The Best Outdoor Dog Houses in 2024

If your dog spends a lot of time outside, an outdoor dog house is an important product to own. It can provide them with a cool and shaded retreat on a hot day or provide them with shelter if it starts to rain.

In the article below, we have reviewed six of the best outdoor dog houses that are currently available. After reading through our reviews, you should be able to select the dog house that will keep your dog cool and protected when he is out in your yard.

Our Top 6 List

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1. Petsfit Classic Wooden Dog House

Petsfit 39.8 X 33.1 X 34.1 Inches Wooden Medium Dog House,Pet House Outdoor,Painted with Water Based Paint

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The Petsfit Classic Dog House will be an attractive addition to your yard. This is a red wood house that has white trim and an overhanging roof. The overhang design of the roof adds style to the house while also offering additional protection against the elements for your dog.

This option is made with a durable wood that is designed to hold up well to various weather conditions. The wood has been painted using a water-based paint, which is a much safer option for dogs than some other paints.

When it is time to clean out your dog’s house, you’ll appreciate the fact that the floor of this house can be removed. The house also has adjustable plastic feet that will keep it a little bit above the ground. This will help keep your dog drier and cleaner when they use their house.

You will need to assemble this product once it is delivered, but doing so should be relatively simple. The holds on the house have been pre-drilled for you, so you’ll just need to screw the pieces together. A flap to cover the door is included if you want to be able to offer a little more protection from the rain or cold for your dog.

The inside of this dog house measures 26 inches by 31.3 inches by 28 inches.


  • This house is made using a durable wood that is painted with a water-based paint.
  • You can remove the floor from the house for cleaning.
  • The holes have been pre-drilled, so assembly should be quick and easy.


  • Some other choices have more size options available.

2. Petsfit Wooden House With Flat Removable Roof

Petsfit 40.8 X 26 X 27.6 Inches Wooden Dog Houses, Dog House Outdoor

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The Wooden Dog House by Petsfit will provide a nice spot for your dog to seek shelter from the elements. This is a rectangular dog house that will give your pooch plenty of space to spread out and rest.

The house’s roof is waterproof, so you won’t need to worry about any rain or water leaking onto your dog when they’re in the house. You can also open up the roof to make it easier when you need to clean inside the house. The floor of the house is also removable to make cleaning it easier.

When you purchase this house, you will also receive a flap you can use to cover the door of the house. This will provide additional protection for your dog and will help keep them drier and warmer. The holes in the wood have been pre-drilled to make it easier for you to assemble the house.

You can purchase this house in small, medium, or large sizes to help you find the right fit for your dog. It is also available in light gray, red, or yellow and white.


  • There are adjustable feet that will let you set the height for the house based on your dog’s needs.
  • The roof is waterproof.
  • To help with cleaning, the floor can be removed and the roof opens up.


  • You will need to be careful when assembling the product since it is made from cedar wood, which is a bit softer than some other options.

[3. Tangkula Waterproof Pet House

Tangkula Dog House, Wooden Pet Kennel, Outdoor Weather Waterproof Pet House, Natural Wooden Dog House Home with Reddish Brown Roof, Pet Dog House (Medium, Natural Wood)

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If you are looking for a classy and traditional looking dog house, consider the Tangkula Pet House. This house features a reddish-brown color with black trim and a red and brown asphalt room. The roof hangs over the edges to offer additional protection against rain and snow.

This product is made using fir wood. Fir is a durable wood that will help this house to last for a long time. The house’s outer surfaces have been painted using a water-based paint that is safe for pets, so you won’t need to worry about your dog when they are in their house.

To keep your dog dry on rainy days, this house is also elevated off of the ground. It can be purchased in a small, medium, or large size to accommodate dogs of different sizes. When it is delivered, it will need to be assembled, but doing so should be simple since everything you’ll need is included in the shipment.


  • The assembly directions are easy to follow. All the tools you’ll need for assembly are included with the package.
  • The roof hangs over the sides to offer more shelter and protection against wet weather conditions.
  • There are three size options to choose from.


  • The wood is thinner than what is used on some other houses, so it may not provide as much protection from cold weather for your dog.

4. Pet Zone Cozy Cottage Plastic House

Pet Zone Cozy Cottage Durable Plastic Dog House

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The Cozy Cottage by Pet Zone is a cute little dog house that will keep your cool in hot conditions and warm in colder conditions. It features a double-walled design that will provide the protection your pet needs to stay comfortable in different types of weather.

This product is designed to be used by small or medium dogs who weigh less than 75 pounds. The interior is 20.25 inches high, 23 inches wide, and 28 inches deep.

This is a plastic house that will be easy to assemble. There are about five different pieces that you will need to snap together in order for this dog house to be ready for your pup. If you are looking to make the house a bit more stable, it can be staked to the ground, but you will need to purchase stakes separately.


  • Assembly will be quick and easy.
  • If you want to make the house more stable, it can be staked to the ground.
  • The double-walled design will keep your dog cool when it is hot outside and warm when it is cold outside.


  • You’ll only be able to use this house if your dog weighs less than 75 pounds.

5. Giantex Pet House with Stairs & Balcony Bed

Giantex Pet Dog House, Wooden Dog Room Shelter with Stairs, Raised Roof and Balcony Bed for Indoor and Outdoor Use, Wood Dog House

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If you have a small dog, they’re sure to love the Giantex Pet Dog House. This option will provide two separate areas where your dog can enjoy themselves. It has a covered interior and a top balcony level.

