art.
  • This collar comes in black, brown, blue, red, and pink, so you have plenty of color choices.


Soft Touch Collars Dog Collar


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Look & Design



  • Soft leather
  • Zinc alloy with silver finish
  • Great look with a deep brown finish
  • Secure connection


  • We haven't encountered any cons

We know that the same type of collar won’t be perfect for every dog. But when you’re shopping for just the right dog collar, it can sometimes be helpful to hear a second opinion on quality. After going through our list of the top six collars, we recommend the Soft Touch collar.

We chose this one for a few reasons. First, it is exceptionally durable, especially when it comes to hardware–most collars have plated hardware, but this one has solid brass. These collars are also beautifully made, with the contrasting padding providing both an aesthetic bonus and additional comfort for your dog.

Buying Guide

Sometimes, you might want to set out on your own to find the best collar for your dog. In case you want to evaluate additional options, we’ve included a buying guide to help you decide which features are most important when choosing a leather collar.

Pay Attention to the Type of Leather Used

Most people who choose leather choose it due to quality. However, if you aren’t careful, you may end up with a poorer-quality leather. Broadly speaking, there are four types of leather you should be aware of:

  • Full grain–This is the most expensive type. It has the complete grain of a cow’s original skin, which adds to its cost. However, this type of leather isn’t usually used for collars, as it’s difficult to work with and may be cost-prohibitive for many owners.
  • Top grain–This is the second-best type, and you likely will see it used for good-quality dog collars. This leather type is softer than full grain leather, and it can be easily tanned or dyed.
  • Genuine leather–This type of leather is created after removing the top grain. It’s often used for products that need to durable and not as soft. many dog collars fall into this category.
  • Bonded leather–This is the least expensive offer. It’s made from leather scraps that are bonded together. It’s often made to look like higher-quality leather, but it tends to be less durable.

What Type of Hardware Do You Need?

When shopping for dog collars, many people choose hardware based on color. Much like choosing to wear gold or silver jewelry, some dog owners prefer a certain look. But when durability is a concern, you also will need to think about the material of the hardware.

Solid brass is seen on many higher-end collars, and it’s a desirable hardware choice for a number of reasons. Brass is very resistant to corrosion. And because it isn’t plated with a different metal, you won’t have to worry about the top layer chipping to reveal a different metal underneath.

That said, unless you think your dog’s collar will be subjected to extreme weather conditions or very harsh use, there’s nothing wrong with buying a collar with nickel-plated hardware or hardware made of other alloys.

Is a Matching Lead Important?

For some dog owners, having a collar and lead whose colors match perfectly is an absolute must. If this is you, it may be wise to check and see if the manufacturer makes matching leads. For some owners, it becomes very disappointing to find the perfect collar, only to realize that no matching lead is made.

Of course, if the collar you choose is made in a very common color, it may be possible to find a lead that matches perfectly or almost perfectly. This may take some searching, though.

Making Sure You Get the Right Size

When it comes to sizing dog collars, there are two main measurements to consider–the length of the collar when it’s unbuckled, as well as its width. When it comes to sizing, most manufacturers have their own guidelines. For instance, a collar in size small fits a range of neck measurements, while a medium collar fits a different range.

It’s very important to follow manufacturer guidance on this. You may be tempted to go by your dog’s old collar size, but each collar is made differently. Buckle placement and other factors mean that, while your dog might be a medium according to one manufacturer, it’s possible for him to be a large according to another. When you measure your dog’s neck, use a string and wrap it all the way around. Don’t pull it too tight–think of how closely a collar sits to your dog’s neck, and try to hold the string about that tight.

The other consideration is width. Collars for smaller dogs are often only a half-inch wide or a little more. However, collars for larger dogs tend to be an inch or even an inch and a half wide. Some owners have a strong preference when it comes to collar width–if you do, be sure to double-check the width of any collar before you buy it.

Final Thoughts

A collar is more than just another accessory for your dog. It can showcase his personality and even say something about you as the owner. And in some cases, a collar even has the identifying information that can help your dog get back to you safely if he’s ever lost. As you shop for collars, think about the image you want the collar to project.

Of course, looks aren’t everything, and you likely want a collar that will last while still keeping your dog comfortable. Be sure to look for comfort features like padding and general softness. Take your time as you shop, and consider what features are most useful. In the end, your dog will thank you!

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