The Best Outdoor Dog Tents in 2021

Have you ever wanted to give your dog an area to play where they’ll be safe outside or wanted to take them on your adventures? If so, a dog tent can fulfill both of these needs in one convenient package. However, it’s challenging to pick out the best one if you’ve never bought one before.

We love going camping with our dogs, so we know what to consider in a tent and quality looks like. On this page, we have assembled the best choices on the market this year!

Our Top 6 List

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1. Yolafe Portable Outdoor Tent

Yolafe Portable Pet Tent Cave Bed Playpen Kennel with Innovative Instant Setup Centre Hub Design Ideal for Camping with Cats and Dogs, Blue

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The unique cross brace construction of this tent allows you to put it up and tear it down within minutes, and the tent has large mesh windows it each side to ensure your dog gets excellent ventilation. The tent has 600D PU coating oxford cloth for added durability, and this cloth is resistant to tears from claws or teeth to keep your pet contained. The cloth can also withstand light rain, and you can add or remove the rain tarp to give you dog a full mesh top.


  • Materials – 600D PU coating oxford cloth
  • Size – 36 inches by 36 inches by 26 inches
  • Waterproof – Yes, light rainfall with the cover


  • Able to set up and take down in four seconds
  • Has a removable rain cover
  • Very durable but lightweight fabric
  • Top is all mesh for excellent ventilation


  • May be too lightweight for more rambunctious dogs

2. Pettom Pet Camping Tent

Pettom Dog Cat Camping Tents 45.3" L 34.6" W 28.3" H Pet Travel Bed Beach Tent Dog House Portable Outdoor Camp Easy Set up Hiking (Green)

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The zippered doors on this tent make it easy for your pet to go in an out or secure them at bedtime, and all four walls have mesh windows with waterproof covers for great cross ventilation. The tent uses high-quality fiberglass rods that flex and bend for added durability, and the tent body has a 210D water-resistant polyester fabric with a water-resistant tarp for the bottom. You’ll be able to set up or take down this tent with minimal fuss, and the tent comes with a convenient carrying bag.


  • Materials – 10D water-resistant polyester fabric and tarp
  • Size – 45.2 inches by 34.6 inches by 28.2 inches
  • Waterproof – Yes, both the walls and bottom


  • Has a very breathable but durable fabric
  • Support poles are fiberglass that flexes
  • All four sides have mesh windows
  • Comes with a carrying bag for added portability


  • Can get hot in the sunlight

3. Hillwest Foldable Tent

Hillwest Pet Dog Tent, Foldable Portable Outdoor Camping Domed Dog House, Comfortable Shelter Travel Pet Dog Bed, Perfect Design for Your Dog Cat Rabbit (Black, Half Sunshade)

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You’ll get the choice of a full mesh or half sunshade design when you choose this tent, and there is an insertable hard board to go along the bottom that keeps this tent in a good shape when you use it. This tent sets up in seconds without the need of any tools, and it features a durable zipper closure to secure your dog once you get them in. There are two zippered entrances for your convenience, and the tent comes with a full year warranty from the date of purchase.


  • Materials – Mesh with polyester
  • Size – 17.3 inches by 33.5 inches by 15 inches
  • Waterproof – The sunshade portion is against light rain


  • Can choose from three colors and two different designs
  • Has two different zippered entrances
  • Stiff board on the bottom makes the tent hold shape
  • Very easy to setup and move


  • May not be tall enough for larger dogs

4. Alcott Puppy Tent

alcott Pup Tent, One Size, Green

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This small puppy tent comes in a bright green color with a black base for excellent visibility, and each of the four walls has a small mesh window with a rain flap for cross ventilation. The tent comes with four ground stakes that makes it quick and easy to secure the tent when you set it up, and the polyester fabric stretches while staying waterproof. The tent weighs just over a pound, and this light weight makes it easy to pack it up and carry it with you.


