The Best Stairs & Steps for Dogs of 2024

Getting into the car or onto the couch can be a real problem for a lot of dogs – especially smaller breeds and puppies. A good set of stairs or steps can solve that problem very easily. They resemble real stairs and offer your dogs a way to get access to higher spots throughout your home, your car, or other places.

Finding the right kind of stairs and steps can be difficult if you’re not sure what to look for, so check out our list of the top 6 dog stairs this year!

Our Top List

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1. Pet Studio Pine Frame Steps

Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps, 3 Step

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These stairs from Pet Studio feature rampsteps that can offer comfortability and safety for your dog. More specifically, these steps have the ability to convert from a ramp into steps, and each step has an easy-clean carpeting material on top of it. This feature is especially beneficial because it helps my dog feel safer and more comfortable walking up the steps.

In addition to the comfortability, this Pet Studio product features a sturdy mahogany-finished frame that’s produced with a pine material for extra durability. Given this stable frame, the rampstep product can support dogs that weigh up to 130 pounds. Having a study frame was helpful for me because my dogs are large and we have a hard time trying to find stairs that are able to support all of their weight.


  • Available with either 2 or 3 steps
  • Can be converted into a ramp
  • Great look and design
  • High quality material
  • Supports pets up to 130 pounds


  • Pricey

2. Premier Pet Steps

Premier Pet Steps Tall Raised Panel Dog Steps, Carpeted Tread with a Rich Cherry Stain, 23-Inch

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The Premier Pet Steps Panel Stairs offer a cabinet raised panel design that delivers a solid and durable construction. Each step included within this compact staircase is produced with a solid red oak design that has a soft carpet material on top of them. They’re even comfortable enough to reduce the amount of strain that your dogs may experience while walking up stairs.

Not only that, but your dog can confidently step onto each stair without having to experience back or joint pain. Additionally, this compact staircase for your dog is capable of fitting well with the rest of your home’s decor, so you don’t have to worry about hiding it anywhere.


  • Comfortable carpet material on each step
  • Fits well with home decor
  • Solid wood construction


  • Pricey

3. Crown Pet Products Carpeted Pet Steps

Crown Pet Products Designer Carpeted High Pet Steps for Small and Large Dogs and Cats with Storage, Espresso

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I like this product from Crown Pet Products Carpeted Pet Steps because each of the steps features a carpeted material on top of them that doesn’t allow my dog to make a loud noise every time they step onto a new stair. The carpeted steps are also beneficial because they eliminate the risk of my dog slipping and falling from the steps.

Additionally, these steps feature a hinged design so that they can also provide for a storage space underneath of each stair. Given that, you can double use this compact staircase as a toy bin for your pet or for something else. Lastly, this product presents a stained finish that can fit well with any furniture in your home, so you don’t have to hide it in your house. We recommend that you choose either the Espresso finish or Mahogany finish to match your home in particular.


  • Each stair is hinged for storage space
  • Carpeted tops on the stairs prevent your pet from slipping
  • Presents a stained finish that fits well with the furniture in your home


  • Not very portable

4. Pet Stairs with Foam

USA Made Pet Steps/Stairs with CertiPUR-US Certified Foam for Dogs & Cats by Best Pet Supplies - Brown Linen, 4-Step (H: 18")

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We like these stairs because they’re available in a wide range of colors. This way, you can find the right colors and design to match your specific home decor. Not only that, but you can choose either a three, four or five step design with this product, so you can customize your purchase to match your personal preferences.

Furthermore, these stairs have the ability to support your pet’s health, since they’re produced with a mattress-grade cushioning support system that reduces the amount of pressure and strain on your pet’s paws. You even have the ability to remove each stair cover in order to easily clean it in your washing machine.


  • Customizable, since they’re available in different designs and colors
  • Supports your pet’s health
  • Each individual stair cover is removable and washable


  • Doesn’t feature side railings

5. Pet Gear Easy StepPet Gear Easy Step II Extra Wide Pet Stairs, 2-step/for cats and dogs up to 200-pounds, Chocolate

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We like these stairs because they feature a wider and deeper step that can give your pet the comfort and safety that they may need while going up the stairs. I like the deeper stairs because they give my dog more time to recuperate between each step, which is especially beneficial if your pet is scared of heights.

Not only that, but I like this Pet Gear product because it comes with a carpet tread that can easily be removed and washed in a washing machine for your convenience as well as your pet’s safety. Lastly, this staircase can quickly be assembled, since it can be snapped together.


  • Affordable
  • Suitable for small, medium or large dogs
  • Easy assembly


  • Only features 2 steps

6. PetSafe Solvit PupSTEP Plus

PetSafe Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs, X-Large, Foldable Steps for Dogs and Cats, Best for Medium to Large Pets

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PetSafe’s stairs offer a more textured tread on each stair, which we find beneficial because it can provide your dogs with the grip that they need while walking up the stairs to avoid slipping. These stairs are highly portable, since they can easily be folded into a compact and simple design, and they’re even produced with a lightweight material.

