The Best Dog Crate Covers in 2024

If your dog seems too anxious or excitable when they are left home alone in their crate, you may want to consider getting a crate cover.

Since a crate cover will block your dog’s view of other objects inside or outside of your home, it can help them feel more protected and secure when they are left alone. This can help reduce their anxiety and cause them to bark less frequently.

Since many different manufacturers make overs, we decided to review six of the best options this year!

Our Top 6 List

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1. MidWest Pivacy Cover

MidWest Dog Crate Cover, Privacy Dog Crate Cover Fits MidWest Dog Crates, Machine Wash & Dry

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Give your dog comfort and a sense of security when they are home alone with the MidWest cover. This one is designed to be used on crates that are 22, 24, 30, 36, 42, or 48 inches long (there are multiple sizes available for purchase). It should be compatible with most one and two door crates of these lengths.

This product is designed to be durable, so you’ll be able to use it for many years to come. The cover is made from a blend of polyester and cotton that has been protected with Teflon to keep it strong. The Teflon protection also helps the cover to repel stains and oils, keeping it cleaner.

The front flap of the cover can be rolled up or down, making it easier for you to access the door to the crate. There are hook and loop tabs around the fabric covering that will secure it to your dog’s crate and prevent it from sliding around.


  • There are four color/pattern options: black, gray geometric pattern, brown geometric pattern, and light gray.
  • There are multiple size options to help you find the right fit for your dog’s crate.
  • The cover is protected by Teflon to help repel oils and stains.


  • The Velcro straps could be a bit stronger.

2. Petsfit Polyester Cover

Petsfit 30" L x 19" W x 21" H Black Polyester Crate Cover, for 3000 Wire Crate,One Door

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Your dog will feel less anxious and more secure when they’re in their crate with this Petsfit cover. This product is available in three different sizes. It can be purchased for crated measure 30 inches by 19 inches by 21 inches, 36 inches by 23 inches by 25 inches, and 42 inches by 28 inches by 30 inches; be sure to measure your crate to ensure the right fit.

This crate cover is black, so your dog will not be able to see through it and get scared or riled up by anything around them. It has two mesh side windows that will allow air to circulate through the crate.

If you want to allow your dog to see what is happening outside of their crate, the front and rear panel can be rolled up and secured. This will also make it easier when you need to open the door to let your dog out of their crate.


  • There are three different size issues.
  • You can roll up two of the panels if you want to open the door or let your dog look out from their crate.
  • The mesh side windows help ensure enough air can circulate through your dog’s crate.


  • The cover won’t go over the base of your crate, so there may be a little gap along the bottom.

3. Precision Crate Cover

Precision Pet Indoor Outdoor Crate Cover for Size 2000 Crates Tan

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You’ll be able to find the Precision cover is a wide variety of sizes, so it is likely this product will fit your dog’s crate. There are six different size options which are designed to fit crates ranging from 19 inches to 48 inches.

This cover is made using a durable and water-resistant fabric. The fabric has been reinforced with double stitching and contains heavy-duty zippers that will last for a long time.

The front panel can be rolled up to allow you to gain access to the door of the crate. There are also two mesh windows that have roll-up shades if you want to let more light or air into your dog’s crate. You can purchase this cover is tan or navy.


  • Can be washed in your washing machine.
  • There are six sizes available for crates between 19 inches and 48 inches long.
  • Mesh windows to help make sure your dog gets enough air.


  • The fabric doesn’t stretch. Depending on how exact your measurements are, it may not fit over your crate.

4. Explore Land Dark Cover

Explore Land 42 inches Dog Crate Cover - Durable Polyester Pet Kennel Cover Universal Fit for Wire Dog Crate (Black)

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The Explore Land cover is another good option for you to consider. This product is designed to be long-lasting. It is crafting using a sturdy oxford cloth that is also windproof.

The cover features sewn-in zippers to help you easily install and remove it from your dog’s crate. There are two entrance door flaps and mesh windows with flaps to help you control how much of their exterior your dog will be able to see from their crate.

There are five toggles along the base of the cover that will help you securely fasten it to your dog’s crate. This can help ensure it doesn’t come loose and prevent your dog from sliding it off. You can purchase this cover for crates measure 24, 30, 36, 42, and 48 inches long. It is also available in black or tan. A one-year warranty is included with your purchase.


  • There are five sizes to help you find the right fit for your dog’s crate.
  • The toggles along the base will help you attach it to the crate.
  • You can open one or both of the entrance door flaps.


  • The fabric used for this cover is not as durable as some of the other covers we reviewed.

5. Petsfit Durable Single Door Cover

Petsfit 42" Lx28 Wx30 H Black Polyester Crate Cover, for 5000 Wire Crate, One Door

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If your crate has a single door for entry, the Petsfit cover may be what you need. This product is available in three sizes. You’ll be able to order it to fit crates that measure 30 inches by 19 inches by 21 inches, 36 inches by 23 inches by 25 inches, and 42 inches by 28 inches by 30 inches.

You’ll be able to control how much of your dog’s crate is covered with this option. You can choose to fold over the front panel and the two side windows. The windows on the sides of this cover have a mesh covering that will help keep air circulating for your dog in their crate.

This option is designed to be very durable. It is made using oxford cloth, which is well-known for being a strong cloth that will last a long time. To get this cover over your dog’s crate, you’ll just need to unzip the back zipper, place it over the crate, and zip the zipper back up.


