The Best Dog Car Harnesses in 2024

Does your dog love to join you for a fun ride in the car? Are you looking for a way to keep them safer and prevent them from getting injured in the event of an accident? A harness will help you to secure your dog when they are traveling in a vehicle with you.

In the sections below, we’ve reviewed the six best dog options on the market today! Keep reading to figure out which product you want to get to protect your precious cargo <3

Our Top List

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1. Kurgo Harness & D-Ring for No Pull Training

Kurgo Dog Harness | Pet Walking Harness | Medium | Black | No Pull Harness Front Clip Feature for Training Included | Car Seat Belt | Tru-Fit Quick Release Style

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The Kurgo Dog Harness can help keep your dog protected in a crash. If you choose the option with crash tested certified buckles, you can feel confident that your dog is in a quality harness that can offer life-saving protection. A dog seat belt tether is also included to hep you secure your dog in the back seat.

In addition to keeping them more protected in the car, this harness can be worn for everyday use. It includes a no-pull D-ring to help you teach your dog not to pull as you are walking them.

There are five adjustment points on the harness to help you achieve the perfect fit for your dog. It can be purchased in size extra-small through extra-large to accommodate dogs of different sizes. Be sure to refer to the size chart to help you find the perfect fit for your dog.


  • You can get this one in red, black, blue, or gray.
  • It has been crashed tested with dogs weighing up to 75 pounds.
  • The no-pull D-ring can help you train your dog not to pull.
  • The five adjustment points help you customize the fit to your dog’s body.


  • No good fit for sight hounds.

2. EzyDog Chest Plate Custom Fit Harness

EzyDog Premium Chest Plate Custom Fit Reflective No-Pull Padded Comfort Dog Harness - Perfect for Training, Walking, and Control - Includes Car Restraint Attachment (Medium, Black)

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Your purchase of the EzyDog Custom Fit Harness will include a seatbelt restraint that will help you secure your dog to the seatbelt in your car. The restraint loops around the seatbelt and connects to your dog’s harness to keep them contained and more protected in the car.

One of the signature aspects of this harness is its ergonomic foam chest plate. The chest plate is designed to mold to your dog’s chest, delivering a more comfortable fit than other harnesses.

This harness also features a cross-fit design that makes it easier to put on and take off your dog than others. The Quick-Clip Buckles will allow you to quickly get the harness secured on your dog and take it off when they don’t need to wear it anymore.

You will need to measure your dog’s girth and use the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer to determine if they need the extra-small, small, medium, large, or extra-large size of this harness.


  • There are 10 different color options to choose from.
  • The ergonomic foam chest plate molds to your dog’s chest to keep the more comfortable.
  • There is reflective stitching to make your dog more visible at night.


  • This option has not been crash-tested.

3. Mighty Paw Car Harness

Mighty Paw Car Dog Harness, Vehicle Safety Harness with Adjustable Straps and Soft Padding, Doubles as a Standard Harness with a No Pull Front Leash Attachment

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You’ll be impressed with the Mighty Paw Car Harness. This product is designed to keep your furry friend secure when you are in the car. You can purchase a seat belt harness from Mighty Paw that helps you tether your dog to the seatbelt in your vehicle, to keep them more contained and secured in the event of a crash.

In addition to using this one to keep your dog more secure in your vehicle, they can also wear it for walks or any other time they would be wearing a regular harness. There are two leash attachment options, one in the front and one in the back of the harness, so you’ll be able to choose the location that works best for you and your dog.

This option is made using high-quality materials to ensure its durability. The harness is breathable and has padding to keep your dog comfortable. All of the hardware on the harness is metal to help it last longer and keep your dog safer.


  • There are two places where you can attach your dog’s leash.
  • It has padding designed to keep your dog more comfortable when he wears it.
  • The hardware is all metal for added durability.


  • You need to purchase the seat bet harness to use with this product separately.

4. Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness

PAWABOO Dog Safety Vest Harness, Pet Dog Adjustable Car Safety Mesh Harness Travel Strap Vest with Car Seat Belt Lead Clip, Suitable for 11 lb-33 lb Dogs, RED

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You’ll love the sense of safety you’ll feel when you use the Pawaboo Safety Vest Harness. This product comes with a seatbelt lead clip that you can attach to the harness and secure to your car’s seatbelt. Using the seatbelt tether will help keep your dog more secured if you get into a crash or need to stop suddenly.

This product has fast-release buttons to help you put it on and take it off of your dog quickly and easily. Simply put it over your dog’s head, connect the buckle, adjust the straps to find the right fit, and connect the seatbelt tether. When you aren’t in the car, your dog will be able to wear this harness as they would any other.

To keep your dog comfortable, the harness has a padded chest plate. You’ll be impressed with the quality of this product; it is made using a durable oxford fabric and has stainless steel snap hooks.

There are four different sizes and nine different color choices, so you’ll be sure to find the right fit and color for your dog.


  • The padded chest plate will help keep your dog comfortable.
  • The oxford fabric is very durable.
  • The fast-release buttons help you get your dog in and out of it quickly.


  • The straps may sometimes come loose and need to be readjusted.

5. Lukovee Safety Harness with Seat Belt

Lukovee Dog Safety Vest Harness Seatbelt, Dog Car Harness Seat Belt Adjustable Pet Harnesses Double Breathable Mesh Fabric Car Vehicle Connector Strap Dog

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Whether you’re taking your dog in the car or taking them out for a stroll, you’ll be able to use the Lukovee Dog Harness. This product includes a seatbelt attachment to help you keep your dog more contained in the car and prevent injuries. When you aren’t in the car, simply leave the seatbelt attachment, and your dog can wear this harness attached to their leash to take a walk or go outside.