In addition to that, these stairs accommodate for your pet’s safety, since they have built-in side rails as well as non-skid feet on the stairs. Lastly, we found that these stairs are the easiest to clean, since they’re composed of a durable plastic material that can quickly be washed with soap and water.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Offers safety features, like built-in side rails and non-slip treading


  • Steps don’t accommodate for comfort, since they only feature a treaded material on top of a plastic design

Verdict & Review

Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps, 3 Step


Look & Design


Test-Dog Approval







  • Available with 2 or 3 steps
  • Can be turned into a ramp
  • Up to 130 lbs


  • Pricey

We found that each of these products is made with a durable and safe construction that allow your dog the ease of reaching higher locations without your help. We recommend the Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps over the others because they can easily be converted from two to three steps into a ramp. They also offer your dog comfort while using them, since each step has a carpet on them that can easily be cleaned for your convenience. Furthermore, these dog stairs feature a sturdy metal frame that presents a mahogany finish on it, which is beneficial for durability, stability as well as the overall aesthetic. 

Buying Guide

Locations for use

In order to choose the best stairs, consider where you’re going to use them. Some of them work better in certain locations than others, and particular stairs may only be suitable for certain purposes as well. For instance, if you need stairs for your dog to get into your car, then you’ll need stairs that can attach securely to the car’s ledge. If you plan on using the stairs for a smaller dog to have easier access to the couch at home, you’ll want stairs that won’t scratch up your upholstery. 

Type of stairs

There are various different types of dog stairs on the market, each able to offer varying capabilities and advantages. Because of that, you have the ability to choose between the best types in order to accommodate for your specific needs as well as your dog’s capabilities.

More specifically, there are four main types of dog stairs, including foldable steps, portable stairs, washable steps and fully collapsible steps for your dog to use throughout the house.

Foldable steps have the ability to fold up when you’re not using them so that you can conveniently store them away. They can typically support dogs that weigh up to 120 pounds, and they usually feature built-in safety rails as well as non-slip material on the bottom of the product to ensure safety.

Likewise, portable dog stairs for beds are generally more portable than other types, since they are produced with lightweight materials. They also offer features that allow you to more easily transport the compact staircase. For instance, portable dog stairs can be transported with you while you’re on vacation, and they usually come with machine-washable covers that can ensure cleanliness and safety for your dog.

Washable steps are produced with either a washable cover or washable materials themselves, and they also feature non-slip material on the bottom. Additionally, these types of stairs sometimes contain high-density foam that can add extra comfort for your dog while they’re using the stairs.

Lastly, fully collapsible steps are constructed with a metal frame that has the ability to collapse into a smaller frame to ensure portability. They’re also lightweight, but they can typically only support dogs that weigh up to 100 pounds.

Features to Consider


You should consider what material the stairs are produced with, since you’ll want steps that are comfortable for your dog to utilize while also offering lightweight and durable features as well. Dog stairs can be produced with either wood, metal, plastic or even foam constructions.

Materials like foam are able to offer your dogs more comfort, but they also lack the durability that larger dogs require. Metal stairs can provide more durability, but they may be more heavyweight and less comfortable for your dog to use.


It can be dangerous for a large dog to use smaller stairs, and it’s also not the best idea to make a smaller dog use large stairs. Because of that, it’s important that you consider what size the stairs are and if they’re an adequate size for your pet.

You should make sure that the stairs you have can cater to your particular dog’s needs. For instance, the stairs should be able to reach up to the desired height for your dog, and they should also not require your dog to have to reach uncomfortable heights in between each of the steps.

In order to choose the stairs that are the most comfortable for your dog, you should make sure that you consider how deep each of the stairs is, since you’ll want to ensure that your dog has enough room to step in between each stair.

It’s important that you also consider how many stairs are included within each product, since there should be enough stairs for your dog to reach the desired height, but not too many that they get tired too quickly.


The most important factor to consider within each product is the safety. You don’t want to put your dog’s life in any danger by allowing them to use the stairs. Since steps are designed in order for your dogs to reach high areas, there is always the risk that your dog can fall off and get hurt. Because of that, you should find stairs that can accommodate for the chance that your dog might lose their balance.

Some stairs provide side railings that can prevent your dog from falling off of the side of the stairs, while others may be constructed with wide steps that ensure your dog has enough room to step on only the middle portion of the stairs.


Since your dog will likely be using these stairs often, make sure that the stairs can be easily and quickly assembled. More specifically, some stairs already come assembled and only require that you unfold them in order to use them, while others require more tools and may even require instructions to assemble.

You may find it beneficial to consider how often you’ll be using the stairs, since you’ll want folding ones that can easily be assembled and used more often.


Ultimately, having dog stairs is extremely beneficial for your house because you can give your dog the opportunity of reaching high places without your assistance. Dog stairs can help your dog reach on top of the couch, your bed or even get into your car for trips. Because of the convenience and benefits of having dog stairs in your home, the Pet Dog Pals use them all the time, and we recommend getting some!

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