  • There are three different sizes available.
  • The cover is made using a high-quality and strong oxford cloth material.
  • There are two mesh windows to ensure air can still circulate in your dog’s crate.


  • You can only purchase this item in black.

6. Mr.You Cover with Weather Protection

Mr.You Pets Dog Indoor/Outdoor Crate Covers, All-Weather Protection with Four Sides Open Zipper and Six Fastened Straps(36 inch,Cashmere Fabrics)

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Keep your dog feeling safe and secure with the Mr.You cover. This product is available for 24-inch and 26-inch crates.

You’ll have two fabric options if you purchase this cover. The first option is a quality oxford fabric that has been coated with an encrypted silver vinyl. The double stitching will help ensure this cover will hold up well to lots of use.

The other fabric option is a premium microfiber cashmere. This option will feel softer against your dog’s crate and can help keep them warmer in cool temperatures.

This product’s design is a little different from other crate covers. It has four side zippers to help you get it on your dog’s crate easily and allow you to access any section of the crate that you need. You’ll be able to roll up any section of the cover and secure it using the included Velcro strips.


  • You can roll up all four sides of the cover, if you wish.
  • An oxford fabric option and cashmere microfiber option are available.
  • This product is designed to block out sunlight and heat and ensure your dog stays comfortable.


  • You’ll only be able to purchase this product for 24- and 36-inch crates.

Verdict & Review

MidWest Privacy Dog Crate Cover








Test-Dog Approval



  • Four color pattern options
  • Multiple size options
  • Teflon protection to repel oils & sains
  • Polyester & cotton


  • Velcro straps could be a bit stronger

If you are looking for a cover for your dog’s crate, you can’t go wrong with the MidWest cover. This product is available for crates ranging from 22 inches to 48 inches long, so you’ll likely be able to find it in the right size to fit your dog’s crate.

The cover has a Teflon coating which helps to keep it clean. The coating resists stains and oils, so you’ll need to wash the cover less frequently than you otherwise would.

When you need to access your dog’s door, or want to let them look out from their crate, you can roll up the front flap. This product is available in four different colors and patterns, so you’ll be able to find something that will look good in the space where you keep your dog’s crate.

Buying Guide

If your dog seems to get anxious when they are left home or alone or barks too much, a cover may be the solution you are looking for. Using a cover, can block your dog’s view of external stimulus, helping them stay calmer and more relaxed. Read through our buying guide below to help you decide which features you’ll want to find in the cover you select.


Just like with crate mats or a trusty crate tray, the the material used can make all the difference depending on when and where you’re likely to be using the cover.

If you will primarily use the cover at home with your house set at a comfortable temperature, a lighter material should be okay. If you think you’ll be using the cover in colder conditions, you may want to look for a thicker fabric or something with some insulation.


Size is very important when selecting a cover. If you pick a product that is too large or too small, it won’t fit properly over your dog’s crate. Without a proper fit, you won’t be able to attach the cover securely and it will likely slide around.

Before looking at different options, be sure to measure your dog’s crate. Then, look for which crate covers are available in a size that will fit his crate.

Some covers are available in a wide variety of sizes, while others may only come in two of three different sizes. You will want to look closely to ensure you will be able to find a cover that will fit your dog’s crate correctly.

Quality and Durability

As with just about any purchase, quality and durability are also important when selecting a cover. Look for products with thick fabrics, reinforced stitching, and heavy-duty zippers. These will be more likely to hold up to frequent use and being scratched or pulled at by your dog.

While travel crates for dogs are usually fine from the get go, they may very well need a cover as well. In that case, you really want durability so they can withstand the stresses of traveling. End table crates are usually fine and are a lot darker to begin with.


It will also be important to look for a product that is well-ventilated. Adequate ventilation can help ensure that your dog has enough air circulating to breathe and to prevent them from getting overheated.

Many crates included mesh windows on two of the sides. This design will allow plenty of air to flow through the crate. Some crates will also allow you to roll up one or more of the sides. This can also help more air flow through the crate, but may also defeat the purpose of the cover since your dog will be able to see more of what is outside of their crate.

Care and Cleaning

You’ll thank yourself later is you choose a crate cover that is easy to keep clean. Sooner or later, you’re sure to have a messy cover to deal with since it will be covering your dog’s crate. Look for fabrics that can be wiped down, or even options that can be washed in your washing machine.

Colors and Patterns

Finally, consider the different colors and patterns that are available. If a product you like is also available in a color of pattern that will look great in the space where your dog’s crate is, consider it a bonus!


Will a crate cover help my dog’s anxiety?

Yes, it is possible that a cover can help your dog if they have been showing signs of anxiety. Putting them in their crate with a cover over it, can provide them with a calming and quiet space where they’ll be able to relax. However, every dog is different, so you may want to consult with your vet, or give the cover a try to see how your dog reacts.

Why is it better to use a cover than a regular blanket to cover my dog’s crate?

A cover is a much safer alternative to using a blanket you have around your house. A cover can be attached to the crate, whereas a blanket will be loosely laying over it. If your dog starts scratching or pulling, they may be able to pull the blanked in through the open spaces in the crate. This could present a potential hazard for your dog, or, at the very least could leave you with a shredded blanket.

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