The Best Dog Bark Collars in 2024

A dog’s bark can be annoying when it goes on during the night or at any time it just won’t stop. It not only bothers you, but your neighbors too. Barking dogs need to be trained not to do so. An anti-bark collar usually does the trick. You can also use such a collar to train a dog to stay out of the garbage, to not chase cars, and to stop doing any other undesirable activity.

Being waterproof, today’s collars assure your dog’s safety when playing in the rain. We’ve tested a ton of collars on the market this year and discuss some of our favorites below.

Our Top List

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1. Brison Barking Control Collar

BRISON Dog Bark Collar - 3 Modes Beep Vibration - Rechargeable Waterproof Anti Bark Collar for Small Medium and Large Dogs (Grey)

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Our favorite by far, the Brison collar is adjustable, elastic, and fits dog neck sizes 11.9 through 23.7 inches. It is made of durable TPU material and has black and white stripes. Its night-visible LED display comes in handy for those times in the night when your dog barks at whatever moves, disturbing your neighbors’ sleep.

With the three modes of beep, vibration, and NoShock that ascends gradually, this collar will not harm your dog. It also has seven sensitivity levels to the shock it produces. These controls give great training results. The waterproof package includes one each of a soft TPU belt, receiving collar, mini spanner, USB charging cable, adapter, test lights, two contact points, and a manual.


  • Fits all sizes of dogs
  • Waterproof, safe in the rain, rechargeable
  • 3 Modes and humane (no shock)
  • Digital display for low light conditions
  • Comfortable for your dog
  • Fantastic results


  • Sometimes it doesn’t trigger (which is normal for such collars, though)

2. TBI Pro Collar

TBI Pro Dog Bark Collar - Effective K9 Professional Smart Barking Detection - Rechargeable with Triple Anti-False Modes: Beep, Vibration for Small, Medium, Large Dogs Breeds - IPx7 Waterproof

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This light-weight device was developed with the help of K-9 trainers. With an intelligent anti-injury chip, it prevents false triggering by random sounds. Since it is waterproof, you can be assured that your dog can safely wear the collar in the rain.

Charge the battery and your pet can wear it for two weeks before you need to recharge it. If your dog’s barking activates the collar seven times within a minute, it will automatically shut itself off. The main consumer complaint is that some of these collars fail to recharge. The TBI Pro  is designed to be used on dogs 15 to 120 pounds.


  • Can see display in the dark
  • Fits dogs from 15 to 150 lbs
  • No false triggers
  • Anti injury clip
  • Light weight
  • K-9 expert tested


  • Sometimes doesn’t recharge and needs to be reconnected

3. Rechargeable Anti-Barking Collar

Bark Collar No Bark Collar Rechargeable Anti bark Collar with Adjustable Sensitivity and Intensity Beep Vibration and No Harm Shock Bark Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs

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This smart looking device is designed in black with a bright green stripe down the middle of it. It features two training modes plus five sensitivity levels and a protection mode. Your settings are displayed on the collar’s digital display.

The intelligent chip assures you that there are no false triggers that would irritate and possibly harm your dog through uncontrollable shocking, setting back your pet’s training. Its protection mode temporarily deactivates itself if triggered six times in a row. Also designed to be waterproof, this collar assures you that your dog will be safe while wearing it in the rain.


  • Intelligent chip that prevents false triggers
  • 2 training modes
  • 5 sensitivity levels
  • Charge only 1 to 2 hours for 12 days of use
  • Overload protection


  • Doesn’t always trigger

4. Totie Training Collar

Dog Bark Collar -7 Adjustable Sensitivity and Intensity Levels-Dual Anti-Barking Modes Rechargeable/Rainproof/Reflective -No Barking Control Dog shock Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs

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The Totie collar has a low-key appearance, with a solid black collar and tan digital display. It uses sound, vibration, and shock-no shock to train dogs to stop barking. You don’t have to use the shock feature if you don’t want to. Choose from beep and vibration or beep and vibration and shock. Its reflective, which allows your dog to be seen in the dark. It is also rechargeable, giving 10 days of use after just three hours of recharging. The collar’s waterproof charging interface feature lets your pet safely walk in the rain. The Totie fits small to large dogs.


  • Uses sound, vibration, or shock
  • 7 levels, 2 modes
  • Dual-mode and automatic protection system
  • Reflective
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof


  • Sometimes goes off without barking

5. DogRook Collar With Vibration & Sound

DogRook Bark Collar - Humane, No Shock Training Collar - Action Without Remote - Vibration & Sound Care Modes - For Small, Medium, Large Dogs Breeds - No Harm Deterrent Reflective Vibrating Control

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This simple collar is black and has a colorful cover that protects the controls. Made with high-quality material and technology, this model was made to last. It uses the two modes of sound and vibration. The sound mode uses beeps.

The vibration mode provides seven safe levels. This collar does not shock your dog and it does not get triggered by random noises. The device trains your dog without your participation by using a remote. The DogRook Bark Collar suits dogs that weight between 10 and 110 pounds, and it fits dog neck sizes 9 to 22 inches.


