The Best Dog Ramps of 2024

Since our four-legged friends aren’t very tall, they may have a hard time following us everywhere we go. Dogs can only jump so high, and as they get older, many jumps become painful or impossible.

Dog ramps provide a gently sloping surface that your dog can climb over to get onto something tall. Ramps are a great way to help older dogs or puppies get into the car or to let little dogs climb up onto the couch or the bed.

A good dog ramp is easy to set up and simple for your dog to use. Look for security features that keep the ramp from slipping, textures that your dog will feel comfortable with, and shapes that are designed for the purpose you have in mind.

On this page, we’re listing our top 6 of the best dog ramps this year!

Our Top List

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1. PetSTEP Original Folding Ramp

Original PetSTEP folding pet ramp - Gray

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If you’re looking for a stable and secure ramp for your dog, the PetSTEP definitely the way to go. The PetSTEP is a heavyweight ramp that can hold dogs of all sizes, and it has a soft rubber grip that keeps paws from slipping.

The PetSTEP ramp weighs 19 pounds and can hold up to 500 pounds of weight. When unfolded, the ramp is 17 inches wide and 70 inches long. The PetSTEP folds in half for transport, and it even has cut-out handles that make it easier to carry.

The PetSTEP is designed to work with any car and can reach up to 32 inches off the ground. The ramp is held in place by traction pads on the bottom surface; these do a good job of keeping it still for your dog.

One of the best features of the PetSTEP is the rubberized surface. Most dogs hate walking on anything with a surface like sandpaper, but they have no problems with the texture that PetSTEP uses. The ramp is covered in soft ridges that are easy for paws to grab onto. As a bonus, the rubber is weather-resistant and easy to clean, so don’t worry about it getting muddy after a day at the park.

Overall, the mote notable quality of the PetSTEP is that it’s stable. This ramp is thoughtfully designed for the way that dogs move, and it can hold even the biggest dogs without a problem. It might be a little heavy to move around, but it’s well worth it for the security that this ramp provides.


  • Soft non-slip surface is easy on paws
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Holds dogs up to 500 lbs
  • Comes in both gray and beige


  • Heavy at 19 pounds

2. PetSafe Happy Ride Ramp

PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Dog Ramp - Portable Lightweight Dog and Cat Ramp - Great for Cars, Trucks and SUVs - Durable Pet Ramp Supports up to 150 lb - Side Rails and High Traction Surface Design

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The PetSafe Happy Ride is a lightweight folding dog ramp that fits neatly in the trunk of your car. This ramp is an excellent choice for smaller or older dogs who need a little help jumping into the cargo hold.

The main benefit of the Happy Ride ramp is that it’s easy to move around. This ramp only weighs 10 pounds, but it can support dogs who weigh up to 150 pounds. It’s also smaller than other ramps on this list with a length of 62 inches and a width of 16 inches.

Like most portable ramps, the Happy Ride folds in half when not in use. An easy-to-use safety latch locks the two halves in place to keep it from unfolding while the car is in motion.

A common complaint about the Happy Ride ramp is that the textured surface isn’t comfortable for sensitive paws. PetSafe advertises the surface as non-slip, and the ramp has rails along the sides to help your dog maintain steady footing. The effectiveness of the surface really depends on your dog’s preferences; if they don’t mind the sandpaper-like feeling, they’ll find the ramp extremely easy to use. Luckily, the material is waterproof and easy to clean.

The Happy Ride features rubber feet on either side of the ramp to keep it stable. The ramp curves away from the vehicle and features a gentle slope as it reaches the ground. The exact angle of the ramp will depend on the height of the vehicle that you use it with.

In general, the Happy Ride is a good choice for smaller dogs who are looking for extra traction. Because this ramp is thinner and smaller than the other choices on this list, it’s not well-suited for large dogs with big paws.


  • Simple to set up and put away
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Safety latch holds ramp closed when not in use


  • Abrasive traction surface

3. Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp for Dogs

Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp 71 Inch Long Extra Wide Portable Pet Ramp for Dogs/Cats up to 200lbs, Patented Compact/Easy Fold with Safety Tether, Black/Gray, not carpeted, Extra Wide, Tri Fold

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If most pet ramps are too thin or small for your dog, Pet Gear’s Tri-Fold Ramp might be the solution you’re looking for. This extra-large ramp is 19.5 inches wide, measures 71 inches long, and weighs 22.5 pounds. Pet Gear says that the ramp can safely hold dogs who weigh up to 200 pounds.

