The Best Dog Harnesses to Stop Pulling of 2024

One of the most important lessons you can teach your dog is not to pull on a leash. Not only is that a great way to ensure that your dog stays safe, but it can also help your dog to avoid hurting its neck and chest muscles.

Unfortunately, standard leashes aren’t great for this kind of training. That’s why so many pet owners use a no-pull harness instead. If you’re ready to help your dog to take healthier and more enjoyable walks, one of the 6 harnesses below should be perfect your needs. So let’s get into it!

Our Top List

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1. Ruffwear Front Range No-Pull Dog Harness

RUFFWEAR - Front Range, Everyday No Pull Dog Harness with Front Clip, Trail Running, Walking, Hiking, All-Day Wear, Twilight Gray (2017), Medium

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A good no-pull harness should be comfortable enough for your dog to wear whenever he or she is outside, but still useful enough that eliminates the problem behavior of pulling. It’s a fine line to walk, of course, and many either don’t do enough to eliminate pulling or they aren’t designed with real dogs in mind.

Fortunately, this one from Ruffwear really manages to be the best of all worlds with a design that’s sure to work for most dogs and some features that are great for pet owners.

If you take a look at the overall design of this one, you can see the marriage between comfort and security. The harness is light and padded on both the belly and the chest, preventing rubbing and ensuring that your dog won’t mind wearing it. At the same time, though, it has two different attachment points to ensure that you can keep your dog safe at all times.

It also has some fun extras like a pocket for an ID tag and reflective trim so that the dog can be easily seen by cars. It’s a nice harness that really helps to eliminate pulling without causing problems for your dog.


  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Eliminates pulling


  • Really determined dogs may sometimes slip out

2. Blueberry Pet Harness

Blueberry Pet 9 Colors Soft & Comfy 3M Reflective Multi-Colored Stripe Mesh Padded No Pull Dog Harness Vest with Back Leash Clips, Large, Orange & Black

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Finding a good harness isn’t just about looking at function. Most pet owners also want something that looks nice and will make their dogs feel good at the same time. Fortunately, this one by Blueberry manages to do it all without sacrificing quality.

From a purely functional standpoint, it does a good job of eliminating pulling behaviors. The solid rings on the back keep the owner’s leash firmly attached, but the chest design keeps the harness from slipping. This makes it an ideal piece for those dogs that are still learning not to pull.

The designers clearly understand that not only will the average dog often try their best to slip out, but that dogs can get a bit destructive in their attempts. As such, the harness is both durable and designed to prevent escape.

More unusual, though, is that there is definitely some effort put into the aesthetics. It looks fun and playful, especially on smaller dogs. This look does, however, hide the fact that this is a very tough product.

This harness is a solid fit for trainers who want something that looks good while still serving a purpose. With a good design and some solid construction, it manages to earn a spot as one of the better no-pull harnesses on the market.


  • Fun design
  • Easy to adjust
  • Great for training
  • Many color options


  • Sizing is unusual

3. Rabbitgoo Harness

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness Adjustable Outdoor Pet Vest 3M Reflective Oxford Material Vest for Dogs Easy Control for Small Medium Large Dogs (Black, L)

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With any harness, our main concern is safety. We want to feel like our dogs are being kept safe by the device, of course, but we also want to ensure we’re using something that will help us control our dogs. Most dog owners feel the same way. Finding a design that does both can be a bit of a chore, though.

Fortunately, this option from Rabbitgoo is both safe for dogs and makes it easier to train them. Designed with comfort in mind, it’s also one of the harder harnesses on the market to slip. This is incredibly important for those who are training dogs not to pull as well as for any owner with an energetic animal.

Unlike some other options, this one fits over the dog’s head. By eliminating the straps and clips, this harness makes it harder for dogs to slip out. It also makes it somewhat easier to use and to adjust, especially for those who have never used a harness before.

Though functionality really seems to be the name of the game here, this product is still designed to be comfortable for your dog. It’s easy to adjust and even a solid fit has room for your dog to grow. The material is also light and breathable so it won’t cause your dog any stress as you go out for walks.


  • Easy to adjust as the dog grows
  • Very durable
  • Weatherproof


  • Design can be difficult with anxious dogs

4. ExPawLorer Harness for Large Dogs

EXPAWLORER Big Dog Harness - Soft Reflective No Pull Black Size L 26-36 inch

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Finding a no-pull harness that works for a bigger dog can be difficult. Because of the way they are designed, finding a harness that’s not exactly the right size can not only make training harder, but it can also hurt your dog. That’s why owners of bigger dogs should generally seek specially-created harnesses.

If you have a big dog, this product from ExPawLorer might be one of your best choices. Not only is it designed so that it actually fits larger dogs, but it’s got a host of solid features that make it a great option overall. The only real problem, it seems, is that it doesn’t fit every dog.

It’s easy to tell that this harness was made with a dog’s comfort in mind. Not only is it fairly easy to get a dog into it, but it’s also easy to adjust as your dog grows or gains weight. Made with light material, it’s also easy for your dog to forget that he or she is even wearing the harness.

Like it is common in harnesses, this one has an emergency pull. It lets you bring your dog to a quick stop. When doing so, it distributes weight equally, causing your dog less pain. It’s a small touch, but it’s also one that many dog owners will appreciate.


