The Best Wet Dog Food in 2024

In a world of expanding knowledge of canine health, your best friend depends on you to give them the best. Proper nutrition is the first step in providing your dog with the resources for a healthy and long lifespan. It can seem daunting to wade through the waters of picking a dog food, but determining what type of food your dog will be fed among the different varieties is a great starting point.

Dry kibble options and moist meaty choices are the most commonly available diet formulas for dogs. Though there are benefits to both types of food, pet parents who want to provide the best frequently select wet foods for their dog’s diet. Wet food offers nutrition in a form more fitting for their species and provides better hydration than dry food.

These wet foods can typically be found in cans or pouches, and there are seemingly countless varieties available from nearly just as many companies. Exploring these 10 great choices will lead you to giving your dog a better dinner.

Our Top 10 List

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1. Cesar Gourmet Variety Packs

CESAR Soft Wet Dog Food Classic Loaf in Sauce Poultry Variety Pack, (24) 3.5 oz. Easy Peel Trays with Real Chicken, Turkey or Duck

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Available in 14 different variety cases that include favorites such as Poultry Lovers and Breakfast & Dinner packs, gourmet wet food by Cesar has a favorite for all pups. Crafted with the finest ingredients suitable to your dog’s nutritional needs, this wet food is free from grains and contains ingredients that are primarily from animal proteins. The Poultry Variety case contains 6 trays each of Grilled Chicken Flavor, Turkey Flavor, Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor, and Duck Flavor.

These 3.5-ounce trays with peeling lids are easy to open, making this diet a great choice for pet parents who have difficulty opening traditional wet food cans. Small portion sizes are perfect for petite pups who eat primarily canned food as well as for dogs who like a wet food topper for their kibble meals. Each variety pack contains 24 packets of food in cases consisting of 2 to 4 flavor options.


  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals for optimal health
  • Promises a minimum 8% protein and 3.5% fat, and a maximum 1% fiber
  • Formulas vary in texture from a soft loaf to chunks in gravy
  • Crafted with real meat and recognizable ingredients

2. Nature’s Recipe – Chicken in Broth”/]

Nature's Recipe Wet Dog Food, Chicken Recipe In Broth, 2.75-Ounce Cup (Pack of 24)

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Dogs will not even realize that this wet chicken recipe by Nature’s Recipe did not come from your dinner plate as they devour recognizable ingredients in a delicious broth. Real chicken is the first ingredient in this formula that contains shredded chicken in broth along with carrots and brown rice. Each 2.75-ounce cup in this case of 24 cups offers 37 kcals, making it an ideal diet for small dogs or a topper for larger dogs.

One fantastic aspect of this wet chicken formula is that it contains no beef, making it a great choice for dogs with allergies to that protein. This diet is also safe for dogs who are sensitive to corn, wheat, or soy. Pet parents can feel confident that their dogs are receiving the best ingredients possible with the all-natural formula used to create this food that contains no artificial preservatives or flavorings.


  • Chicken is the #1 ingredient followed by chicken broth, carrots, and brown rice
  • Provides a minimum 11% protein and 2% fat, and a maximum 1.5% fiber
  • Crafted with natural ingredients including added vitamins and minerals

3. Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Adult Wet Food

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Natural Adult Wet Dog Food,Lamb 12.5-oz can (Pack of 12)

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While the shelves may seem filled with tiny cans and petite trays of wet food that would be too expensive to feed a large dog, Blue Buffalo’s Homestyle Recipes offer wholesome diets in 12.5-ounce cans that are great for big pups or multiple meals for small dogs. Each case contains 12 cans and can be purchased in any of the 5 flavors available: beef, chicken, lamb, turkey meatloaf, and fish with sweet potato. There is also a mixed case of beef dinner and chicken dinner available for dogs that like variety.

Knowing that the source of your dog’s wet food is a company that started because of a person’s love for their dog named Blue offers comfort in knowing that your dog’s diet has been formulated in the best interest of a dog’s needs. This hearty formula is available in multiple textures so that all dogs can find one that they love, and there is a formula created for every life stage. Your dogs will love the natural flavors, and you will love knowing that real meat is the first ingredient in your dog’s diet.