  • Two modes, with sound and seven vibration modes
  • 100% water-resistant
  • Fits small to large sized dogs
  • No shock
  • No false triggers
  • Trains without your participation
  • Comes with 2 color covers, 2 types of plastic prongs, and 2 batteries


  • Won’t trigger sometimes

6. PetYeah Collar – 5 Adjustable Levels

PetYeah Dog Bark Collar-5 Adjustable Sensitivity and Intensity Levels-Dual Anti-Barking Modes-Rechargeable/Rainproof/Reflective -No Barking Control Dog Shock Collar for Small Medium Large Dog

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This black and reflective lime green bark collar fits dogs between 8 to 120 pounds with neck sizes 8 – 24 inches. The digital display tells you what mode and which sensitivity and intensity level it is set at.

The collar has two intelligent modes and five sensitivity and intensity levels. It also protects your dog during times of excessive barking. It includes a test mode. You can recharge it in under three hours and then forget about it for 10 days.


  • Smart test mode
  • 5 levels
  • Intelligent ID chip
  • Intelligent dual-mode & protection system
  • Reflective and adjustable nylon strap
  • Rechargeable and waterproof


  • May sometimes hurt the dog a little

Verdict & Review

Brison Dog Bark Collar




Ease of Use




Safety Features





  • Comfortable to wear
  • Fits all dog sizes
  • Great results
  • Waterproof; safe in the rain


  • It sometimes doesn't active (that is quite normal, though)

We like the Brison collar. It looks smart and humanely trains dogs weighing 15 to 120 pounds. K9 trainers tested its professional smart barking detection feature on different breeds and temperaments of dogs during the collar’s development. The result is a training device that does not harm your pet’s psyche.

The intelligent anti-injury chip assures that the collar won’t activate because of random sounds it detects. Unlike many such devices on the market, this one will shut itself off if the dog’s barking activates the collar seven times within a minute. Its extreme waterproof feature allows your pet to safely walk in the rain. The battery is powerful the charge to last for two weeks.

Buying Guide

Your dog’s constant barking is driving you nuts? It’s likely driving your neighbors up the wall too, threatening your reputation in the neighborhood. Consistent positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dog to not bark. However, you may have tried positive reinforcement that did not work because of work or personal commitments. And yelling at the dog is a bad idea to begin with.

A bark collar or dog silencer is a great solution to this dilemma. But there are so many on the market to choose from. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on models that either don’t work, are too small to work, or hurt your dog. So, you need to know what to look for. Here are some tips that you can use to guide your selection process!

Barking and Pulling

Dogs that bark a lot also tend to pull on walks. If you want to stop this behavior as well, check out training collars as well as pinch & prong collars.  There are also great harnesses to stop pulling behavior.

Collar Size

The first thing you need to consider is the size of the collar. This is especially true if you have a tiny dog such as a Chihuahua because their necks are too small for many models. That might be okay for regular ones, but a bark collar must come into contact with the dog’s neck for it to work since they usually vibrate or shock in addition to beeping.

Collars commonly say they fit small to large neck sizes, but their smallest measurement may not be small enough. Measure your dog’s neck size and look for devices that accommodate your dog’s neck.

Sensitivity Levels

Your fur baby may be terribly frightened by a collar that shocks him. For a pet with that type of temperament, you’ll want to use a model that gives you the option to set it to only beep or vibrate if the dog barks.

At the other end of the spectrum are dogs that will ignore everything such a device could do to him. It can even harm the neck of a dog with this level of tolerance. A freestanding or mountable ultrasonic-emitting device detects dog barking within 15 meters. They might be a good alternative training tool in these extreme cases.

Ultrasonic-emitting devices deliver their negative reinforcement without harming the dog. Positive reinforcement would always be better than positive reinforcement. But if consistent positive reinforcement is not possible, then a humane type of negative reinforcement such as an ultrasonic-emitting device would be the next best solution.

Smart Anti-False Triggering

To be effective, the device needs to only administer correction when the dog barks. If it punishes him whenever random sounds occur, it will only frustrate the dog. Make sure you get a model that has an intelligent anti-injury chip.

Protection Mode

You’ll want a device that shuts itself down if the dog barks too many times within a short period of time. Sometimes barking is desired, such as if a stranger is hurting a member of your family. After all, alerting the pack is one purpose of barking! In any case, it is harmful to let these devices endlessly discipline a dog.

Anti-Injury Chip

This feature makes sure that the collar only corrects the dog if he barks, not whenever there is nose in the area. Random shocks, beeps, and vibrations would do nothing but aggravate a dog instead of training them.

Sensitivity & Intensity Levels

You’ll have a lot of control over how strongly the device delivers shocks, vibrations, and so on if it is designed with several sensitivity and intensity levels.

Digital Display

These are common but most of are not visible at night. You may want to find a collar that has a display that you can see at night if that is important to you. Dogs commonly make noise at night when people are trying to sleep, so you may appreciate being able to see the display and adjust things.

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