Most dog ramps fold in half, but Pet Gear’s product actually folds into three even sections. This makes the ramp much easier to transport and store. Although it’s large, the ramp can be carried and unfolded by a single person. The ramp also features a carry handle and a safety latch to hold it closed.

Like many dog ramps, the Pet Gear Tri-fold ramp has an abrasive non-slip surface. The grip is strong enough to hold onto a towel, a piece of carpet, or any other material that your dog might be more comfortable walking on. Because the grip is slightly sticky, it might cause problems for dogs with extremely long fur or hair.

Large dogs really appreciate this ramp’s extra width and stability. Rubber grips on the bottom of the ramp hold it in place while it’s in use. The ramp also includes a safety strap that attaches to your car to prevent slipping, making it one of the safest options on this list.


  • Extra-wide ramp makes large dogs more comfortable
  • Folds into thirds for easy storage
  • Safety strap attaches to your car and prevents slipping


  • Textured surface may not work for some dogs

4. PetSafe Happy Ride Telescoping Ramp

PetSafe Happy Ride Extra Long Telescoping Dog Ramp - Portable Pet Ramp - Great for Cars, Trucks and SUVs - Durable Aluminum Frame Supports up to 300 lb - Side Rails and High Traction Surface Design

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Made by the same company that created the original PetSafe Happy Ride, the Happy Ride Telescoping Dog Ramp is an extra-long ramp that can adjust multiple different heights. This ramp is a good choice if you switch cars frequently or if you need to help your dog get into a large truck or SUV.

This ramp doesn’t fold in half like the others on this list. Instead, the two telescoping halves slide together and latch into place. When collapsed, the ramp is 47 inches long. When it’s extended, it can reach up to 87 inches. The ramp only weighs 18 pounds and is easy for a single person to carry and use.

The Happy Ride Telescoping Dog Ramp is also extra wide and extremely durable. The walking surface is a full 20 inches wide and features safety rails to keep your dog from stepping in the wrong direction. PetSafe notes that the ramp can hold dogs who weigh up to 300 pounds.

The telescoping ramp is made from shiny aluminum with a textured non-slip surface. The bottom of the ramp is covered in a rubber grip to make sure that it doesn’t slip after you set it against the edge of your car. Rubber feet on both sides of the ramp provide additional security.

Because this ramp has an adjustable length, it’s easily adaptable for other uses than transportation. You can use the ramp to help your dog move over stairs, onto veterinary tables, or up any steep incline in your home.


  • Adjustable length works in a variety of situations
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Extra wide for dogs with large paws


  • Fine grit texture may not work for some dogs

5. Pet Gear Free-Standing Ramp

Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp for Cats and Dogs. Great for SUV's or use Next to your Bed. 4 Models to Choose from, Supports 200 lbs, Lightweight Easy-Fold Design

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Most of the dog ramps on this list latch onto the edge of your car. Some dog owners don’t find that this system is stable enough for their pets. The standard design is also unsuited for other situations, such as helping your dog get onto furniture or up the stairs.

Pet Gear’s Free-Standing Ramp is a small carpeted ramp with a strong fold-out base. This product is like a stepladder for your dog and can be set up anywhere in your home. Try placing the ramp next to the couch or against the foot of your bed.

This ramp is 56 inches long and 16 inches wide. When not in use, the ramp collapses for easy transport. The angle of the ramp is not adjustable. When fully extended, it can reach objects up to 21 inches off the ground.

For many dogs, the best feature of this ramp is the carpeted surface. The carpet is soft on paws and allows dogs to use their nails for traction. Because carpet is not as easy to clean as plastic, this ramp may not be the best choice for outdoor use.

The Pet Gear Free-Standing Ramp is a good choice for indoor situations. It can also be used to help dogs get into small cars, but it might not work for a full-sized SUV. This ramp only weighs 20 pounds and can hold dogs who weigh up to 300 pounds.


  • Free-standing ramp will not slide off your car
  • Allows dogs to access furniture items or get up stairs
  • Carpeted texture feels great on dog’s paws


  • May not be long enough for some situations

6. Pet Gear Travel Ramp for Beds & Cars

Pet Gear Travel Lite Bi-Fold Ramp for Cats/Dogs, Lightweight/Portable, Safety Tether Included, Rubber Grippers for Stability, Bi-Fold Half Ramp 42" L, Tan

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If you’re looking for a lightweight ramp that you can use in multiple situations, the Pet Gear Travel Lite is a great option. This small ramp is easy to set up and features a soft grip that your dog’s paws will appreciate.