  • Carrots, peas, and sweet potatoes offer natural sources of vitamins and starches
  • Contains absolutely no corn, wheat, soy, meat byproducts, or artificial flavors
  • Enhanced with vitamins and minerals and created with all-natural ingredients

4. Purina Adult Wet Variety Pack

Purina Beneful Gravy Wet Dog Food Variety Pack, Prepared Meals Stew - (6) 10 oz. Tubs

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When choosing a wet food formula for your dog, there is something to be said for the consistency and quality you will get from a trusted company like Purina with their Beneful gravy variety pack. There is a tasty choice for every pup with their beef stew, chicken stew, and lamb and rice stew formulas. Crafted in Purina-owned USA facilities with real meat and vegetables that you can see and recognize, this is a diet you can feel confident feeding your dog.

These 10-ounce tubs have a replaceable lid for easy storage in the refrigerator between meals and come in 6, 12, and 16-count cases. Changing flavors between meals can be an ideal solution for dogs who get bored with their food easily. Fruits, vegetables, and high-quality grains accent real meat in this diet formulated for optimal health in every tasty, tender bite.


  • Enriched with 23 vitamins and minerals to support prime health
  • Contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to support healthy joints and bones
  • Crafted with whole food ingredients and without artificial colors or flavors

5. Nutro Adult Natural Grain-Free Puppy Food

NUTRO PUPPY High Protein Grain Free Natural Wet Dog Food Bites in Gravy Tender Chicken, Sweet Potato & Pea Recipe, (24) 3.5 oz. Trays

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Each meal will be a treat with high protein wet foods by Nutro, a diet that boasts real meat as the first ingredient and a minimum of 8% protein in each 3.5-ounce tray. Dogs love the real meat and vegetables in the stew varieties as a complete and balanced meal or added to their dry food. This formula contains no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors, as well as no wheat, corn, or soy.

Nutro is dedicated to providing dogs with optimal nutrition in a way that benefits dogs, humans, and the environment. Through partnerships with trusted farmers and suppliers of quality ingredients, the creators of Nutro diets are able to offer a food free from GMO ingredients. In the interest of preserving the Earth, the facilities used to craft this food are all dedicated to adding zero waste to landfills.


  • Provides a minimum 8% protein and 3.5% fat, and a maximum 1% fiber
  • Made in the USA in environmentally conscious facilities that do not contribute to landfills
  • Also available in formulas crafted for growing puppies and dogs with food allergies

6. Pedigree Chopped Adult Dog Food Pouches

PEDIGREE Adult Wet Dog Food Chopped Ground Dinner Variety Pack, (18) 3.5 oz. Pouches

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For dogs desiring a hearty and rich food, Pedigree’s chopped ground dinner provides a meaty and delicious meal in a convenient 3.5-ounce packet. Slow cooked beef, moist and hearty chicken, and a rich bacon and filet mignon are the mouth-watering varieties your dog will be able to enjoy with this 18-pouch mixed case. These pouches can be fed as a complete, balanced meal for adult dogs or mixed in to enhance a dry food meal for dogs and puppies of all ages.

Each recipe by Pedigree is crafted in the United States with ingredients carefully selected from all around the world. These formulas are crafted with real chicken, beef, and lamb for adults, but a puppy pouch is available with supplemented calcium and a senior formula has been made to support healthy joints.


  • Offers a minimum 8% protein and 6% fat, and a maximum 1% fiber
  • Enriched with vitamin E and essential amino acids to support ideal health
  • Meat products make up the first 5 ingredients, avoiding high amounts of filler

7. Purina ALPO Chop House

Purina ALPO Wet Dog Food Variety Pack, Chop House Filet Mignon Flavor & Roasted Chicken Flavor - (12) 13.2 oz. Cans

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Appeal to your dog’s primal instincts with the savory flavors of Purin Alpo’s Chop House wet food recipes. There is no doubting the quality of this food produced by a trusted company of over 150 years, and your dog will thank you for these impossible to resist roasted chicken and chop house filet mignon recipes. For dogs with something affecting their palate, such as illness or medications, this food can be a real lifesaver.

Smothered with rich gravy, these recipes are crafted with real chicken and beef with meat products as 4 out of the first 5 ingredients. Each variety pack comes with 6 13.2-ounce cans of a rich filet mignon and bacon recipe and 6 cans of a tender rotisserie chicken and top sirloin recipe. Each can comes equipped with an easy pull-tab for fast opening to make mealtimes quick and simple.