  • Materials – Polyester and mesh
  • Size – 32 inches by 42 inches by 30 inches
  • Waterproof – Yes


  • Has a very vivid green color with a black base
  • Comes with secure zippered openings
  • All the windows have a rain flap to keep your dog dry
  • Comes with a carrying case for maximum portability


  • Not large enough for bigger breeds

5. Winterial Pet Tent with Foam Pad

Winterial Outdoor Pop-Up Pet Tent, Dog Tent with 2-Inch Foam Pad, Includes Carry Bag

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This dog tent comes fully assembled straight out of the box with a unique popup design, and you’ll get a sleeping pad included in every order that snaps to the bottom of the tent for padding. The tent features one large mesh window that takes up the entire front, and the window has a rain cover you can roll down to keep the interior dry. There are ground anchors included with every purchase that make this tent a secure option for your dog to lay in.


  • Materials – Mesh and polyester
  • Size – 64 inches by 30 inches by 29 inches
  • Waterproof – Yes


  • Has an optional sleeping pad that snaps in
  • Features a very large mesh window with a rain flap
  • Ready to use without any setup required
  • Folds flat for convenient storage


  • Can be difficult to get into the carrying bag
  • Screen is very thin and lightweight

6. Arkmiido Pet Tipi

Arkmiido Pet Tent for Dogs Puppy Cat Bed White Canvas Dog Cute House Pet Teepee with Cushion 24inch Indoor Outdoor (White)

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This teepee-shaped tent comes made out of soft and breathable organic cotton with durable New Zealand pine for the support poles, and the cotton has an eye-catching black and white design. The bottom of the tent features thick cushions that give your pet a soft area to lay, and you can take these cushions out during the day to give your dog more area to play. The front flaps of this tent have small attachment points that hold them open.


  • Materials – Cotton with New Zealand pine
  • Size – 23.6 inches by 23.6 inches by 17.6 inches
  • Waterproof – No


  • Has a very sturdy design with breathable fabric
  • Flaps secure to the side to hold it open
  • Comes with soft cushions for the bottom
  • Very easy to set up and maintain


  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • Only works for small dogs and cats

Verdict & Review

Yolafe Portable Pet Tent










Ease of Use



  • Setup takes just 4 seconds
  • Removable rain cover
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Good ventilation


  • May be too lightweight for more rambunctious dogs

Our top pick is the Yolafe tent because it has a cross-brace construction that lets you set it up and take it down in a matter of seconds. We liked that it had a waterproof design with a full mesh top for excellent breathability, and we were happy that it had thicker zippers to secure our dogs.

If you’re looking for a new tent to take your dog on adventures, look no further than our six miniature reviews and picks. You can compare them to see which one works best for you, and we have a buyer’s guide that outlines all of the critical buying considerations to ensure you make the best choice.

Buying Guide

Dog tents are portable and small tents that people use to contain their pets when they’re outside or camping. They’re lightweight, easy to carry, and they have several different features that make them a good option for pet parents to have. We’ll outline all of the considerations you want to have in mind when you shop below.


Do you want an indoor dog tent or an outdoor one? These two types of tents come made out of different materials that may not make them suitable for both environments. Indoor tends to use softer fabric blends like cotton that isn’t durable enough to last outside, and outdoor tents use thicker fabric that may be too hot for indoor use. This will narrow your choices down from the start.


The tent you choose should be big enough for your dog to stand up, sit down, lay down, and turn around in it without bumping into the sides. This is especially important if they’re going to spend a decent amount of time in here, and you can measure your dog to get the measurements you compare to the tent’s dimensions to make sure you get a good size.


The tent has to be comfortable enough for your dog to want to go in and lay down and having a pillow or padding along the bottom can help. Many tents come with a layer of padding already installed, and some dog tents have removable pillows that give your dog more space during the day.

Ease of Use

Your tent should be relatively easy to set up and take down, and it’ll usually say right on the box how involved the setup process it. Look for a tent that has fewer parts because this gives you fewer things to lose or break. Some tents even feature a popup design that requires no tools or time to get it ready to use.

Rain or Sun Guard

If you plan to use your dog tent outside, it should have a waterproof and sunproof guard to keep your dog comfortable. Most tents have a rain fly that doubles as a sun guard, and you can remove it on nice days to allow for good airflow.


The zipper on the tent is what will keep your dog secure when you put them in for the night or during the day. Make sure that the zippers are very durable, resistant to breaking, and resistant to wear and tear. Industrial zippers on thicker tracks are usually the best option for this type of tent.

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