This ramp has a bi-fold design with an included carrying handle. When unfolded, the Travel Lite is 42 inches long and 16 inches wide. The angle depends on the height of the object, but Pet Gear recommends using it to reach surfaces up to 20 inches off the ground. The ramp only weighs 10 pounds and can hold dogs who weigh up to 200 pounds.

The main feature of the Travel Lite is the special carpeted surface. Unlike other ramps, which usually have an abrasive non-slip texture, the Travel Lite is covered in a pressure-activated mat. Your dog can sink their nails into this material and easily climb their way to the top.

The ramp is held in place by rubber grips and feet on the bottom. All of the surfaces can be wiped clean, although the non-slip mat may not react well to muddy days at the park. Luckily, the mat can be removed for easy maintenance.

The Travel Lite isn’t the longest ramp, but it’s portable and works for multiple situations. Because it’s only 16 inches wide, this ramp is best used for small to medium-sized dogs who do not need a lot of space to climb.


  • Special grip mat provides excellent traction
  • Versatile ramp can be used to access both cars and furniture
  • Rubber feet keep ramp stable and secure


  • Not as long as other ramps on this list

Verdict & Review

Original PetSTEP folding pet ramp




Test-Dog Approval







  • Soft non-slip surface
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Holds up to 500 lbs
  • 2 color options


  • Heavy at 18.9 lbs

All of the ramps on this list do a great job, but our favorite is the PetSTEP Original Folding Dog Ramp. No other ramp can offer the same level of security and stability for your dog.

With a capacity of 500 pounds, the PetSTEP is truly suited for dogs of all sizes. In exchange, the ramp is a little heavier and bulkier than other options on the market. Even so, the ramp is easy to unfold and snaps closed with a simple locking mechanism.

Dogs also really appreciate the soft rubber texture of the PetSTEP ramp. Gentle ridges along the surface provide a place for paws and nails to grab onto. Even if your dog doesn’t like walking on new surfaces, they will quickly get used to the secure feel of the PetSTEP.

How to Choose a Dog Ramp

Your dog deserves a stable ramp or good pet stairs that make them feel comfortable climbing up to high services. While you’re shopping, look for the following features.


Does your dog need a ramp to get into the car or to get onto the bed? Dog ramps are designed for different purposes, and a ramp meant for the car might be too big or bulky to be used with furniture.

Ramps meant for cars are designed to lean against the edge of the trunk or the cargo hold. If you want your dog to climb directly onto the car seat, look for a special seat adapter that will hold the ramp in place.

If you need a furniture ramp, look for a free-standing option. You want something that your dog will be able to rely on as a normal part of their routine.


How high is the surface that your dog needs to climb onto? Ramps meant for normal cars might not be able to reach the edge of a tall truck or a large SUV. Use a tape measure to find the height of your cargo hold in inches.

Next, think about the width of the ramp. Little dogs can use thin ramps without problems, but large dogs may have a hard time navigating a smaller surface. A wider ramp may also make your dog feel more comfortable, especially if they haven’t used a ramp before.


For us, the Pet Dog Pals, the most important feature of any ramp is its stability! If the ramp shifts or buckles while your dog is using it, they may get scared and stop using the ramp altogether. Ramps that move around also have a risk of falling and hurting your pet.

Always make sure that the ramp has a reliable gripping texture along the bottom surface. Some ramps come with safety straps that attach to your car, while others feature an extremely stable design.

Once you’ve purchased the ramp, lean it against your car and test the stability with your hand. The ramp should not shift or move while pressure is being applied.


There are three main textures available for dog ramps: Rubber, carpet, and non-slip. Non-slip textures are easy to clean and can be very effective, but many dogs do not like the abrasive feeling on their paws. When you purchase one of these ramps, run your hand over the surface to see how your dog’s paws will be treated. If it feels too rough, consider covering the surface with a mat or a towel.

Carpeted ramps let your dogs sink their nails in. Some dogs climb with their nails; but for other canines, carpeted surfaces can actually be more difficult to navigate. Think about whether your dog prefers carpet or tile surfaces when walking around the house.

Rubber ramps offer a best-of-both-worlds solution. Most rubber dog ramps feature small ridges for your dog to grip onto. Rubber dog ramps are also weather-resistant and easy to clean.

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