To help your dog access the balcony level there is a three-step slanted ladder connected to the side of the house. The balcony also has a lattice railing to keep your dog from taking a tumble over the edge. Your dog will be able to choose whether they want to bask in the sun and enjoy a nice view from above, or take a nap in the enclosed interior space.

This is a wooden product that is been painted with water-based paint. The paint is designed to withstand the elements and is a safe option for dogs.

Your purchase will include everything you’ll need to assemble the house quickly and easily for your dog. Clear directions are included, so you will be able to get the house put together without any issues.


  • Your dog will be able to enjoy the covered protection of the enclosed portion of the house, or use the stairs to get up to the balcony to relax.
  • The balcony has a railing to keep your dog from falling off.
  • This house is painted with a water-based paint.


  • There are pre-drilled holes for screws, but everything may not line up perfectly when you go to put the house together.

6. Suncast Durable Plastic House

Suncast Outdoor Dog House with Door - Water Resistant and Attractive for Small to Large Sized Dogs - Easy to Assemble - Perfect for Backyards

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Another durable plastic option to consider is the Suncast Dog House. This house is recommended for dogs weighing less than 70 pounds.

One of the reasons you’ll love this dog house is because it is so easy to put together. The pieces of the house just snap together, so you’ll have it assembled and ready for your pet in no time.

This option is made using a heavy-duty resin that is designed to hold up well and offer good protection under various weather conditions. There are also vents in the house that will increase air circulation and keep your dog more comfortable.

This house is tan with an olive-green roof. The roof can be removed to make it easier to clean inside the house.


  • You can snap the pieces of the house together, making assembly very easy.
  • There are vents to help air circulate through the house.
  • You can remove the roof to clean inside the house.


  • This house does not have any insulation, so it may not keep your dog warm enough in cold weather.

Verdict & Review

Petsfit Classic Outdoor Wooden Dog House


Look & Design


Test-Dog Approval







  • Durable wood
  • Water-based paint
  • Remove floor for cleaning
  • Easy assembly
  • Great look


  • Could be bigger

Out of the six outdoor dog houses we reviewed above, we have concluded that the Petsfit Classic Dog House is our top pick. This product will provide a comfortable and protected spot for your dog to relax when they are out in the backyard. It is also a stylish and attractive option, so it will look great in your space as well.

To keep your pet from getting too wet on a rainy day, the house is elevated. It comes with adjustable feet, so you’ll be able to set the height to a comfortable level based on your dog’s size. You will also receive a flap to put on the door that can provide additional protection against rain, wind, or cold temperatures for your dog.

While it will be delivered in pieces, you’ll find that assembly is pretty quick and easy. The holes have been pre-drilled into the wood, so all you’ll need to do is connect the pieces.

The Petsfit Classic Dog House is a great option to consider when you are looking for a new dog house for your yard. Your dog is sure to love it, so place your order today!

Buying Guide

A dog house can help keep your dog cool on a warm summer’s day and warm on a colder winter day. If your dog is outdoors for extended periods of time, providing them with a dog house where they can seek shelter is important. Your dog will also view their dog house as a secure and comforting place when you are away from them.

Before you purchase a dog house, there are a few different factors you will want to consider. Our buying guide below should help you make your decision and select the best dog house for your dog.


Size is one of the first things you should look at when you are considering a product. You want to make sure that the house you purchase for your dog will provide them with plenty of space.

The position your dog sleeps in can help you determine the size house you’ll need. If your dog tends to sleep in a more curled up position, you might be ok with a smaller house. If they seem to prefer to sleep stretched out, you will want to measure how long they are when they are sleeping to ensure the house you purchase is large enough.


One of the next decisions you’ll need to make in regards to the house you choose is the materials used for constructing it. Some dog houses are made from wood, while others are made from plastic. Either option can be fine, but you want to be sure to select a product that is made using high quality materials that will withstand the elements and last for quite some time.

Insulation/Protection from the Elements

Be sure to look for features that will offer protection against different types of weather for your dog. If you live in an area where it gets very cold, you will want to be sure to select a house that is well insulated. Choosing a product that has a flap that can attach to the door can also help to keep cold air and water out, keeping your dog warmer.

You will also want to look for a house with a waterproof roof. This can help make sure that no rain leaks into the house and gets your dog all wet.

Finally, look for a house that is well-ventilated. This will allow air to circulate, which will be very important on a hot summer’s day.

Ease of Cleaning

Next, consider how easy it will be to clean the dog house when it gets dirty. Some houses have removable floors or roofs that will open up to make it easier to get at the inside of the house. Features like this will be lifesavers when you are trying to keep your dog’s house clean.


If you are planning on moving your dog’s house from one area in your yard to other areas or will be bringing it with you on trips, you may want to look for a more portable option. In this case, be sure to select a product that can be safely moved without worrying about it breaking. Finding an option that will be lightweight enough to move easily will also be important.


Finally, consider how easy it will be to assemble the different houses you are considering. Most dog houses will need to be assembled, but some are definitely easier than other. Some have pre-drilled holes that will help you with screwing the different pieces together while other have plastic pieces that will snap together.

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