The harness is made from a double mesh fabric. This material can help absorb sweat and keep your dog from getting overheated. It has straps that can help you adjust the fit to make sure your dog is snug and secure.

To help you get your dog out of their harness quickly and easily, there are two buckles on the chest section. Just undo them, and you can get your dog out from their harness.


  • The seatbelt attachment piece is included with your purchase.
  • The double mesh fabric makes it more breathable to keep your dog cooler.
  • The two buckles on the chest section can help you easily remove your dog from the harness.


  • The straps don’t always stay adjusted correctly.

6. EzyDog Drive Safety Travel Harness

EzyDog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car Harness - Crash Tested US (FMVSS 213 Certified) - Premium Vehicle Restraint Vest for Protection and Comfort - Easy One Time Fit and Use with Car Seat Belt (Large)

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If you are looking for a harness that has been crash-tested, consider the EzyDog Drive Safely Harness. This option has passed relevant safety standards in The United States, Europe, and Australia.

There are two webbing handles along the top of the harness for you to feed the seatbelt through before connecting it to your vehicle’s slot. Doing so will help keep your dog from being able to move around too much in the car and will help prevent injuries in an accident.

This option is available in three different sizes. Each size can be adjusted to achieve a more secure fit for your dog. Once you adjust it once, you won’t need to adjust it each time you put it on your dog.

This harness Is made using high-quality materials. The webbing is made using seatbelt webbing that has been tested in vehicles. There is also a pad along the chest plate to keep your dog more comfortable.


  • This product has been crash-tested, so you can be more confident in its ability to protect your dog.
  • After you adjust it to your dog’s body, it won’t need to be adjusted again.
  • The webbing is made using seatbelt webbing.


  • There are only three size options.

Verdict & Review

Kurgo Dog Harness








Test-Dog Approval





  • Different color options
  • Crash tested up to dogs weighing 75 lbs
  • No-pull D-ring helps train your dog not to pull
  • 5 adjustment points


  • Not a good fit for sight hounds

Out of all six harnesses we reviewed above, the Kurgo is our top pick. We think this is an excellent option if you are looking to keep your dog safe and secure in the car since it has been crashed tested with dogs up to 75 pounds. You’ll also receive a dog seat belt tether to help keep your dog more secured to the seat.

You’ll be able to leave this harness on your dog when they aren’t in the car since it can be used as an everyday harness. It can even help you train your dog not to pull with its no-pull D-ring.

There are four color options available to help you coordinate the harness with your dog’s leash and their other accessories. There are also five size options to choose from. Each size features five adjustment points which will help you fully customize the fit of the harness to the dog’s body.

Buying Guide

If you bring your dog in the car, you are likely concerned about their safety. You want to do what you can to ensure that they’ll be protected in the event of an accident. A car harness can help provide you some peace of mind since it will help keep your dog more secure if you get into a crash. Mind you, such devices are different from your typical walking or training harness.

Speaking of car safety, be sure to have good seat covers and protective barriers installed.


When looking at car harnesses for your dog, an important thing to look for is whether the different options have been crash-tested. This can help you know whether the harness will actually be able to deliver protection for your dog in an accident. With products that haven’t been crash-tested, it can be difficult to know whether the harness will do its job in an accident or if the materials are strong enough to keep your dog secure in an impact.

When looking at crash testing information, you should check what weights the harness was tested with. For example, if it has been tested and approved for dogs who weigh up to 50 pounds, but your dog weighs 80 pounds, you may not know whether your dog will be protected by the harness.

Seatbelt Restraint

The next thing is whether the harness includes the seatbelt restraint. If yes, how is it used? Does it look like it will help to keep your dog more contained as they ride with you?

Speaking of seatbelts, you might also want to look into dog car seats as an alternative to a harness.

Size, Fit, and Adjustability

Finding a harness that fits your dog correctly is crucial. Finding a size that looks right based on your dog’s measurements important, but you’ll also want to look for a harness that can be adjusted to fit them even better. Look for the different ways you’ll be able to adjust the harness to deliver an even better fit for your dog.

Harness Design

Next, consider the design. How does it go on? How do you secure it? Will your dog be able to wear it only in the car, or can it function as an everyday harness?

You may also want to look for added features that may make it more comfortable for your dog, such as padding. Some other things you can look for are reflective stripes to help make your dog more visible at night or features that are designed to help you train your dog.


Finally, consider the different color options that are available. Are you able to purchase the harness in a color that will match their leash or coordinate with their jacket? This obviously isn’t as important of a consideration as safety, but if you can find a safe product that is available in the color you want, it would be a nice bonus.


Should a dog ride in the front seat or back seat in the car?

Your dog will be safest if they ride in the back seat of your car. In an accident, they could be seriously injured by the airbag. If they ride in the front seat, they could also pose a distraction or safety hazard for the driver.

Does my dog need a safety harness in the car?

Yes, keeping your dog secured this way is the safest option for your dog. It could mean the difference between them walking away from an accident or getting seriously injured or even killed.

If your dog isn’t secured and you get into a crash, they can go flying out of their seat. They may hit the windshield, backseat, or even pavement. If your dog is unrestrained, they could also be sent flying into another passenger in the car, causing a serious injury.

If your dog isn’t safely harnessed, they can also be more of a distraction for the driver. This could make it more likely for you to get into a car accident.

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