  • Good fit for bigger dogs
  • Great emergency pull
  • Easy to adjust


  • Not suitable for smaller dogs

5. Lifepul Body Padded Vest

Lifepul No Pull Dog Vest Harness - Dog Body Padded Vest - Comfort Control for Large Dogs in Training Walking - No More Pulling, Tugging or Choking

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Sometimes ease of use is the most important factor in choosing a harness. While being able to train your dog is great, you can’t do it if you can’t get your dog into the harness. For that reason, products like those made by Lifepul can be a valuable resource.

Though it’s not necessarily as strong as some of the other options out there, Lifepul’s harness more than makes up for that fact by being easy to use. With a unique design, you can get this one on even the most rambunctious of dogs without any major problems.

One of the reasons that dogs respond so well to this product is that it’s very well padded in the chest. This makes it a great fit for breeds that tend to be barrel-chested and those that naturally pull. Though this can make training a bit harder, it is still easier for your dog.

If you’re looking for a harness that your dog likes to wear but that is still easy for you to use, this one might be your best choice. It’s not much of a training harness, but it’s great for dogs that refuse to wear other harnesses or need a little more padding to be comfortable.


  • Very sturdy
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Good for a variety of sizes


  • Not suitable for very strong dogs

6. PoyPet Harness

PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness, No Choke Front Lead Dog Reflective Harness, Adjustable Soft Padded Pet Vest with Easy Control Handle for Small Medium Large Dogs(Orange,L)

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A good no-pull dog harness is, ultimately, one that your dog will consent to wear. Though the goal may be to train your dog not to pull against you, any product that hurts your dog is simply going to teach it to hate harnesses altogether. As such, it’s important to find one that your dog will tolerate as you train him or her.

This product from Poypet is a good example of how a comfortable harness can still be good. It is stretchy and breathable, but it doesn’t offer so much padding that your dog will feel comfortable pulling. Instead, it’s teaching your dog that sedate walks will always be those that are the most comfortable.

Though dogs might enjoy the comfort, owners will enjoy how easy this one is to use. The various straps and buckles are responsive and quick, allowing you to get it on and off without any trouble. It’s likewise incredibly easy to ensure that your leash is hooked into the harness properly.

Another nice feature is the bright color. It not only makes your dog easy to see at night, but it makes it easy to spot when it’s been misplaced. This is a small feature, but it’s still one that matters.


  • Very comfortable fit
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Highly visible


  • Not as rugged as some other options

Verdict & Review

Ruffwear Front Range Harness




Test-Dog Approval


Pulling elimination





  • Easy to clean
  • Eliminates pulling effectively
  • High quality


  • Sometimes, a determined dog may slip out

If you’re going to choose just one of these harnesses, it should almost certainly be the one from Ruffwear. It’s not that any of the others are bad by any stretch of the imagination, just that this one manages to meet most of their strong points without sharing any of their weaknesses.

This harness is a really good example of what most people are going to want out of a no-pull training tool. It’s simple to use, comfortable for the dog, and it is very useful for helping to train your dog to stop pulling. It might not have many extra features, but it’s still incredibly solid when it comes to its basic job.

It’s a great all-around harness that absolutely represents the standard by which all others ought to be judged.

Buying Guide

If you’re in the market for a no-pull harness, there’s both good and bad news. The good news is that there are thousands of different harnesses from which you can choose. The bad news, though, is that this makes it difficult to differentiate the good ones from the bad. We had a hard time assembling the top list above and went through a lot of products for it.

It’s generally a good idea to keep the following four factors in mind: fit, ease of use, durability, and comfort. The best ones are going to rate highly in all four categories.


A properly-fitted harness will not allow your dog to wiggle out, keeping him or her safely on the leash without causing undue stress. At the same time, the fit should not be such that your dog’s breathing is impaired, nor should it be large enough that your dog can become stuck.

The best harnesses have multiple sizes, but they also are easy to adjust. Dog bodies vary by breed, after all, and one medium-sized dog isn’t the same as the next.

Ease of Use

This factor has to do with how easy the harness is for the owner to take on and off the dog. Easy to use harnesses generally have a number of buckles or straps, but each is easy to identify and is placed in a way that it won’t cause harm to the dog.

It also has to do with how easy it is to get the harness on in the first place. Open-sided harnesses or ones that clip together are generally easier to get on skittish dogs than those that go over their heads, but calmer dogs might do well with a harness that can go on and off quickly.


This one is perhaps the simplest of the categories. Simply put, it’s how well the harness stands up to repeated use. A good harness made out of strong materials should last for years even if you have a strong dog. Most harnesses are made to put up with a fair bit of stretching and pulling, and most are also designed to keep dogs from tearing them apart.

It’s not a bad idea to look at how well the harness stands up to the weather, though. You generally want something that won’t be damaged by water, both so that you don’t have to worry about rain and so that you can wash the harness when it gets dirty. A little bit of weather protection can go a long way in the outdoors.


It’s always a good idea to look for a product that is comfortable for your dog, or they may refuse to wear it. Though this is a highly individual factor, there are some hints that will help you figure out how your dog will react to a particular harness.

The big thing you’re looking for here is padding. There should be padding on the chest and usually on the stomach. The harness should have a bit of elasticity as well, which helps to ensure that your dog can breathe. Finally, good harnesses are made of breathable materials that ensure your dog will not overheat.

It’s always a wise idea to look at these factors before buying a harness. Try to gauge which factors are most important to you and how your dog will feel about any given harness. With a little searching, you can find a harness that works well for both of you.

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