  • Provides just over 400 kcals of nutrition in each power-packed can
  • Enriched with 23 vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids
  • Offers a minimum 9% protein an 5% fat, and a maximum 1.5% fiber

8. Rachael Ray Nutrish Premium Natural

Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Premium Wet Dog Food, Savory Favorites Variety Pack, 8 Oz. Tub (Pack Of 6)

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As a trusted chef on Food Network and a trusted name in the pet food business, Rachel Ray has crafted her Nutrish dog food line to also include premium natural wet food formulas. Just as she focuses on healthy nutrition for humans, Rachel Ray has created a line of dog food with quality ingredients free from fillers and artificial ingredients. Each variety case includes chicken, beef, and lamb recipes in convenient 8-ounce tubs.

Not only will your dog love you for this food, but a portion of your purchase will also benefit the Rachel Ray Foundation, an organization that helps benefit animal welfare. You can feel confident that you are doing the best thing for your dog and the animals of the world when you feed this.


  • Offers a minimum 9% protein and 5% fat, and a maximum 2% fiber
  • Inspired by the wholesome and nutritious recipes embodied by Rachel Ray’s cooking
  • Supplemented with vitamins, minerals, and the essential amino acid taurine that dogs need

9. Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free Dog Food

Whole Earth Farms Chicken And Turkey Recipe, 12.7-Ounce, Pack Of 12

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Pet parents seeking a holistic approach to their dog’s nutrition may consider grain-free formulas by Whole Earth Farms to be an ideal choice due to the inclusion of essential oils in the preparation of their recipes. These essential oils provide healthy fats in higher amounts as well as promote overall health for your pup.

This recipe has been approved for all life stages for growth and maintenance, so pups of all ages can enjoy this as a complete meal or to supplement their dry food. Each 12.7-ounce can contains real chicken as the first ingredient and offers a grain-free formula for dogs with sensitive digestive systems.


  • Provides a minimum 9% protein and 6% fat, and a maximum 1.4% fiber
  • Enriched with essential oils and fortified with additional biotin and choline
  • Offers 428 kcals of energy in each can

10. Purina Pro Plan SAVOR

Purina Pro Plan Pate Wet Dog Food, SAVOR Beef & Rice Entree - (12) 13 oz. Cans

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As a worldwide renowned pet food producer, Purina has outdone themselves with the Savor beef and rice canned recipe. Real beef is the first ingredient, and this diet is made with rice and fortified with natural prebiotic fibers to promote healthy digestion.

Each 12-count case contains 13-ounce cans in a pate or a gravy formula. There are chicken, fish, and lamb formulas available as well for variety or for dogs that do not prefer beef.


  • Contains natural prebiotics fibers for optimal digestion
  • Provides a minimum 9% protein and 6% fat, and a maximum 1.5% fiber
  • Supplemented with 23 beneficial vitamins, minerals, and amino acids

Verdict & Review

Cesar Gourmet Variety Packs




Test-Dog Approval




Vitamins & Minerals



  • Contains lots of vitamins & minerals
  • 8% protein content
  • Different formulas, varying textures
  • Great ingredients


  • None, unless your dog doesn't happen to like it.

Make your dog feel like an emperor with the finest foods. There is no doubting the gourmet nature of Cesar’s wet food, and there is no better deal than a variety case of 24 trays in multiple delicious flavors. Your dog will never deny affections when that tray is in sight, and you can feel certain that you have done your best to provide your dog with their best chance at optimal health.

Buying Guide

Sifting through the sea of a thousand wet food options is made easier if you remember a few important things to look for. Reading the labels is extremely important in not only choosing a food, but also in knowing what you truly are feeding your dog.

The protein source should always be real meat.

Animal proteins and meat products should make up at least 3 of the first 5 ingredients listed on the label. Muscle meat is not the only part of the animal protein that your dog should get, and by-products are not inherently bad. If meat products are not found within the first few ingredients, then the amount of that ingredient is too low to be considered safe.

Vegetables, whole grains, and fruits can be good.

Not all grains or vegetables found in dog foods are fillers. In fact, many are important to creating a balanced diet, and fruits and vegetables can provide vitamins and minerals in their natural forms. Whole grains can be beneficial for easy digestion and healthy bowel movements.

The size of the can should reflect your needs.

Considering the size of your dog and the percentage of their diet that wet food makes up is important. Tiny dogs can easily be fed small cans and trays, while a larger dog will need to eat so many small cans that it would be cost prohibitive. If you are using wet food as a topper in small amounts, opening a large can may mean that the food will go bad faster than you can use it.

Understanding the guaranteed analysis is vital.

Knowing how to read the guaranteed analysis on the label is important in understanding how much protein, fat, moisture, and fiber is in each food. Naturally, wet food will have a higher moisture content than dry food, and this will result in what appears to be a lower protein and fat content.

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